2022: A Year of Pushing Boundaries

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    At Scalefusion, ‘Keep Scaling’ was our 2022 maxim! Following a resilient 2021, the road for 2022 was all about exploring our capabilities. It was about getting out of the comfort zone of the existing capabilities.

    Our efforts focused on being in sync with the evolution of mobile device management. The evolution was brisk as device management beyond set organizational perimeters has become a priority for IT teams, and increasingly so. Hybrid workplaces are thriving, IoT devices are expanding, and digital transformation has gained momentum—from enterprise mobility to passwordless authentication. 

    We just had to keep pace with all of this. And pushing our boundaries was the way forward.

    Scalefusion Major Partnerships in 2022

    The power of two minds is greater than one, and the reach of two hands is higher than one. In 2022, we pushed our collaboration efforts in a quest to help more organizations realize the benefits of Scalefusion MDM.

    Scalefusion 2022 Major Partnerships
    Scalefusion 2022 Partnerships

    Channel Next

    February 2022: Scalefusion partnered with UAE-based value-added distribution company Channel Next to deliver the best quality MDM solutions to businesses in the Middle East. With our MDM, Channel Next is ready to serve its customers in their enterprise mobility journey.

    Bounce Back Technologies

    March 2022: Our focus on accelerating MDM adoption in the Middle East region continues with a new partnership with Bounce Back Technologies, a leading business technology name in the UAE. Bounce Back Technologies possesses over two decades of expertise in offering best-in-class technology solutions to its customers. Scalefusion MDM was a remarkable inclusion to its tech stack.


    April 2022: Famed Fortune 500 technology company Lenovo and Scalefusion inked a multi-year partnership deal. The intent behind this partnership was to aid businesses in seamlessly deploying Scalefusion MDM-powered Lenovo devices at scale. It helped us spread our global customer base further and enhanced our cross-industry repertoire.

    P Tech People and Technology

    November 2022: Scalefusion chose P Tech People and Technology as its official MDM solutions channel partner in the Philippines. Manila-based P Tech People and Technology addresses various technology needs of its customer base that comprises more than 20 companies. The partnership comes at a time when an increasing number of organizations in the Philippines are adopting BYOD policies for which Scalefusion MDM is a fitting solution.

    New Feature Updates: A Glimpse into What’s New at Scalefusion

    Scaling Windows Device Management

    We continued to do what we did in 2021, which is scaling our Windows device management capabilities. This year, we launched the much-awaited Windows MDM agent for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, which has and will continue to help enterprises leverage the power of Windows machines and manage critical functionalities while at it. The Scalefusion MDM agent also aims to amplify the kiosk experience on managed Windows devices.

    We introduced Patch Management for Windows OS using which IT admins can automate the application of OS patches (software as well as driver updates) on their Windows workstations remotely.

    We also introduced Web Apps on Windows using which IT admins can now create shortcuts for Web apps and show them on Windows desktop, at the time of allowing websites.

    We integrated Intel VPro® to enable unattended Remote Cast & Control, even when the PC is shut or the OS is down for Intel VPro® devices.

    Along with these major updates, we launched a bunch of other features and fixes to streamline Windows device management, which included:

    • Ability to Deploy win32 Applications
    • Support for Power off
    • Advanced Reports for USB Peripheral Allow/Block
    • Allowed App Policy Enhancement
    • Ctrl+Alt+Del Configuration
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    Introducing Co-Management & Scalefusion Kiosk Software for Windows PCs
    Introducing Scalefusion Patch Management for Windows

    The launch of Android MDM SDK

    In no less than a theatrical way, we launched our very own MDM SDK for Android. Aiming to help IT admins gain granular control over managed Android devices while also empowering Android mobile app development company to leverage a completely secure and powerful suite of APIs to simplify ‌enterprise application development.

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    Introducing Scalefusion Android MDM SDK

    There’s more to Groups and Subgroups with Dynamic Groups

    As organizational strength widens, IT teams are more often than not bogged down by processes that are manual, cumbersome, and repetitive. In an effort to reduce ‌IT load, we introduced device and user subgrouping as an extension to the existing device and user grouping. This helps IT teams apply granular control over subgroups, within large groups.

