Introducing Scalefusion MDM Workflows: Automate and Streamline Jobs in MDM

  • June 3, 2019

We are elated to launch MDM Workflows! With Scalefusion Workflows, IT admins can automate jobs on managed devices and mitigate the hassle to individually perform jobs on corporate-owned devices.

Scalefusion MDM Workflows
Scalefusion MDM Workflows

One of the biggest challenges for IT teams is to individually perform periodic tasks on managed devices. With Scalefusion Workflows, admins can automate recurring tasks based on device groups and policy configurations. Scalefusion Workflows enables IT teams to efficiently perform regular jobs by pre-planning them, to reduce the time spent in accomplishing recurring device management tasks. These jobs can be security-checks as well as compliance measures to protect the devices from potential threats.

Scalefusion MDM Workflows aims to streamline IT tasks to upsurge the productivity of your IT team!

Scalefusion Workflows is available for Android, Windows and iOS devices that are managed using Scalefusion MDM. Admins can create Workflows to automate and schedule tasks as well as to set alerts. Workflows can be scheduled on device groups, irrespective of the profile configuration.

Workflows can be automated at periodic intervals or executed in tandem to ensure device compatibility and security. All the Workflows created by the admin are available under the ‘Reports and Workflows’ section of the Scalefusion dashboard. The performance report of scheduled tasks is available under each Workflow.

Workflows can be broadly classified into two types:

  • Scheduling tasks
  • Generating compliance alerts

Using these types of MDM Workflows, admins can automate the following tasks:

  • Locking, unlocking and rebooting enrolled devices
  • Clearing browser cache and app data
  • Sending alerts on battery status and data usage
  • Monitoring security incidents on devices
  • Customizing geo-fence compliance
  • Switching device profiles

Benefits of MDM Workflows:

  • No coding or scripting required: Workflows can be directly scheduled from the Scalefusion dashboard. No additional coding or scripting is required.
  • Fully automated job scheduling: Job scheduling is fully automated. Once scheduled, tasks do not require any manual triggers.
  • Schedule jobs according to your timezone: Jobs can be scheduled based on the dashboard timezone or a custom timezone selected by the admin.
  • Set job execution frequency: The execution frequency of each Workflow can be specified. This frequency can be daily or on select days of the week.
  • Get email notifications on job status: Admins and select users can receive job execution reports and notifications. The email settings can be configured through dashboard.
  • Apply dynamic policies on devices: Using Workflows, admins can apply dynamic policies on managed devices for a defined duration. These policy changes can be scheduled regularly.

Workflows helps IT admins to streamline device management and optimize IT productivity without any additional run-in. By enrolling devices in Scalefusion MDM, admins can schedule Workflows in simple steps.

Explore Workflows by Scalefusion, today!

Learn more about Capabilities & Features of Workflows and how it can amplify IT productivity in your company. Get your free copy of Workflows Data sheet here.

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Ravinder Rana is a Chief Architect of Scalefusion. A techie with 15+ years of industry experience. Ravinder has worked in R&D, product strategy, building enterprise infrastructure, and business advisory roles for large technology firms.
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