Known for its versatile displays and versatile functionalities, Android TVs transformed the way world perceived televisions. The ‘idiot box’ got smarter, the screens got bigger and better and the hardware got chic and sleek.  In the commercial environment, we can observe a surge in the use of Android TV boxes for multiple use-cases. From displaying […]

Schools and universities widely opt for Mac machines to facilitate education for their students. The surging popularity of Mac around the world is very well-known. With more than 18 million Mac computers sold alone in the year 2018, it is needless to say why schools and universities are inclining to use the Mac for education. […]

Android has taken the world by a storm. In a recent survey done by Statcounter, Android cuts a close margin of 2 % market share with Windows, the most popular operating system in the world. Android is preferred and used by people all over the world owing to its simplicity of operation, availability of customization […]

Communication and collaboration between various stakeholders are extremely crucial to drive efficient business processes. With workplace parameters extending beyond the conventional boundaries of physical locations, driving effective communication within a workforce has become tedious.  Top challenges incurred in setting up communication within remote teams: 1.Device compatibility for using SIM card While devices such as mobile […]

Checking what’s happening with your project while on vacation. Replying to that customer mail on the way to work. Sending updates to your team on a weekend, if there are one thing employees can’t stay away from, is accessing work emails on their phones. While this is excellent for accelerating business growth and decreasing the […]

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that interactive kiosks are the most commonly used digital devices after smartphones. Omnipotent and operating in diverse use-cases, interactive kiosks are the easiest way to provide critical information and to make crucial decisions in our day-to-day lives. From transport hubs to self-service restaurants, ATMs to ticketing counters, interactive […]

Opting for a mobile device management tool to manage company-owned Apple devices is essential for the IT teams to exercise comprehensive security and policy configuration. Deployed to employees, students or as unattended kiosks, Apple devices can be effectively managed with the help of a strong MDM solution to avoid misuse and unauthorized access. iOS profiles […]

What is Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) ? DEP-Device Enrollment Program by Apple enables enterprises to deploy and configure multiple Apple devices including iPad, iPhones, Mac computers. Apple DEP provides easy configuration and enrollment into an MDM platform of devices purchased from Apple or participating Authorized Resellers and carriers. DEP simplifies the initial setup of […]

Enabling your workforce with company-owned phones is essential to ensure round-the-clock connectivity with all the stakeholders, including employees as well as customers. The call and data charges incurred on these phones are borne by the company. While having an MDM solution to apply policies and enforce restrictions on the company-owned mobile phones can help curb […]

Supervision for iOS devices powers IT teams with enhanced control over company-owned devices. iOS supervision is recommended for effectively managing app installation, configuring network and sharing settings and policy enforcement on company-owned iOS devices like iPhone and iPads. For supervising devices in bulk, Apple DEP is convenient, since the supervision is cloud-based as opposed to […]