    To level it up even more, we introduced dynamic groups in 2022. Dynamic grouping enables IT teams to define rules or conditions for any group and schedule a periodic check for all the devices enrolled on the dashboard. If and when the defined conditions are met by a particular device, the device automatically gets added to the said group. Automation for-the-win!

    For enterprise apps, we introduced Group-Based App Publish‌, using which IT teams can now publish apps to Groups instead of profiles. We also made a few changes to the Group Admin privileges. The group admin now has the power to remove/move devices between groups and even change the profile of devices present in the group.

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    Dynamic Groups for Enterprise IT Teams

    Reporting, but cooler

    Our customers love reports, and hence, we added more reports to the grid helping IT teams always stay on top of their device inventory and check the status of their performed activities, security, and other parameters such as distance.

    We added new reports including:

    • Data Usage and Screen Time Reports- to help measure and analyze data consumption patterns of devices from the Scalefusion dashboard.
    • Distance Reports- to obtain information on the distance traveled and pit stops undertaken by Android and iOS devices.

    New updates to device enrollment

    • Huawei SDK: Scalefusion now supports legacy enrollment for Huawei devices via the HuaweiAssist app.
    • Enrollment OTP over SMS: Scalefusion enrollment OTP can now be sent over SMS if access to email is restricted/unavailable in the case of BYOD.

    More for BYOD

    In light of increased BYOD adoption, we added the capability to secure work emails on employee devices for yet another suite—CEA for Zimbra. Scalefusion now offers CEA to Zimbra users. Organizations using Zimbra email services can now block email access from Outlook, IMAP/POP3 access, and Outlook web access.

    The launch of macOS Scalefusion MDM agent

    Following the suit of our Windows agent, we also launched the MDM agent for macOS. Admins can perform the following functions on Scalefusion-managed devices: Use FileDock on macOS devices, send broadcast messages, push shell scripts, and view the outputs. We also extended the unattended RC support for mac devices.

    In other news: 

    • App Versioning Update: Earlier, IT admins could only upload two versions of an enterprise application. With this release, IT admins can now upload unlimited versions of enterprise apps on the Scalefusion dashboard.  
    • Device Management Event Workflow: We introduced a global workflow that allows IT admins to set email alerts for unenrolled devices, factory resets, or deletion.
    • Polygonal Geofences: IT admins can now create polygonal geofences along with circular geofences.
    • Smart Remote Control: Remote Control can now be used even if screen capture has been disabled on the device.

    And drumroll for…

    Linux Device Management

    This year, a lot of our customers requested us to introduce Linux Device Management, and we did it! Linux Device Management by Scalefusion is a year-end update (and one of the last major updates for the year 2022). Current Linux device management includes capabilities such as:

    • Simplified bulk enrollment of Linux devices
    • Ability to perform critical actions such as device reboot, shutdown, and wipe
    • Power to run Linux scripts remotely

    Like every year, we were aggressive in resolving bugs and glitches to ensure that our user experience stays effortless and simple, just like we would love it to be!

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    Scalefusion Linux Device Management

    Looking Ahead at 2023

    We believe that the future of mobile device management will be centered around three main areas, and so will our spotlight: security, productivity, and user experience.

    • Security: As mobile devices become more central to our lives, the need to protect them from malware and other security threats will become even more important. Scalefusion MDM solutions will continue to offer robust security features that can protect devices from a wide range of threats.
    • Productivity: Mobile devices can be a great tool for increasing productivity, but only if they are used properly. We will keep enhancing our MDM solutions with features that help users manage their devices in a way that improves their productivity.
    • User Experience: The mobile device management solution that offers the best user experience will be the one that is most successful in the future. Scalefusion MDM solutions will maintain a focus on intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that make it easy for users to manage their devices.

    We look forward to the new year with the scope to continue on our path toward constant growth through product innovations with customer experience at the helm. More features, updates, webinars, events, people, and collaborations—that’s what you can expect from Scalefusion in 2023. We will keep marching on from strength to strength, and we won’t let the buck stop! 

    Scalefusion Year In Review: A Year of Pushing Boundaries

    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane
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