Author: <span>Nema Buch</span>

Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc have become an indispensable and an essential factor in the corporate world and are being widely used for work purposes. Organizations are increasingly realizing the power of a flexible and mobile work environment. In a flexible and mobile work environment, employees access organizational data and content on mobile devices […]

With a variety of smartphones and tablets flooding the market, Android mobile devices are used by all for personal purposes as well as for work & business. On the personal side, young adults and teenagers are considered to be a smart-phone generation spending a considerable amount of their time on these gadgets. As a result […]

For iOS devices, despite Safari is a good browser, since it does not allow to whitelist websites, it is not suitable to use in the kiosk environment. Hence Scalefusion has come out with ProSurf Kiosk Browser. It is customized & a secure browser for iOS that lockdown your iPad & iPhone into an iOS kiosk […]

TechRadar has ranked Scalefusion as one of the best out of 5 MDM Solutions of 2019! Scalefusion has earned this ranking as TechRadar found it as an efficient enabler to the organizations to achieve secured enterprise mobility with Android devices. Previously, there was a lot of concern about increasing usage of the Android devices in […]

We have recently launched Eva Communication Suite-  a team communication app for our Mobile Device Management Solution, Scalefusion. Eva team communication app facilitates effective team collaboration to drive engagement within the field force along with comprehensive tools for enterprise-wide communication. Eva team communication tool enables seamless but highly controlled real-time communication through a single application […]

The blog describes the varied aspects of Apple MDM solution for your iOS devices and how an organization can benefit from its deployment, configuration and management. If you still don’t have a Scalefusion account, start your free trial today. Today, to implement enterprise mobility in the organization, Apple devices are extensively being used in a […]

Digital Signage kiosks are electronic displays mostly found in retail stores, hotels, restaurants, airports, offices, corporate conferences and various other public places where information needs to be shared by the display. It is the centrally controlled platform to showcase digital content to one or multiple displays at the single or multiple locations. With the mobile […]

Customer satisfaction is one of our top most priority and we focus on customer experience before and after the sale with excellent product features and support service. In this digital age, as we cater to different clients to different industry verticals, all customer reviews are very important. They tell us a story about each customer’s […]

iPad is Apple’s remarkable technological innovation. Since its entry, it has created a benchmark of how it can be useful to consumers as well as businesses. iPad has powerful features which nor the consumers or the businesses are using them all. If at all they leverage, It can be a powerful work tool with the […]

Point of Sale (POS) functions exactly as a cash register in the retail, but the difference is that it is a smarter option. It is the point of checkout in a brick-n-mortar store which enables transactions and much more, like Inventory Management Employee Management Reporting & Analytics Customer Management and loyalty programs Now coming to […]