How to Put an iPad in Single App Kiosk Mode?

    If your organization utilizes iPhones or iPads for critical operational needs such as surveys and feedback collection, event registration, or lead registration, it is necessary to lock down your devices into iPad Kiosk mode and to a specific application or browser. You certainly don’t want your business-critical mission to be diverted from specific content accidentally by the end user. They need to be on the same content page either in an application or a browser that will lock your iPad or iPhone.  

    However, there might be several kiosk solutions that can help you to lock down your devices. We certainly recommend the iPad Kiosk Solution since it is the compilation of one of the most holistic and easy-to-use applications filled with mission-critical features for diversified business needs. Read on further to understand what exactly an iOS kiosk mode is and how IT admins can enable single app mode in iPad using Scalefusion Mobile device management.

    What is iPad Kiosk Mode?

    iPad kiosk mode is a restriction mechanism that enables organizations to lock down iPhones or iPads into a single app mode or a specific set of apps that will run in the foreground. You might have installed a public interactive kiosk for a specific business-critical purpose, and for that, locking down those devices to a specific app or browser is mandatory.

    Enabling kiosk mode on iPad simplifies the desired outcome expected for all your organization-owned customer-centric devices. This automates the operations of the organizations by not allowing the end-users to accidentally divert to any other applications or browsers apart from what is accessible exclusively.

    How to Enable iPad Kiosk Mode with Scalefusion?

    With the holistic dashboard of the Scalefusion iPad Kiosk, you can Set your iPads to Kiosk Mode by following the step-by-step method below:

    Prerequisites to configure an iPad to lock down your device into Kiosk mode:

    1. A personal or corporate-based Apple ID
    2. A supervised iOS device
    3. Scalefusion sign-up and access to the admin dashboard

    Step #1

    Login to the Scalefusion browser. You can sign in to your Scalefusion account through your personal email id, G-suite, or Office 365.

    Click on Enroll Devices on the left-hand feature side of the dashboard and select the iPad or iPhone platform. Follow the steps on the screen and start managing your devices virtually into Kiosk mode after configuring the device profiles to be pushed.

    how to put ipad in kiosk mode

    Step #2

    On the feature tab of the dashboard, navigate to Device Profiles & Policies and click on device profiles. You can either edit the already existing device profiles present or can create a new iOS profile.

    how to put an ipad in kiosk mode

    Step #3

    Now select the app that you want to run a single app mode. Otherwise, you can also blacklist all the apps except the one you intend to run into one app mode. Toggle the app selected and click on next. You can follow the same step if you wish to create a shortcut of a web page instead of an application and then click Next. Click next again on Select brand/App order to skip the arrangement of application order since we will be pushing a single app.

    how to set up ipad in kiosk mode

    Step #4

    On the restrictions tab, ensure that the Single App Mode is selected as preset and then click on Create a profile on the upper right-hand side of the dashboard. Your profile will be created and saved. The saved device profile will now be visible on the feature tab>Device profile section on the holistic dashboard, which you can push on the managed iOS devices enrolled in step – 2.

    how do i put an ipad in kiosk mode

    Step #5

    Select the device profile created with single app mode, push it into iOS devices, and publish it. This will Set your iPads to Kiosk Mode.

    how to enable kiosk mode ipad

    Benefits of Using MDM to Enable iOS Kiosk Mode

    Locking down an iPad or iPhone with the Scalefusion Kiosk solution gives managed access to the organization for their organization-owned devices, which might not be available to be availed in the built-in Guided Access capabilities. We have jotted down some pointers that can guide you about the benefits one can avail of over the built-in Guided Access capability when using a reliable Kiosk Software.

