Time to share a great piece of news with our customers using Scalefusion MDM to manage their iOS devices. We have introduced the ‘Remote Cast’ feature to simplify the iOS device troubleshooting process. This feature was built keeping in mind the field users of iOS devices, who while working remotely can now easily resolve their […]

Scalefusion EVA Communication Suite has come a long way! We understand that EVA is being extensively used by several of our customers and hence it is only fair to make this feature more powerful and relevant for enterprise use. EVA Conference Call support is a sim-based feature, which is currently available for Android devices. It […]

The definition of the modern workforce is changing and with millennials playing the strongest role in ruling the business world, the employee expectations from the top-level management are shifting. Nevertheless, today’s working generation is a lot different from what the employees used to be 10 years back. Knowledge workers and the field-force are becoming more […]

Few days back, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and I got to know about his recent promotion. When I probed to know more, he sounded sarcastic – ‘I am a team manager now!’. I congratulated him of course and felt happy for his raise and just casually asked how he […]

With an increasingly mobile workforce, companies are managing expectations of the knowledge workers to access important enterprise information while on-the-go, from anywhere, any device, anytime. Nevertheless, real time information-consumption drives effective, precise and quicker business decisions while enhancing overall customer experience and organizational growth. As enterprises are embracing a mobile-first culture, telecommuting is becoming a […]

The modern work environment is changing too rapidly for the common men to comprehend but the keen observers will always get to the sources of the shift. We all talk about technologies and innovations but often overlook the role played by people. It’s basically the people who are driving the change – the employees, the […]

Scalefusion support for Zero-touch enrollment aims to streamline and simplify Android Enterprise Device Management to minimize all IT hurdles of bulk device configuration and deployment across the enterprise despite the employee-size. With Google’s Zero-touch enrollment, organizations’ IT admins can effortlessly onboard corporate-owned Android devices in volume, without manually configuring each device. What is Zero-touch enrollment? […]

Google with its innovative initiatives has always been working towards making Android appealing to businesses and the introduction of Android Enterprise proved this. Google announced the introduction of OEMConfig at the Android Enterprise Summit 2018 and this has brought one of the most crucial changes in Android Device Management by fastening time to the market […]

Data driven decisions are driving the business world. When a company deals with a large number of enterprise devices with users working from several different locations, device data analytics plays a humongous role in ensuring that these devices are being optimally used. Certain mobile device management solution providers like Scalefusion offer mobile device management as […]

We are living in an era where companies are embracing the best of both enterprise mobility and information technology – now is the time when mobile devices are truly in sync with the latest IT services. Organizations therefore have realized the need to adopt some fundamental changes in terms of adjusting the ITSM infrastructure to […]