Author: <span class="vcard">Sonali Datta</span>

Scalefusion lately has bagged the opportunity to work with the largest professional India-based Emergency Management Services provider. As an official MDM solution provider, we are helping the customer with locking their corporate-owned devices in multi-app kiosk mode, which are used by their emergency vehicle drivers and the medical technicians. The customer is a pioneer in […]

Companies belonging to industries like manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, transportation, education, oil & gas, construction, retail, hospitality, energy, and similar sectors benefit greatly through their frontline workers who ensure that the field operations are carried out with perfection. In doing so, companies need to empower their frontline workers with the right set of digital tools […]

In an era of enterprise mobility, employee flexibility and convenience in terms of working from remote locations and device usage has become a new norm. Although this definitely adds to their productivity and efficiency, but at the same time, companies cannot ignore the threats and risks they pose to corporate information security. The influx of […]

Entrepreneurship is a commonly used term today, and especially when there is a global surge in startup culture. However, it is important that we give our due respect to this word and learn to differentiate it from just an equity-holder of a company. An entrepreneur is someone who initiates the business, drives it and is […]

2020 is just around the corner and the workspace changes have already begun around the globe. While technology is the key force that is going to drive this forthcoming workspace revolution in 2020, we also cannot overlook the cultural shifts and the millennial attitude which are at play. The changing expectations from technological innovations and […]

The popularity and demand for iOS devices at work is only estimated to grow. According to the Statista report1, there are at present over 100 million iPhone users in the US, which account for about 45% of total smartphone users in the country. The same report also says that Apple has sold over 1.5 billion […]

The advent and dynamic evolution of mobile technologies have paved new ways of conducting and managing business operations. Offices are no longer confined within brick and mortar settings, rather the perimeters of the workplace are fading as more and more employees are working from remote places to suit a number of business requirements in real-time. […]

The growing importance and relevance of rugged devices in certain industrial sectors is unmistakable. Given the kinds of operations and everyday tasks that are being carried out at supply chain industry, employees need to work with company devices that are extremely durable, tough and come powered with necessary features. Supply chain workers operate under some […]

Most companies today tend to have a large chunk of employees working from remote locations that include both frontline workers and the field force who are responsible for carrying out several business operations pertaining to service delivery, production line, customer support, stakeholder and partner interaction and so on. And this remote workforce depends heavily upon […]

As the name suggests, frontline workers are the employees who work on the front lines, interacting with customers and communicating with stakeholders. Sometimes they are directly responsible for delivering goods and at times act as the first point of contact for the customers. Frontline workers can work either from within the office perimeters or from […]