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What is Kiosk Mode & How Kiosk Mode benefits Enterprises?

  • October 3, 2018

kiosk mode

In the business world, enterprise mobility is the buzz. Companies are using more and more mobile devices in the workplace and are leveraging various functional apps. In this scenario, you need to understand what is kiosk mode & how it’s feature enables organizations to ensure that their provided mobile devices are used for the work purpose only and not for the person or the entertainment purpose. Reason for such restriction is required because unnecessary usage distracts the employees and affects their productivity, downloading irrelevant apps or accessing any unsecured websites which can put business data and devices into jeopardy.

Android Kiosk Mode

What is Kiosk Mode & its Importance in Enterprise?

So, what is kiosk mode? In general, kiosk mode is meant the same as a specific mode that most of the browsers offer. It is the mode, which enables to run the application without any user interface such as toolbars and menus and is offered by browser applications like Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer. The most prominent use case for setting up kiosk mode is to run only the browser-based content in full screen and prevent the user from running anything else.

Kiosk mode in mobile devices locks down the devices, what it means is that, enabling only the work-related apps which are deemed required for your business. Users can access only those apps which are enabled by the IT admin of the organization. In Kiosk mode, mobile devices like tablets or iPads can also be turned to (POS) Point Of Sales or digital signage or as kiosks to showcase the products or services. For e.g.

  • iPads at the restaurant for taking orders
  • For delivery boys with access to only required apps
  • Portable and handy kiosks to display your products or services
  • To conduct a survey by the field researchers

Kiosks are in fact used in any use-cases in which business want to limit the functionality of devices and make the user access a specific app only. Kiosks are generally found in retail stores, airports, hospitals, school campuses, company cafeterias, conferences, and other places. According to the requirement, kiosks are also interactive, for e.g. self-service access to products or services, automated check-in systems, surveys and other are for displaying information like showcasing catalogs.

The kiosk mode on the corporate-owned devices which are provided to employees is important as it increases the employees’ productivity by helping them to focus on the task at hand. This will eventually increase the work efficiency and boost overall business growth.

iOS, as well as Android devices, can be set in Single App mode, by which only a single App can be run in the kiosk mode. With this mode, companies can either turn the device into a dedicated kiosk for a function or prevent access to other applications and data on it.

iPad Single App

In Multi App mode, the organization can enable a couple of selected apps to run on the devices. Single App or the Multi App mode can be enabled with the help of Mobile Device Management Solution for iOS and Android devices.

Benefits of Kiosk Mode to Enterprise

  • Security of devices and data and efficient asset management
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Restrict use of corporate devices by the employees for enterprise use only
  • Can be customized to specific enterprise mobility needs
  • Enables device tracking
  • Reduce time and cost of support
  • Prevent mobile data usage on unnecessary apps
  • Reduces mobile data cost due to reduced mobile data usage
  • Enables attractive presentation of the complete product line or service range on a single kiosk
  • Easy payment and inventory management
  • Enhances customer experience
  • Remote wipe with the lost mode for iOS devices
  • Mobile data cost saving as employees cannot use the mobile device for personal use.
  • Manages on-field employees easily & effectively from a single location

With cutting-edge mobile technology, mobile devices have become affordable to deploy in bulk in the organization, plus the advantage of small size and its handiness, the enterprise is taking the risk of investing big on achieving good results with enterprise mobility. Kiosk Lockdown Software like Scalefusion can help them achieve their return on this investment by offering various features like Kiosk Mode to solve the business problems streamline their processes.

From the above explanation, you might have an overall idea about what is kiosk mode and its importance to enterprises.

With the rapid growth in enterprise devices, it’s necessary to manage and secure their devices more effectively using a Device Management software. Manage Devices more relentlessly not only for Android & iOS devices but also for Windows using our Windows 10 Kiosk Mode solution.

If your organization has Android or iOS devices to be locked into kiosk mode, follow the below link to get a step by step guide as to how to do it.

For Android How to turn your Android devices into Kiosk Mode
For iOS How to Lockdown iPad or iPhone into Kiosk Mode

About the Author

Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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