Take a Quick Look at the Scalefusion Feature List of 2019

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    Scalefusion MDM has come a long way as an industry-proven MDM solution. With time, we changed, rebranded, and made progress in different areas. We have bagged some accolades and learned some lessons as well.

    Scalefusion Feature List
    Scalefusion MDM features 2019

    At Scalefusion, we follow a strategic product development roadmap that guides us to either add new features or augment the existing ones for 2 core reasons: to streamline device management processes and mitigate the device management challenges.

    2019 has been a rather busy year for Scalefusion MDM. Starting from rebranding activities and broadening the scope and reach of our product to acquiring new customers and setting new benchmarks, we have had an eventful year indeed.

    In this blog, we have created a summation of two aspects – the new features that we have introduced in 2019 and the major enhancements in the existing features. Let’s have a quick look at what we did this year.

    1. Eva Communication Suite:

    Eva Communication Suite, our very own team communication app has grown bigger and better this year. This year, we have enhanced the Eva Communication Suite feature by introducing some new functionalities. These are:

    • Manage chat messages: Eva Communication Suite now allows the device user to copy, edit and delete chat messages by long pressing on the message. This functionality can be enabled/disabled by the admin from the dashboard.
    • Conference call support: Another step to simplify real-time team collaboration wherein a maximum of 6 device users can participate in a conference call within a secure and controlled environment.
    • Image sharing and voice messaging: Device users can now seamlessly share images as well as voice messages within the two-way chat functionality within the Eva app.
    • Any file transfer functionality: To enhance seamless communication between employees and admins, Eva messenger can now be used to send or receive any files between devices and dashboard – Eva Communication Suite is now available for Android BYOD users. It can also be availed by iOS BYOD users along with audio messaging functionality.

    2. Enhancement in DeepDive

    At the beginning of 2019, we have added more value and usability to our DeepDive Device Analytics feature. In DeepDive, you can now drill down to get a particular data wherein you can click on any cards or graphs to get detailed information of the device/endpoint associated with the metrics. Scalefusion DeepDive enables the IT admins to stay updated and informed about each and every device-related issue, incident, and activity. Get to know DeepDive more.

    3. Zero Touch for Android devices

    Scalefusion extended its support for the Zero-touch enrollment process to further streamline Android Enterprise Device Management. Support for ZT enrollment was introduced to minimize IT hurdles regarding bulk device configuration and deployment across the enterprise irrespective of the employee size.

    4. Agent Mode support

    We introduced Agent Mode support for corporate-owned devices in 2019. In this mode, the Scalefusion MDM client application silently runs in the background, which gives users a default device launcher experience while securing the device and applying the corporate policies. Read more to know the difference between agent mode and kiosk mode.

    5. Introduction of InterOps

    While rebranding, MobiLock Pro-turned-Scalefusion introduced InterOps as one of its latest features. It can be defined as a set of 3 capabilities including Remote Cast and Control, Eva Communication Suite, and Freshservice ITSM integration. Together they aim to drive and facilitate remote device troubleshooting, unified and secure team communication, and a simplified IT ticketing process.

    6. macOS Support

    Keeping in mind the growing popularity and varied use cases of Mac machines in enterprises and educational institutes, Scalefusion extended MDM support for macOS management this year. Scalefusion macOS management aims to help the organization retain the user experience offered by Mac machines while driving user productivity with maximum security.

    7. BYOD management for iOS and Mac devices

    This year, Scalefusion introduced BYOD management support for iOS and Mac devices and it proved to be highly beneficial for both the device users/employees and the IT admins. Read the blog to know its enterprise advantages in detail. BYOD management for iOS and Mac devices brings unmatched corporate data security, uninterrupted productivity, and total ease of work.

    8. Remote Cast for iOS devices

    This year we have streamlined remote troubleshooting for iOS devices by introducing the Remote Cast feature for our customers’ iOS devices. With an aim to resolve iOS device/app issues for field workers, RC for iOS helps reduce device downtime and optimize user productivity, anytime and anywhere. Read the full blog to learn more about this feature.

    9. Scalefusion Workflows

    We have introduced Scalefusion Workflows to help IT admins automate their daily and recurrent jobs on managed devices. This effectively eliminates the everyday hassle of performing individual, regular and periodic tasks on managed devices. Learn more about Scalefusion Workflows and how it allows the IT admins to automate recurring tasks according to device groups and policy configurations.

    10. FileSync in Remote Cast and Control

    Remote file transfer or FileSync in RCC comes with a lot of advantages for the company IT admin where he/she can remotely access or upload necessary company files on a remote/unattended device, over the air. It acts as a secure alternative to sharing/transferring/accessing important documents/files on remote devices. Read the blog to know how the IT admin can benefit from using this feature.

    11. Enhancements for Windows 10 devices:

    This year we have added some enhancements to Windows 10 device management options. We added support for user-based kiosks, whitelisting websites, Google Chrome configuration, and multiple kiosk app for your Windows 10 devices. Also, Windows users can also whitelist Win32 apps apart from UWP apps. Refer to this blog for more information about single app mode in Windows 10 devices. 

    12. Samsung KNOX SDK

    To support a flawless management experience on Samsung KNOX devices, Scalefusion released a new version of the Android client according to the Knox SDK 3.0 update. This year, Scalefusion extended its device management support for Samsung Knox-enabled devices to enhance device security with additional security policies. Know how Samsung KNOX and Scalefusion work together to benefit your enterprise and fortify device security.

    13. OEMConfig for Zebra and Honeywell device

    From this year on, Scalefusion is supporting OEMConfig settings for Zebra and Honeywell rugged devices adding OEM-specific device management and security features. This will help companies using Android-based Zebra and Honeywell rugged devices to utilize the OEMConfig app for gaining enhanced security features and granular device control, via Scalefusion MDM.

    Read the full blog to know more

    14. Other updates: 

    • GSuite Integration: Organizations can now sign in or sign up using GSuite to Scalefusion Dashboard. This also allows the IT admin to invite other admins to sign in using GSuite and this integration allows to import of users and invite them to enroll their devices (BYOD) to Scalefusion.
    • O365 Integration: Similarly, Scalefusion now also allows users to sign in using their Office365 credentials wherein the employees and the It admins of the organization using Azure AD can easily migrate to using O365 to sign in to Scalefusion dashboard.
    • 6 times tap: Scalefusion now supports the quick and easy device enrollment process called six-taps and QR code scanning, offered by Android Enterprise devices for the corporate-owned devices.

    So, this was an overall round-up of all the major feature additions and enhancements that we completed this year. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions, query or comments about any of the above features or capabilities.

    If you want to read more about Scalefusion releases please visit the below link.

    Sonali Datta
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