Author: <span class="vcard">Renuka Shahane</span>

In a world obsessed with privacy and security, the primary concern while driving enterprise mobility at any organization is to upkeep the privacy of the user/employee while ensuring end-to-end security of corporate data. On corporate-owned devices, it becomes imperative to create security checks and enforce restrictions to make sure that the corporate-data is not misused […]

Factory reset is the most commonly used feature to delete the device data. Factory reset also clears the device of any existing applications and settings. A Factory reset literally resets the devices to the settings available on the device at the time it was shipped from the factory.  Also known as Master reset, the Factory […]

Frontline workers are quite literally your company’s ‘front’. They are the first point of contact for your customers, they possess the business knowledge as well as understand your customer’s requirements, their reviews about your product and also address their concerns while using the products. Frontline workers are a good mix of field-force, factory employees, floor […]

In the exponential age of high-speed internet and connected devices, browsing the web is no longer limited to leisure. Internet browsing is extensively used for work, aiding the workforce in accomplishing critical business tasks. From finding coding solutions to marketing trends, internet browsing is one of the key knowledge resources in a highly competitive business […]

iPhone and iPads are widely used for business purposes owing to their reliable performance, enhanced security and contemporary design that drives engagement from employees as well as customers. The popularity of iOS devices for personal use makes it imperative for businesses to deploy them for work as well, since the users are familiar with its […]

Enterprise mobility created a seismic shift in the way businesses and organizations operated, engaged and grew in the 21st century. As businesses embraced the commencement of digital devices and technology for the optimization of operations of the knowledge workers, most organizations have still ignored the largest section of their workforce- the frontline workers, for digitization. […]

The remote workforce is a crucial element in the growth path of an organization. This field force or remote workforce is comprised of frontline workers who represent the company to the clients or customers, from shopfloors to retail stores, from support centers to factory workshops. And it is undeniably important for the field force or […]

Frontline workers are a crucial factor in driving business growth, which often keeps them away from traditional work perimeters. This can lead to disengagement among frontline employees. Also, since the frontline workers operate remotely, having quick access to relevant business resources and apps is essential.

As businesses started adopting digital technology, one of the most crucial game-changers were devices specifically built (hardware and software combined) for business purposes. While the importance of computers and mobile phones to get things done on the go is undeniable, having dedicated devices catering to a single or perhaps multiple, but intended for business is […]

Online examinations are rapidly replacing conventional paper-pen based examinations across the world, especially in the developed countries. Online examinations are preferred over the traditional tests and exams since they are technology inclusive, which is extremely important for today’s tech-savvy world. Online exams pave way for quicker test results & analysis and offer flexibility to take […]