Scalefusion now Supports OEMConfig for Zebra and Honeywell Rugged Devices

  • September 23, 2019
OEM Config
OEMConfig for Rugged Devices

As a trusted MDM solution provider, Scalefusion is happy to announce that it now supports OEMConfig settings for Zebra and Honeywell rugged devices, which adds Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specific device management and security features.

Organizations that deploy and use Android-based rugged devices from Zebra or Honeywell can now leverage the OEMConfig app provided by respective vendors to gain granular device control and enhanced security features via Scalefusion MDM.

What is OEMConfig and How it Works?

OEMConfig is an application built by the OEM containing its APIs and hosted on Google Play. Organizations distribute the OEMConfig app to the devices through an EMM. The OEMConfig app supports AppConfig, which allows organizations to configure the OEM settings while distributing the app itself. After the OEMConfig app is installed, it configures a device to support the specific features and settings of that OEM. Through OEMConfig, MDM vendors like Scalefusion can support the advanced management capabilities developed by the OEMs into their devices.

OEMConfig aims to eliminate the complexity for MDM providers to build individual support for each and every OEM specific device features and settings. This has made it super-efficient for the EMM providers like Scalefusion to support all the OEM-specific management features and security settings remotely on the Android devices.

Learn more in detail about what is OEMConfig and why was it introduced

Drive security and additional functionality of Zebra and Honeywell Rugged Devices with OEMConfig App through Scalefusion

Organizations that have deployed Zebra or Honeywell rugged devices for their mission-critical business processes or those who are looking to use and deploy these devices and manage them via a Mobile Device Management can leverage the following features:

For Zebra Rugged Devices

Zebra Technologies is a prominent manufacturer of ruggedized devices that are used by multiple industrial sectors like healthcare, retail, logistics, manufacturing and so on. Zebra OEMConfig will offer the following features:

  • Device Administration Configuration: Reserve and Unreserve UI
  • Display Configuration: Control display size and font size
  • Wireless WAN Configuration: Supports WWAN advanced features
  • Wakeup Configuration: Control wake-up source method
  • Service Access Configuration: Control access by apps to specific CSPs
  • Worry-Free WiFi Configuration: Supports Worry-Free Wi-Fi password features
  • DataWedge Configuration: Supports restrictions

For detailed information on Zebra OEM configuration settings, visit the official site here.

Honeywell Rugged Devices

Scalefusion also supports OEMConfig for Honeywell rugged devices to make the management extensions and OEM-level capabilities available for the IT admins, which they can apply to the managed Android devices as per relevant business use cases, security and management requirements.

Some of the supported features are:

  • Applications: Whitelist/Blacklist Apps
  • Operational Intelligence Settings: AgentConnectDirect Settings
  • Display Settings: Adaptive brightness, Display Sleep, Brightness Level
  • Input and Output Settings: LED Settings, Battery LED Mode
  • Key Remap and Wakeup Settings
  • Touch Settings
  • Network Settings
  • WiFi Settings
  • WWAN Settings
  • System Settings

The enterprise capabilities, management features, and security settings provided by OEMConfig apps are being utilized by IT leaders to make their Android devices perform better in a secure, flexible yet innovative environment.

Explore how Scalefusion Rugged Device Management can make your rugged devices do more for you! Start your 14-day free trial now.

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