Lenovo Device Management Handbook for Sysadmins

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    A dozen engineers teamed up in 1984 and founded a startup focused on distributing imported computers. Today, almost four decades on, it’s one of the global tech leaders renowned for its innovative products and services. It’s Lenovo! 

    In 2004, Lenovo acquired IBM’s personal computer division, a transformative move that propelled Lenovo onto the global stage. Over the years, Lenovo expanded its product portfolio to include smartphones, tablets, servers and other electronic devices. The company has built a reputation for high-quality and reliable products, earning numerous industry accolades. Lenovo’s commitment to innovation is exemplified by its investment in R&D centers worldwide.

    Lenovo device management

    With a diverse portfolio, Lenovo devices find applications in personal and professional spheres alike. In business and corporate settings, the fleet of Lenovo devices calls for efficient and centralized management. That’s where Lenovo device management becomes necessary for sysadmins. And much to the delight of sysadmins, in April 2022, Lenovo and Scalefusion MDM partnered with the vision of making Lenovo device management effortless. The primary purpose of this collaboration was to assist businesses in deploying Scalefusion MDM-powered Lenovo devices at scale.

    What are Lenovo Devices

    Lenovo offers various devices across multiple categories, including:

    Laptops and Ultrabooks: Lenovo is known for its lineup of laptops and ultrabooks, catering to different needs and preferences. These devices feature sleek designs, powerful performance and advanced features.

    Desktop Computers: Lenovo manufactures desktop computers for both personal and business use. It offers a range of models, from compact and space-saving all-in-one PCs to high-performance tower systems.

    Tablets: Lenovo produces tablets that combine the functionality of a laptop with the convenience of a touchscreen interface. These devices are ideal for on-the-go productivity, entertainment and digital content consumption.

    Smartphones: Lenovo manufactures smartphones with a focus on performance, design and affordability. Its smartphone offerings cover a range of price points and primarily run on Android.

    Workstations: Lenovo workstations are designed for demanding professional tasks such as graphic design, video editing and engineering. These high-performance machines provide robust computing power and reliability.

    Smart Devices: Lenovo offers its ThinkSmart series of smart devices for Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings, enabling new-age collaboration in workplaces.

    What are Lenovo Devices Used For

    Lenovo devices serve a variety of purposes and are used for different activities across personal, professional and organizational settings. Here are some common uses of Lenovo devices:

    Productivity and Work: Lenovo laptops, desktops and tablets are widely used for productivity tasks such as word processing, spreadsheet management, presentations and email communication. They provide the necessary tools for office work, remote work and collaboration.

    Education: Lenovo devices are utilized in educational institutions, from elementary schools to universities. They support online learning, research, digital content creation and classroom management. Lenovo also offers devices specifically designed for the education sector, including rugged and durable laptops for students.

    Communication: Lenovo smartphones enable seamless communication through voice calls, messaging, video conferencing and social media apps. They serve as personal communication devices, connecting individuals across distances.

    Creative Work: Lenovo devices, especially their high-performance Windows workstations, cater to professionals involved in creative fields such as graphic design, video editing, 3D modeling, animation and photography. These devices provide the necessary processing power and software compatibility for demanding creative tasks.

    Business and Enterprise: Lenovo offers a range of devices tailored for business use, including laptops, desktops, servers and data center solutions. These devices support business operations, data management, collaboration and enterprise-level computing.

    What is Lenovo Device Management and its Challenges

    Lenovo device management refers to the process and tools used to monitor, control and maintain Lenovo devices in an organized and efficient manner. It involves implementing device policies and management solutions to ensure optimal performance, security and productivity across a fleet of Lenovo devices, which can include laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones.

    Lenovo device management, like any device management process, comes with its own set of challenges. Some common challenges in Lenovo device management include:

    • Device Heterogeneity
    • Scalability
    • Security
    • Data Privacy & Compliance
    • Remote Management
    • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
    • User Experience
    • Legacy Systems

    Addressing these challenges requires a combination of effective management strategies, robust device management tools and a proactive approach to staying updated with emerging technologies and best practices in Lenovo device management.

    Managing Lenovo Devices Using Scalefusion

    Scalefusion, as a device manager, offers a diverse array of tailored features designed to streamline the operation of Lenovo devices, ensuring seamless management and increased productivity.

