Author: <span class="vcard">Renuka Shahane</span>

With more than 5.1 billion unique, active mobile users in the world¹, it is needless to say that technology has changed the way we live and work and it is here to stay. It’s fascinating though that while we have adopted mobile technology in our day-to-day lives at a large scale, our workplaces are still […]

Data cost is one of the biggest expenses for companies and enterprises deploying mobile devices. Data breathes life into digital devices to perform desired business operations, adding to the business growth. It is important for the devices to be connected to high-speed internet to efficiently run business apps. The devices deployed within a physical office […]

In this hyperconnected world of digital devices, we are captives of interesting, useful and entertaining applications that drive our days through nights. These applications are one of the integral parts of the way we do business. The need, as well as the want for these apps is ever-growing, and so are the efforts on the […]

Enterprises today are digitized- from knowledge workers to task workforce, everyone makes serious use of one or more mobile devices for work. Operationally, organizations are web-driven and mobile devices enhance the use of the applications for productivity, management as well as customer satisfaction. For example, it is impossible to envision a delivery or logistics company […]

Enterprise IT teams are under a constant burden of effectively mitigating device, connectivity and security issues taking place in the organization. The larger the device inventory, the more pressure on the IT teams to manually keep a close eye on the various events that might hamper device operation, compromise data security and ultimately impact the […]

With businesses going digital, empowering the workforce with mobile devices to ease business operations, extend better customer support and offer a mobile working environment is an obvious and welcome change. But as organizations heavily invest in digital devices and the effort of digitization, it becomes imperative to ensure that the devices are used strictly for […]

As businesses and enterprises go mobile, IT teams have to gear up to keep up to the speed of the mobility. As IT teams drive mobility while ensuring security, one of the biggest pain points they come across is onboarding of devices into the chosen MDM solution. The bigger the organization or the deployment size, […]

With digital devices finding a place in every organization irrespective of the industry type, one of the most vulnerable elements is a critical security risk is the corporate data that lies on these devices. Be it a laptop or a mobile phone, a rugged device or a tablet, each device holds business-specific content which if […]

The surge in popularity of iOS devices is evident and given its classic design, extremely simple user interface and impeccable performance, there’s no wonder that iPads and iPhones are so immensely preferred across the world. As more and more parents use iPads and iPhones for personal, it is a natural inclination of kids to choose […]

One of the key drivers of successful mobility is security. It is imperative that your mobile device management tool ensures end-to-end security for your critical corporate data and apps. Scalefusion MDM extends a secure mobility management environment for its company-owned as well as employee-owned devices used for work. Scalefusion MDM platform offers a gamut of […]