Go Beyond Mobile Device Management with Scalefusion InterOps

  • April 17, 2019

The leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution MobiLock Pro has been recently rebranded to Scalefusion with an aim to achieve recognition in the Enterprise Device Management space with its considerable UEM capabilities. The most interesting part of this rebranding is the introduction of ‘InterOps’ – its very own market differentiator.

Scalefusion InterOps
Scalefusion InterOps

Today’s companies are evolving faster than they did ten years back and the advent of technologies is further driving them to embrace modern and digital workplaces wherein companies are encouraging their employees to work from anywhere, anytime and from any devices. With the popularity of BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) as a policy, employees are now empowered to use their own devices along with corporate-owned devices to complete office works faster and in real-time while accessing corporate content, apps and device features on-the-go. Strong enterprise mobility and BYOD policy don’t only give employees much-needed flexibility but also promote timeliness, productivity, and work-accuracy.

But there’s always another side to a coin. While employees enjoy agility, convenience and efficiency driven by the device pervasiveness, the company IT admin has a huge set of responsibilities to ensure that all these devices (corporate-owned and employee-owned) along with existing IT processes and other enterprise platforms run and operate in a cohesive and automated pattern to facilitate a smooth and strategic departmental and organizational workflows. Traditional mobile Device Management solution helps the IT admins to address some of the core challenges like managing mobile devices from a single dashboard, securing corporate data, enterprise apps and content management. The fact is, we have arrived at a time when we need something more than just a plain and simple MDM solution.

Scalefusion is much more than just an MDM solution. It has got InterOps!

When it comes to the fundamental MDM capabilities, Scalefusion includes all the features to support the basic device management requirements like quicker device provisioning, enforcing dynamic policies and device & data security. Beyond that, Scalefusion also offers remote device troubleshooting, enterprise communications, integration with ITSM and intuitive visualization of all devices.

In this context, Scalefusion InterOps can be defined as a set of capabilities that go beyond the features of traditional MDM solution and helps the IT teams to seamlessly streamline the Mobile Device Management operations and InterOps includes the following extended capabilities such as:

ITSM Integration: Scalefusion MDM can be synced with IT Service Management to automate, define and integrate the MDM processes with the business processes that will enable the IT admins to track, manage and resolve device issues faster and in a cohesive manner.

EVA Communication Suite: An enterprise-wide communication suite to enable highly contextual and streamlined communication amongst users and IT admins through on-time device notifications, two-way chat and VoIP calls across the organization.

Remote Cast and Control: Our Remote Cast & Control software enables user to use VoIP calls and share/cast screenshots with IT admins who can remotely control and troubleshoot devices from the dashboard, eliminating equipment downtime & travel costs.

The core goal of Scalefusion is to empower the company IT team operate effortlessly in their everyday tasks with the help of a simple yet scalable MDM solution with considerable UEM capabilities and the power of InterOps. A company IT manager/admin confronts multiple challenges to ensure that employee productivity and corporate data is not compromised; Scalefusion can be the best answer to all their pain points!

Scalefusion is used by 4500+ companies of all size and shape across 120+ countries. It is rated as High Performer product by G2Crowd and has got 5-Star rating covering 100+ reviews from our customers on Capterra. Scalefusion MDM with InterOps helps companies simplify their IT operations, increase employee productivity and save cost. Get over the traditional MDM approach and try InterOps to experience the change.

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