Introducing Scalefusion Patch Management for Windows

  • July 5, 2022

We are elated to announce Patch Management capability for Windows. Enterprises deploying Windows devices as workstations can now completely automate patch management on Windows devices and manage Windows OS updates with low to no IT intervention.

Scalefusion Patch Management for Windows
Scalefusion Patch Management for Windows

What is Patch Management?

Patch management is a group of systems or policies that together help in identifying, obtaining, evaluating and pushing patches or updates to fix software or driver bugs, eliminate security loopholes or launch new features. Patch management can be driven at the OS level (for OS updates) as well as at the application level (for app updates). Moreover, Patch Management doesn’t simply involve pushing patches or installing the updates but also includes ensuring that patches are delivered and installed properly, their status report is obtained and the devices (that were patched) are running smoothly.

The onus of patch management lies with the IT teams of the organization. At Scalefusion, we are driven to improve the enterprise mobility experience of our customers, while making sure that the IT teams are not overwhelmed and overburdened with the staggering tasks that are ushered in with the said enterprise mobility.

Introducing Scalefusion Patch Management for Windows

The popularity of Windows devices as workstations needs no introduction. To ensure the security of corporate devices and data, it is critical to ensure that the latest OS runs on all Windows devices, at all times. To stay on top of a large, distributed device inventory is tedious, and leaves room for human error. A minor oversight can lead to vulnerabilities, impacting the security posture of your organization in the long run.

Hence, a solution to assess the current OS versions on the entire device inventory, identifying both known and unknown vulnerabilities in the OS and looking up for OS patches that can remediate with appropriate OS patches is critical. More so, for a distributed team this is costly, which is why over-the-air deployment is not only important to ensure efficient IT optimization but is also cost-effective.

With Scalefusion Patch Management Software for Windows, enterprises deploying Windows desktops and laptops can:

  • Push updates – Automate Software and Driver updates at the Device level or Device group level
  • Optimize IT Efforts – All the Windows endpoints can be automatically patched reducing the cognitive IT load
  • Enhance security – OS Patches to assess, identify and remediate vulnerabilities can be quickly identified
  • Improve Visibility – IT teams can track the status of the patches, download reports for the updates that are available/installed
  • Force Reboot – Once the updates are patched, IT teams can force reboot the devices and get them up and running quickly so as to not interfere with the business operations
  • Save costs – Enterprises do not need to invest in a third-party patching server to achieve patch management for Windows.

What makes Scalefusion Patch Management enticing is that it is not just a standalone patch management tool but it seamlessly integrates with the MDM platform, making it easy to access, with no new tool to acquire and learn for the IT teams and adds to the overall monitoring capabilities extended by Scalefusion. 

Using Scalefusion Patch Management Software, IT teams can patch Software and Driver Updates including:

  • Critical Updates: To address a critical, non-security-related bugs
  • Definition Updates: Frequent software updates that contain additions to a product’s definition database
  • Feature Packs: New product functionalities that are first distributed outside of a product release
  • Security Updates: To fix a product-specific, security-related vulnerability
  • Service Packs: Tested, cumulative set of all hotfixes, security updates, critical updates, and updates that are applied to a product
  • Tools: a utility or feature that helps to complete one or more tasks
  • Update Rollups: Tested, cumulative set of hotfixes, security updates, critical updates, and updates that are packaged together for easy deployment
  • Updates: For a specific problem to address a non-critical, non-security-related bug
  • Upgrades: An upgrade for Windows 10 or later features and functionality
  • Driver Updates: Updates to Software that controls the input and output of a device

Enterprise IT teams can now leverage Scalefusion Windows Patch Management and improve their Windows device management experience within the same platform, on a dashboard that is familiar and easy to use. You can request a free evaluation of this feature by getting in touch with your account manager or writing to [email protected]

If you are new to Scalefusion, set up a free demo of Scalefusion MDM along with Scalefusion Windows Patch Management here.

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