    • iPads or iPhones can be locked down with the preferences of single app mode or multiple apps in the foreground based on the business-critical mission and purpose for deployment.
    • A device profile with predetermined settings can be pushed and configured remotely through a single holistic dashboard without any end-user intervention.
    • Selected apps and browser configurations with predetermined HTML web pages can be added as shortcuts for the non-diversion of end-users.  
    • Push apps and content as per business needs over the air to retain the optimum level of productivity and non-halting of business operations.
    • Restrict the usage of keyguard and peripheral devices on all or selected enrolled devices directly from the dashboard.
    • Push customized branding in your customer-facing kiosk devices in public places on the lock screen as well as on the home screen.
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    Why Does the Business Vertical Need iPad Kiosks?

    Enabling iPad Kiosk Mode allows organizations across diversified domains and verticals to execute a business-critical need. With the help of a Kiosk solution, lock the Apple devices to a single app mode or a multiple app mode based on the industry needs and as per their convenience. Here are a few verticals that have benefitted by locking down an iPad into kiosk mode:

    1. Retail

    The adoption of the Kiosk solution to lock an iPad into Kiosk mode in the retail domain has been phenomenal over the years. The usage of iPads to lock down into a single app mode has curbed the human error that used to occur during check-out of consumers and billing. Self-check-out iPads opened the opportunities to introduce zero error and quick check-out for improved customer satisfaction.

    2. Education

    The conduction of remote classes and virtual exams has been the core spectrum of adopting iPads and locking them down into kiosk mode in the education domain. The integration of Apple School Manager has streamlined the onboarding and communication between the Kiosk solution and the device with APN authenticity and supervision. iOS kiosk mode also ensures that the unauthorized applications or browser restrictions are set and configured into the predetermined standards of the school/colleges so that the contingencies of distraction to students while learning don’t occur.

    3. Healthcare

    In the healthcare domain, the usage of the iPad as a kiosk mode is used for diversified reasons, but the centric is to ease the pain points of the patients most simply. Some of the use cases are vitals monitoring, workforce clock-in, and clock-out, and advanced surgical vitals monitoring during operations. To ensure that the specific content is being delivered through specific apps for mission-critical purposes, locking down the iPads into kiosk mode serves the specified purpose.

    What is Guided Access Mode?

    Guided access is an inbuilt Apple iOS option that can be configured through the device settings wherein the device administrator can put down the iPhone or iPad to a single app mode. This option is similar to a lock-down feature but with minimal managed control where the respondents using the device won’t be able to tamper with the existing settings of the device until an exit passcode is prompted. The introduction of this feature was a measurement to temporarily prevent children from tampering with the settings of the iPhones or iPads. 

    Enable Guided Access to Put an iPad into Kiosk Mode

    The Guided Access Mode is an inbuilt system feature in an iPad that can lock down the device into kiosk mode temporarily. 

    To manually configure the Guided Access Mode on an iPad, please follow the steps below:

    Step #1 – Manually Enable the Guided Access feature

    1. To manually lock down the iPad into kiosk mode temporarily, navigate to the settings>Accessibility>Guided Access.
    guided access mode ipad
    1. Toggle the Guided Access option and then tap on the Passcode settings to set up a password that will be required to enable or disable the Guided Access mode.
    guided access mode iphone

    Step #2 – Configuring an application in the Guided Access mode

    1. Select and open the application that is to be locked into the iOS kiosk mode using Guided Access.
    2. Now, tap on the home button three times and select Guided Access.
    guided access mode on ipad
    1. Select the spaces in the screen manually that you intend to disable along with what device functionalities are to be disabled too. Then, click on start. This will initiate the Guided Access session on your iPad.
    guided access mode on ipad

    Step #3: Configuring the existing Guided Access Mode

    1. Tap on the home button three times.
    2. Enter the credentials set for the Guided Access as a passcode, or one can authorize the exit from the temporary kiosk mode through TouchID or FaceID if that is already configured.
    ios guided access mode
    1. This will end the Guided Access session.
    ipad guided access mode

    Disadvantages of Guided Access Mode

    Guided Access can enable the organization to temporarily lock down the iPad into kiosk mode. However, there are a few drawbacks of Guided Access mode when compared to the managed Kiosk lockdown apps available in the market.

