Why your iPad POS needs a Device Management Solution?

  • August 27, 2018

Point of Sale (POS) functions exactly like a cash register in retail, but the difference is that it is a smarter option. It is the point of checkout in a brick-n-mortar store that enables transactions and much more, like

  • Inventory Management
  • Employee Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Customer Management and loyalty programs
Why your iPad POS needs a Device Management Solution?
Transform your business with modern mPOS solution

Now coming to iPad POS system retail, it is the iPad turned into POS with at least a credit card reader and a POS app to process payments and manage your sales in real-time. Cloud-based iPad POS apps are available online on the vendor’s website, either you can download the app straight from there or Apple App Store. Some vendors offer to set up your equipment and app for you, which is easy in which you must simply follow a step-by-step wizard & get started. Once you’re done setting up the basics, the app can also help you set up other features that make it easier to manage the critical function of your business.

Best iPad POS system retail offers more value than the traditional PC-based system as it lowers the operating costs and increases efficiency. It also eliminates the need for servers and the fees associated with the setup, upgrades, repairs.

iPad POS is

  • easy-to-use
  • affordable
  • reliable
  • user-friendly &
  • impressive user interface.

The iPad and iOS deliver the perfect mobile business platform for the organization running cloud-based, mobile-friendly business apps. iPad POS is used at various places like brick-n-mortar retail stores, malls, restaurants (for which restaurant iPad POS system is available), hotels & resorts, and entertainment places like theatres.

The remarkable differentiation of iOS is that it provides a strong ecosystem of other business apps as well. iPad POS can integrate with other apps like that for accounting, inventory management, employee scheduling, etc which will enable to deliver of a comprehensive cloud-based business solution.

Hence it is the most obvious choice for today’s retail transformation. A few of the advantages are,

  • Cost savings
  • A better customer service tool
  • Streamlines the sales process by providing catalog and inventory data to customers as well as payment services
  • The ease of employee training
  • The environmentally friendly aspect of e-receipts

Why do you need a Device Management Solution for iPad POS?

While the iPad POS system is the best alternative to the traditional cash register or POS, it also has a risk of getting stolen. And, that’s one of the biggest risks as POS is a critical part of business and thieves will get unauthorized access to sensitive business information and customer data. Hence one way is to make sure that your business/organization is using Mobile Device Management Solution (MDM).

Scalefusion – An iPad MDM Solution secures, monitors, and manages iPad, iPad Pro & iPhone. It benefits mainly in 3 ways –

  • Security
  • Remote access
  • Trackability

Scalefusion MDM supports various use cases across small businesses, schools, and growing enterprises. You can have the following utilities,

Single App Mode – With single app mode, you can turn your iPad into kiosk mode, i.e. lock & run only the iPad POS app on it. and restrict all other apps and websites.

Multi App Kiosk Mode – By this mode allows access to the specific set of apps and restricts access to all other apps. So, for e.g. in addition to the iPad POS app, you can even deploy your selected apps say, for instance, inventory management app, employee management app, or the customer management app.

Web Filtering – Blacklist/Whitelist specific websites and restrict access to unwanted web content.

Asset Tracking – Track the location of all the devices in real-time.

Device Restrictions – Disable devices features like volume buttons, auto-lock, and system apps such as iCloud, Siri, Camera, etc.

Getting real-time information about POS vitals like

  • Name & Last Seen – The Name & Last Seen time of the device
  • Alert if Management Removed
  • Alert if In-Active – If the device is Inactive, then an alert is displayed.
  • Branding
  • Basic Device Information like
    • Device Capacity
    • Approx. storage capacity on the device as reported.
    • Battery Level – The last synced battery level. Note that there is an issue on iOS devices where the current battery level is not synced properly.
    • Available Capacity – Available storage capacity on the device as reported.
    • Lost Mode whether enabled or no?

Scalefusion application management enables search and distribution of apps from the Apple App Store to iPads and iPhones and provides your employees with the right apps which they need on POS. Scalefusion facilitates to install, uninstall or update from the Dashboard to your iPad POS

  • iTunes apps
  • Enterprise apps
  • VPP apps

Thus, Scalefusion iPad Kiosk Software for POS is easy to deploy and can prove a priceless investment for your business’s security and overall efficiency.

After Android and iOS, Scalefusion has now introduced Windows MDM Solution for Enterprise. Now you can efficiently lockdown multi apps & manage your corporate-owned iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices from an Unified Dashboard.

Thousands of businesses rely upon Scalefusion for managing their mobile device, desktops, laptops and other endpoints

Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.
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