Author: <span>Renuka Shahane</span>

When we talk of team communication, it refers to communication within any organization and is considered a vital factor. The purpose can range from updating employees on newly formed policies or prepare for a time of crisis. In any case, effective communication is one of the main aspects of successful management. To attain success, organizations […]

An operating system is a piece of software that manages all other software applications and hardware on a machine, providing a common platform for programmes and enabling the computer to function. Today, almost all devices- from Computers to Smartphones and Smart-gadgets need an operating system to function. While a few operating systems are optimised to […]

All of us are aware of the old age adage that teamwork makes the dream work. While all of us broadly know why communication is important, it is even more important to draw out the perfect internal communication strategies to get the full benefit out of it. Firstly, we will start by understanding what internal […]

The mobile-first approach has picked up even in the conventional businesses and enterprises that earlier depended heavily on traditional computers and desktop-dependant environments. With remote working further routing for the need of mobile devices, enterprises now heavily look for applications that can be used on mobile devices- Android phones, tablets, phablets, iPhones and iPads. This […]

Windows devices are widely known for their popularity, especially in the enterprise environment where desktops and laptops are synonymous with Windows PCs. Apart from the fact that they are highly user-friendly (of course, we first used a Windows computer and that experience has stayed with us), the affordability of Windows devices, even in the laptops […]

Remote troubleshooting is not only essential but a crucial part of the digital enablement of the remote workforce. When the frontline employee devices run into an error, device downtime is inevitable without remote support. This can not only cause business loss but also lead to excess costs incurred in bringing the device to a physical […]

Mobile devices and vehicle-mounted devices are widely used in the trucking, transportation and logistics industries owing to the ease of operation they usher in. Replacing paper-based documentation, latent resource sharing and conventional methods of shipment tracking, mobile devices have found a permanent place within the driver fleet across diverse industries throughout the globe. One of […]

How often have you heard a colleague say, “There’s a crisis in the office,” only for you to find out it was just a temporary internet connectivity issue? In everyday business, small incidents can occur at any time and are unavoidable. And when such incidents occur, companies have to act swiftly to assess and respond […]

We are more than excited to announce the launch of our very own MDM agent for Windows 10 device management. This release marks an important milestone for Scalefusion Windows 10 device management and is going to be incremental in supporting the IT teams to streamline the management of Windows 10 devices in the enterprise environment. […]

2020 was a roller-coaster ride. A year that none of us anticipated but all of us had to endure. The year brought upon many challenges that were not foreseen and organizations, as its people had to adapt to the circumstances to make the most of it. One such unprecedented event that turned out to be […]