The Top 10 Post-Rebranding Capabilities of Scalefusion

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    top 10 post rebranding capabilities
    Top 10 Post-Rebranding Capabilities

    In March 2019, we rebranded MobiLock Pro to Scalefusion. This rebranding was in sync with our evolution from a kiosk lockdown solution to a full-blown EMM solution, gradually venturing into the UEM space. Post rebranding, we intended to launch new capabilities in order to enhance our management functionalities and to add more value to our overall solutions aided by a strategic technology and innovation roadmap.

    To aid company IT teams accelerate their productivity and add significant business value while maintaining gilt-edge security, Scalefusion has added momentous capabilities post the rebranding.

    In just 4 months, our team was able to actualize 10 different features. We look forward to organizations and businesses making the most of these capabilities to scale up their game of enterprise mobility management.

    Here’s a brief recap of 10 big things we did post rebranding:

    1. MacOS Management

    Mac machines are widely used in the enterprise space across various industries. Schools and educational institutes also prefer MacBooks since it drives in a familiar, and easy user experience for the students. With Scalefusion macOS management, we enable IT teams to power mac machines deployed for diverse use-cases with business resources while ensuring the company data was secure at all times. For mac machines deployed in Schools and educational institutes, Scalefusion macOS device management offers a simplistic approach in managing macs, set curfews and optimize their use for educational purposes.

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    2. Workflows

    One of the cardinal IT pain points is executing recurring and repetitive tasks on the device inventory. From carrying out crucial periodic tasks to administering the device security for compliance violations, the IT is burdened, especially when the devices are spread across diverse geographical locations. Scalefusion Workflows simplifies IT tasks and helps improve IT productivity with job automation and task scheduling. Using Workflows, IT teams can schedule multiple tasks such as device lock, unlock, reboot and cache clearing at desired intervals from the Scalefusion dashboard. IT teams can also schedule periodic compliance checks to detect violations such as wrong passcode attempts, geofence breach, and SIM-swaps. IT can also schedule alerts for device battery, data usage, informing the device-user to take timely action to prevent device downtime.

    Workflows reduce IT efforts by automating recurring tasks without any additional scripts and codes.

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    3. BYOD Management for macOS

    With macOS management, Scalefusion helps in managing organization-owned mac PCs and MacBooks. With millions of macs being sold since its inception, it is imperative to understand the popularity of the device for both professional and personal use. As companies are encouraging the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy for enabling the workforce to work from anywhere, managing the personal mac machines used by employees for work is indispensable. Companies need to ensure that business resources, app licenses are available on employee’s personal mac devices and the business data on these devices is secure at all times. 

    Scalefusion BYOD management for macOS enables IT teams to install business apps on employee-owned devices through VPP while ensuring that the business data can be remotely deleted in case of employment termination, device theft or loss.

    4. BYOD Management for iOS

    As BYOD becomes more prevalent, it is imperative to also secure critical business data that lies on employee-owned iPhones.The data available within the organization email, which can be accessed on personal iPhones, is vulnerable to misuse as well as malware attacks from third-party apps. BYOD management for iOS is hence necessary for an organization that allows its employees to bring iPhones within the work perimeter, or use it for business operations.

    Scalefusion BYOD management for iOS resolves the IT concern to secure business data on employee-owned iPhones and iPads while offering the flexibility to work from anywhere.

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    5. Remote Cast for iOS

    Troubleshooting device issues of devices deployed to the remote workforce as well as unattended devices such as kiosks and digital signage is a major IT concern. Device issues not only impact business growth caused due to an unfunctional device but also adds operational costs to fetch the device physically to the designated service center or back office. 

    To economize the efforts in device issues resolution and to decrease the device downtime, Scalefusion has its feature ‘Remote Cast and Control’. 

    Using this feature, IT administrators can remotely cast the device screen as seen to the end-user and help derive a constructive understanding of the device issue. Furthermore, for select Android devices, IT admins can also remotely control the device, navigate through the device as if hand-held and resolve device issues. 

    Post rebranding, we extended the Remote Cast capability to iOS devices. Now IT admins can cast screens of managed iPhones and iPads and facilitate issue resolution. 

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    6. ITSM Platform integration

    Enterprise mobility management requires steady IT efforts and Scalefusion aims to mitigate the same. To reduce the device downtime and resolve device issues, most organizations use an ITSM (IT service management) tool to raise tickets. Scalefusion has introduced the integration of Freshservice, an ITSM tool with its dashboard which helps IT to monitor device issue and raise a ticket on Scalefusion dashboard. Administrators can also add context-driven information while raising the ticket which helps in reducing the device downtime significantly. It saves numerous navigations between multiple platforms to raise tickets and resolve device issues.

    Company IT can request integration of the tool they prefer and Scalefusion will initiate its integration. 

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    7. InterOps

    While managing diverse devices with multiple device types, OS types, and ownership models, it is crucial to streamline the communication, device issue troubleshooting, and ITSM. IT efforts can be curtailed significantly if the mobile device management tool has the competency to accomplish the same. Identifying this IT encumbrance, Scalefusion launched InterOps post rebranding. Scalefusion InterOps is a powerful combination of Remote Cast (& Control for select Android devices), Eva Communication Suite and ITSM tool integration.

    With InterOps, IT admins can cast device screens to closely monitor device issues, take screenshots or screen recordings, make VoIP calling with the device to communicate stepwise guidance using Eva Communication Suite and promptly raise tickets within Scalefusion dashboard with the preferred ITSM tool. 

    InterOps is set to revolutionize IT processes involved in device troubleshooting.

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    8. Conference calling

    Eva Communication Suite is an integral feature of Scalefusion mobile device management tool. Using Eva Communication Suite, admin can establish secure, encrypted communication with the managed devices, send messages and also populate contact lists. Eva Communication Suite creates a secure communication channel for inter-team communication and to enhance the team collaboration, Scalefusion as introduced conference call support. 

    With Eva Conference Call support, device-users can establish conference calls within the contact lists published by the IT admin. With Eva Conference Call, the collaboration between workforce working at diverse physical locations is made easy, reliable and cheap.

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    9. File Sync

    Content collaboration market has seen significant growth and with Scalefusion Content Management, publishing content on managed devices is streamlined with Scalefusion’s native app ‘File Dock’. While Scalefusion Content Management extends an excellent way to publish content on devices remotely, it is not useful in syncing or transferring files from the device to the administrator device. 

    With Scalefusion File Sync,  IT administrators can sync files and folders of the managed devices on their dashboards. IT admins can downloads files from the device folder and upload files to the device folder without user approval. This enables IT admins to not only push files onto a single device (as opposed to the entire inventory or group of devices in Content Management) but can also download files from the managed devices. 

    File sync is enabled within the Remote Cast feature of the dashboard and is available for Android devices. 

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    10. Samsung KNOX SDK 3.0

    Samsung extends a comprehensive set of Knox SDKs to help developers in a seamless integration of applications into the Knox platform. The Knox SDKs are periodically updated without creating any compatibility issues. However, Samsung announced an EOL for their existing Knox SDKs and Scalefusion client required an updated to ensure that all its features and capabilities continued to operate with normalcy.

    Scalefusion released a new version of their Android client in the light of the Knox SDK 3.0 update for a flawless management experience on Samsung Knox devices.

    Post-rebranding to Scalefusion, we have successfully scaled our management of various endpoints at scale and we hope to advance them to help businesses make the most of their digital transformation with effective management.

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