Scalefusion Introduces BYOD Management for iOS and Mac Devices

  • July 1, 2019
BYOD for iOS and Mac
BYOD for macOS & iOS

We are glad to announce that Scalefusion now supports BYOD management for iOS and Mac devices! The growing prominence of BYOD as an office culture has started to influence employees who are eager to use their iOS and Mac devices at work, mostly due to the device familiarity and the top-notch user interface.

Scalefusion BYOD support for iOS and Mac devices signifies a win-win situation for both the employees and the IT admins, as it aims to accelerate uninterrupted productivity combined with unmatched corporate data security with complete ease of work.

The 360-degree benefits for IT teams and employees

Scalefusion BYOD management will ensure that the employee-owned iOS and Mac devices are optimally managed to ensure corporate data security along with employee productivity without compromising on employee privacy.

Easy and quick device enrollment: Empower the employees to start using their personal iOS and Mac devices quickly with the help of a simplified device enrollment process that takes just a few clicks.

Seamless deployment of Policies & configurations: Enable the employees to quickly access Wi-Fi and other corporate services as soon as they enter their workplace as the IT admin can remotely deploy policies & configurations on BYOD managed iOS and Mac devices.

Streamline application management: Distribute work apps from the Apple App Store and ensure that your employees have the necessary apps on their personal devices to stay productive.

Secure access to company documents: Allow your employees to access corporate content, files, documents and books, which can be easily installed and published by the company IT admin to improve work efficiency, task completion and quick decisions.

Ensure device protection: Protect your employee’s information as well as crucial corporate data with the functionality of remote device lock, which can be applied in case of device loss, theft or uncompromised access of device information.

Remotely delete the device from Scalefusion dashboard: As a part of the Termination Policy, IT admin can remotely delete a specific employee’s device from the Scalefusion dashboard when the employee leaves the company, which ensures that only the company data is erased and personal data remains intact.

Scalefusion support for BYOD management majorly empowers the company IT admin to enable the employees to use their iOS and Mac devices with utmost efficiency and productivity at work.

Try Scalefusion BYOD Management, today!

About the Author

Chetan Sawant is a Director of Mobile for Scalefusion, specializing in Android. Chetan has 15+ years of industry experience. Chetan has worked in product management, building enterprise mobile applications and chat applications.

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