Author: <span class="vcard">Renuka Shahane</span>

Team communication is critical for employee productivity and business continuity, especially when teams work remotely. Since employees cannot simply walk up to their co-workers’ desk when in doubt or set up quick face-to-face meetings, having a dependable team messenger is critical. The real business challenge however is when employees start using personal messaging apps to […]

Enabling seamless and interactive education, especially when the world is pushed into the era of social distancing and ‘remote everything’ is more critical than ever. The pandemic might subside or it won’t, but the students cannot miss learning and educational avenues, semester after semester. Distance learning or ‘learn from home’ is the best possible and […]

In the world of the mobile workforce and ever-evolving frontline jobs that need the employees to be out in the field, away from the corporate security parameters, the enterprise operations cannot be outdated. Businesses need to stay a step ahead in the curve to ensure that the newfound way of working and the mobility is […]

In all honesty, the world was not ready for a pandemic. Right from infrastructural lapses to restrictions on travel, social distancing to complete closure in some countries, the world somehow managed to thrive and sail through the tough times. In this article, we will have a look at how enterprise mobility can help in combating […]

Remote working has transformed the business operations, the perception of productivity along with a total rehaul of the way enterprise security was maintained. VPN is a critical element to ensure security when employees work remotely and connect to the unknown, shared, and public networks. Virtual Private Network or VPN enables organizations to create a safe […]

Managing Windows 10 devices in the enterprise environment is the need of the hour. Especially since the boundaries of ‘work perimeters’ are diminishing and the enterprise Windows 10 devices are connected to unknown networks outside of the secure corporate network, the traditional on-prem device management and patch management is no longer enough. The legacy tools […]

Enterprise mobility is a tough game, especially when businesses are operating out of multiple locations with a diverse workforce. Enterprise IT teams and decision-makers are often overwhelmed with the daunting variety of devices available in the market for business use and making the right call for choosing the devices, provisioning them, extending support and management […]

Enterprise mobility is imperative for modern businesses. It is no longer about whether or not organizations should embrace mobile technology for optimizing business operations, improving employee productivity and streamlining business processes- businesses already are convinced that enterprise mobility is essential. But the next big challenge for businesses that are just starting out with enterprise mobility […]

The pandemic has had a staggering impact on businesses across the globe. While some businesses moved to the remote working model, a few of them went into a complete shutdown. The businesses that had to choose the second way were either extremely location dependent- for eg. manufacturing units, industries, etc, or didn’t have the right […]

We are excited to announce the integration of Okta single sign-on service on the Scalefusion dashboard. With this integration, IT admins can now leverage SAML based sign-in using Okta on the Scalefusion, eliminating the need of remembering passwords and simplifying access to the Scalefusion dashboard. This integration also is elemental in adding an extra layer […]