New Release Alert: Introducing Co-Management & Scalefusion Kiosk Software for Windows PCs

  • September 22, 2022

Windows Modern Management helps IT manage the Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices. However, modern management has certain limitations/challenges, and hence an MDM agent compliments the modern management.

Co-Management & Scalefusion Kiosk Software for Windows PCs
Co-Management & Scalefusion Kiosk Software for Windows PCs

The challenges with modern management are,

  1. With Windows 11 deprecating the native Multi-App Kiosk mode, the modern management has probably broken one of the most important use-cases of Windows management that is a Multi-App Kiosk mode.
  2. We also understand that in addition to Win 10/11, there are cases where companies may still be using Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. The modern management does not allow IT Admins to manage these devices.
  3. The Single App  Kiosk mode offered by Windows on Windows 10/11 devices is very restrictive and does not allow IT Admins to have multiple applications running in the background and have only one application in the foreground. It enforces that except for the single app mode application no other applications can run or be launched when required. 
  4. Finally, In some cases though the devices are running Win 10/11, modern management may not be an option or as an IT you would want to compliment your existing modern management based MDM with a powerful device agent that can deliver additional functionality on top of your existing MDM.

We are happy to announce that Scalefusion MDM agent has been extended to solve all the challenges above and give IT Admins the much needed power and flexibility to better manage their Windows fleet. To better understand the Agent driven management let us look at the critical features offered by Scalefusion Windows MDM agent listed below,

  • Synching critical device-related info such as Serial Number, Wi-Fi connection status, Storage data, BitLocker Keys etc
  • Monitoring and reporting of device data such as battery status and connectivity history, USB peripherals and user activity 
  • Executing Power shell scripts 
  • Remotely installing Exe files 
  • Downgrading the enrolled admin user 
  • Broadcasting messages across devices

As you can see the Scalefusion Windows Agent adds quite a bit of management features in itself. To add to the existing list of features we have now extended the agent to provide for the following,

  1. A built-in Kiosk mode that can help you put your Windows devices in Multi-App or Single App Kiosk mode and achieve a consistent UI experience on all Windows devices.
  2. Ability to enroll your Windows Devices using Scalefusion MDM agent and leverage all features listed above.
  3. Ability to enroll Windows OS that don’t support modern management like Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 and provide for agent based management.

Reinforcing Scalefusion MDM agent-based Kiosk Mode to Help Businesses

Scalefusion MDM agent enables enterprise IT teams to optimally enroll, monitor and manage Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 workstations. Using the new Scalefusion MDM agent, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 devices can now be configured to run on single or multi-app kiosk mode.

We have also extended the Multi/Single App Kiosk for devices running on Windows 11. The kiosk mode for Windows 11 was deprecated under Modern Management by Microsoft  (with no feasible alternative) and we understood the business implications it could have caused to countless enterprises that use Windows 11.

IT teams can now configure Multi-App Kiosk on Windows devices with Scalefusion’s custom launcher.

Also, with this release, single app mode for Win 32 apps can be configured on Windows 10 devices using Scalefusion Windows MDM agent.

The core idea of introducing and expanding agent-based management for Windows devices is:

  1. To provide for a co-management experience where IT Admins choose the optimal enrollment method for their Windows 11/10 devices.
  2. Extend the capabilities of the agent to Windows OS where modern management is not possible i.e Windows 8.1/7.
  3. A reliable and consistent Multi-App and Single App Kiosk modes Windows OS’es.

“We emphasize heavily on ensuring a consistent user experience and wanted to provide a Scalefusion Kiosk experience on all Windows OS devices rather than a Windows Kiosk experience. Which is why we are here with a new version of Scalefusion Windows MDM ”, commented Mr. Swapnil Shete, AVP of Marketing at Scalefusion.

Get started

If you are already managing your Windows 11/10 devices, then start by pushing the latest Scalefusion agent to your devices and configure your device profile to use the agent based Multi-App or Single App Kiosk.

To start managing your Windows 8.1/7 devices, please go through our detailed help page to get up and running.

As always, we are pleased to understand your feedback about this release, and we’d love to answer your questions if any.
Get in touch with us at [email protected] or if you are new to Scalefusion, request an evaluation by filling out this quick form.

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