    • The Guided Access mode can only lock down the device into a single purpose mode, wherein through a Kiosk application, the iPad can be locked down into Single App mode as well as multiple App modes running in the foreground.
    • In Guided Access, the device administrator has to manually configure the provisioning process to lock down the iPad into kiosk mode. However, in the managed kiosk app, the provisioning of the devices into lockdown mode, either in the single app mode or the multiple modes, can be manually performed virtually and over the air.
    • The end-user can end the Guided Access session by tapping on the home screen button three times or by rebooting the iPad kiosk. However, this is not possible if the iPad is locked down through a managed kiosk application.

    Comparison Between Guided access vs Single app mode

    Apple provides multitudes of provisions to activate and lock down an iPad into kiosk mode, but it is on the end-user or the administrator to decide what to choose as per the mission-critical needs. One can weigh the requirements and, based on the evaluation, can either opt for Guided Access mode or the Single app mode.

    Let’s analyze the comparison between the in-built system setting of Guided Access mode and Single App mode better to understand the compatibility of these two kiosk options: 

    Guided access Single App Mode 
    Temporarily lock down the iPad into Kiosk mode as parental control solution. Manage the iPad virtually by locking it down into single app mode or multiple app mode – ideal for sensitive kiosks.
    Guided Access mode can be toggled from the system setting of the iPad.Kiosk mode can only be configured from an MDM server or using Apple configurator.
    This temporary solution only has limited and basic controlling features, such as restricting the functioning of keyguard buttons.A Kiosk solution has an amalgamation of features related to the basic as well as advanced lockdown of an iPad kiosk.
    Supervision of the iPad is not mandatory.Supervision of the iPad is mandatory.
    Remote Guide access can only be enabled or disabled by the device administrator manually with the iPad at hand.Virtual configuration of the iPads is possible in the Kiosk solution. Over-the-air deployment and management can be administered by the device administrator. 
    The temporary kiosk solution can be bypassed by the end user by guessing the correct passcode and accessing the hardware keys.The Kiosk app can only be bypassed if the console is accessible by the end user or through the Apple Configurator.
    The ideal use case of this temporary lockdown solution is the parents and teachers restricting the usage of the iPad to a specific app and avoiding the children to distract from specific purposes.The ideal use case of managed kiosk lockdown app is to lock down the iPad into an interactive customer-facing kiosk for mission-critical purposes in a public place.
    Guided Access vs Single App Mode


    The option for locking down the iPads into kiosk mode can be compatible with both the available options – Guided Access as well as a Kiosk application. However, the usage of the Kiosk solutions to lock down your devices into single app mode or multiple app mode adds a layer of security, device management ability, and better controls. Guided Access can be used to temporarily lock down the devices with limited lockdown controls, whereas the managed kiosk application locks down the devices with specific use cases and advanced controls.

    When an organization deploys a customer-facing iPad, locking down the devices into a single app mode with the Kiosk solution can be the best for your end-users not to get distracted from the content page of the device and fulfill the mission-critical needs.

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    1. How do I lock my iPad as a kiosk?

    To lock your iPad as a kiosk, go to Settings, select “Guided Access,” and turn it on. Set a passcode and start a session by triple-pressing the Home or Side button, restricting the device to a single app until you enter the passcode again.

    2. Does an iPad have a kiosk mode?

    Yes, iPads have a Guided Access feature that functions similarly to a kiosk mode. It allows users to restrict the device to a single app and control certain features, providing a focused and limited-use environment.

    3. What are the benefits of using iPads in kiosk mode?

    Using iPads in kiosk mode offers a streamlined and user-friendly interface for interactive experiences, enhancing customer engagement and self-service options. It also provides secure and controlled access to specific applications, reducing the risk of unauthorized use or tampering.

    Ayush Maskara
    Ayush Maskara
    Ayush Maskara is a Content Writer at Scalefusion. A media science graduate, a photographer, a fiction author, a storyteller, fiction manuscript editor, and an avid self-help reader, Ayush has been penning the creative wisdom for six years and have stepped into the IT domain for further exploration and staying awake with technological trends across the globe.

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