The threats against mobile security are very much real and are gaining global momentum across industrial sectors and these are dominating the current mobile security trends. Malware, phishing attacks, malicious apps and data leakage are just a few of the troubles that companies are struggling to combat. With the rising usage of mobile phones in […]

Supply chain as an industry has thrived in the last few years and the fact is evident by its prominent growth across the globe. A large chunk of the credit surely goes to its timely and relevant investments in technological innovations and adoption of newer digital tools and modern techniques. However, with the development comes […]

Healthcare has undergone multiple changes since few years and technological advancements have played a vital role. Of all innovations, enterprise mobility’s influence remains one of the greatest in all times as connected mobile devices are transforming the way healthcare professionals are carrying out their day-to-day tasks. From doctors to nurses and medical staffs like lab […]

We are living in a fast-paced digital world where everyone is looking to do work faster while taking quick decisions through do-it-yourself actions. The entry of kiosks in the commercial and industrial realm has simplified and streamlined the ways customers interact with brands and their services. Kiosks are growing in relevance and popularity due to […]

Data-driven information forms the foundation of any business and this information take the shape of corporate content, which appears in multiple formats like digital textual documents, video clips, audio recordings, imagery files, graphical representations, encrypted messages, and so on. Operational excellence and workflow precision depend a lot on how companies make these contents available to […]

Just like data is the blood of a business, enterprise mobility plays the role of veins and nerves carrying those data. But the invasion of smart devices would mean nothing without those enterprise mobile apps that empower the users to leverage these smart devices to work from anywhere and anytime. Literally speaking, can you imagine […]

The modern workplace is rapidly changing, and technology disruptors are playing a major role in this. Digitization dominates the way we operate, make decisions and react to a situation. As the world is growing more and more connected, the roles played by smart devices, intelligent apps and wearables are becoming more prominent. Lately, wearable technology […]

Google has always been thoughtful about how enterprises can best leverage its Android operating system for business. Today, Android is gaining grounds as one of the most preferred operating systems, which is powering a number of devices like smartphones, tablets, mPOS, digital signage, and Android-based RFID readers. Thanks to the introduction of Android Enterprise (formerly […]

With the rising dominance of digitalization in varied industrial sectors, more and more companies are embracing mobile technologies. A ‘mobile first’ culture is driving employee flexibility, productivity, cost reduction, data and network security and operational excellence. According to Statista studies, the number of smartphone users globally is expected to increase from 2.1 billion in 2016 […]

Data is the lifeblood of a business that travels through the airwaves across multiple sources like devices, networks, servers, databases, and the cloud. Securing data can no longer be put on the back burner by the companies if they are truly concerned about avoiding critical damage to their business. Loss, theft or misuse of data […]