Author: <span>Sriram Kakarala</span>

We are elated to announce Patch Management capability for Windows. Enterprises deploying Windows devices as workstations can now completely automate patch management on Windows devices and manage Windows OS updates with low to no IT intervention. What is Patch Management? Patch management is a group of systems or policies that together help in identifying, obtaining, […]

We are excited to announce the launch of Scalefusion Android MDM SDK. Android MDM SDK is a completely secure and powerful suite of APIs introduced to simplify the application development in enterprise environments while ensuring that the end-user experience is top-notch. Using the Scalefusion Android MDM SDK empowers app developers to minimize the code changes […]

So, are you one of the COOs/CSOs who have been tasked with finding the right MDM solution for your enterprise? I am sure you can relate with this blog! Let me start by sharing a water-cooler (read: smoke breaks) discussion we keep having at Scalefusion, “You can disable the camera, prevent screenshot, disable email forwarding, […]