    Seamless Device Enrollment and App Management

    Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) enables automated processes, allowing policies to be applied, applications to be pushed and BIOS updates to be performed wirelessly without requiring any action from the end user. Additionally, devices can be easily configured and enrolled right out of the box. Scalefusion empowers sysadmins to remotely install, update or uninstall public apps from app stores, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) from the web and native or private enterprise applications on managed Lenovo devices. This ensures that essential business apps stay up-to-date.

    Strong Security Measures

    Trust Scalefusion to provide top-notch security features for Lenovo devices, including data loss prevention (DLP) policies, peripheral access restrictions, media sharing control and password enforcement to prevent unauthorized access. Complete device lockdown, Factory Reset Protection (FRP) and VPN support further safeguard corporate data against potential threats. 

    Kiosk Mode Manager

    Keep devices secure by transforming them into kiosks, where only one or a set of predefined apps are allowed to run. This prevents unnecessary distractions and unauthorized app downloads and enhances overall device security.

    Remote Cast and Control

    Troubleshoot managed Lenovo devices quickly with remote cast and control. IT admins can create support tickets, capture screenshots, record screen sessions and monitor devices in real-time, minimizing downtime and on-site visits.

    Streamlined Content Management

    Scalefusion’s content management feature allows sysadmins to remotely push, upload, edit, publish and delete business-related documents and data on Lenovo devices. Sysadmins can thus ensure employees have access to relevant content, enhancing productivity and focus.

    DeepDive Device Analytics

    Gain complete visibility into your Lenovo device inventory with Scalefusion’s DeepDive Analytics. This intuitive tool provides a 360-degree overview of all devices, enabling informed decision-making, monitoring device health, generating real-time reports and analyzing data usage.

    Exclusive Scalefusion Software Features for Lenovo Device Management

    Customize Lock Screen

    Sysadmins have the flexibility to disable the emergency call button displayed on the Lock screen of Lenovo devices. Additionally, they can prevent end-users from altering the Screen Lock type, ensuring password/pin security remains intact. Users are also restricted from resetting their password/pin through the settings app.

    Personalize Boot-up and Shutdown Animation

    Scalefusion allows organizations to replace the default boot-up and shutdown animation, typically the manufacturer logo, with personalized animations that reflect the company’s branding. 

    Streamline Actions with MDM SDK

    With Scalefusion MDM SDK, enterprise apps on Lenovo devices gain access to essential device information and can perform various actions locally, eliminating the need for users to switch between applications. For instance, users can conveniently launch the Wi-Fi screen, toggle mobile data and manage hotspots from within the app itself.

    Configurable Accessibility and SIM Settings

    Sysadmins can effortlessly disable the Accessibility Option in the Navigation bar and also control the activation of the SIM card directly from the Scalefusion dashboard. These granular settings help tailor the device experience to suit specific organizational needs.

    Manage Date, Time and Timezone

    Sysadmins can easily configure the date, time and timezone settings on Lenovo devices, ensuring consistency across the organization. For users who prefer manual control, Scalefusion provides the option to set the date and time on the device level.

    Convenient Airplane/Flight Mode Toggle

    The custom notification center within Scalefusion enables users to toggle Airplane/Flight mode with ease. This intuitive feature ensures users can switch between modes effortlessly without navigating through multiple settings.

    Scalefusion’s Lenovo Device Management enables organizations to:

    • Maintain control over corporate assets and prevent access to non-business applications or websites.
    • Monitor the live location of employees for effective management and regulatory compliance.
    • Analyze device data to develop strategies, enhance productivity and control costs.
    • Protect corporate data through remote wipe capabilities in case of device loss or compromise.
    • Ensure devices are automatically updated with over-the-air updates, minimizing security threats and maintaining standardized operations.

    Final Thoughts

    Scalefusion’s Lenovo Device Management offers a powerful and comprehensive solution, tailor-made to manage Lenovo devices effectively. Its scalability, robust security measures and extensive functionalities make it the preferred choice for companies across various industries.

    Reach out to our team of experts today to discover how Scalefusion can simplify the management of your Lenovo device fleets. Start your 14-day free trial now!

    Renuka Shahane
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