5 ways Scalefusion Helps in Remote Learning and Distance Education

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    MDM for Remote Learning and Distance Education
    MDM for Remote Learning and Distance Education

    Remote learning was once considered the new-age alternative to conventional education. Fast forward to 2021, and we are in unpredictable times where remote learning has become a necessity. In fact, distance learning is a hot trend for technology in classrooms in 2021

    Schools and universities across the globe are now extending distance learning for students to ensure that no matter what happens, education is uninterrupted. As educational organizations, as well as parents across the world, struggle to find the best possible solution to enable distance learning, Scalefusion is here to help!

    Here’s a list of 5 ways Scalefusion helps in enabling remote learning:

    1. Support for School-Owned as Well as Student-Owned Devices

    With Scalefusion, schools and educational institutions can lockdown Android tablets, iPads, Windows 10, and macOS computers & laptops used by students for learning. These devices can be either owned and provided by the schools or can be personal devices of students or their parents. Scalefusion understands the importance of maintaining user privacy on personal devices and at the same time the dire need to make distance learning available. 

    For school-owned devices, the school IT teams can provision the devices straight out of the box and ship them directly to the students. Students can power up devices and start using them for distance learning. 

    For student-owned devices or devices owned by the parents/family, Scalefusion offers BYOD support where school apps will be made available on the devices without hampering the user and data privacy of the individual device. 

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    2. Distraction-Free Access to Educational Resources

    In today’s world obsessed with entertainment, diminishing attention spans, and a massive screen fixation, one of the primary hurdles in providing remote education via the web on digital devices is distraction. There are many sites, providing free PDF books for students to learn what they need online. Educators can design an interactive learning program for students to connect from home but what if the students end up using the devices provided by the school for other purposes such as web surfing, gaming, or entertainment? In an unmonitored environment, a young mind with limitless online access is a double-edged sword. 

    To address this, Scalefusion offers school kiosk mode for school-owned devices. Students can only access the educational apps, and browse the websites whitelisted approved by their educators. This can be achieved through Scalefusion Kiosk mode.

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    In Scalefusion Kiosk mode, only learning apps and websites will be enabled and the rest will be blocked. The download of any other apps will also be restricted. If the schools have a dedicated interactive learning app, the devices can be locked to a single-app kiosk mode where only one particular app will be available on the device.

    3. Resource Sharing & Content Collaboration

    It is crucial for students as well as educators to have continuous access to resource sharing- be it assignments, homework, project, or reference documents. Managing a large number of files coming from students via email can be overwhelming for the educators and students, losing an important resource in the pile of emails is quite possible. This is where Scalefusion Content Management helps. Teachers can directly push resource documents, presentations, and assignments on the student devices using Scalefusion. These documents can be periodically updated, deleted and students can always have access to the latest documents on their devices. 

    Teachers can also remotely access files using Remote file Sync on student devices for evaluation and this can help to overcome the collaboration lapses in remote learning.

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    4. Enabling Mobile WiFi Hotspots via Android Phones

    Having a streamlined internet connection with high-speed internet is imperative for effective remote learning. Many student homes do not have an active internet connection and to mitigate this challenge, there is a rapid demand for mobile hotspot devices, LTE hotspot devices, or MiFi devices. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough devices available to quickly fulfill the demand.

    With Scalefusion, schools can repurpose Android phones as mobile hotspot devices and enable connection to computers/laptops for distance learning. The mobile devices used as hotspots will be strictly available as a mobile hotspot and all other functionalities on the device will be blocked.

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    5. Rapid Resolution of Device Issues

    Another hurdle in distance learning is the if and when the device runs into an error. It is critical to provide remote assistance to the students to fix the issue so as to ensure that students do not miss any learning opportunities. It is unrealistic to expect students, especially younger kids or even parents to explain the exact issue/error the device faces. And this is when Scalefusion can help school IT. 

    Scalefusion offers a remote cast for Android and iOS devices used for education where the device screens can be mirrored remotely on the IT desk computers/desktops and the IT can get a better understanding of the device issues. On select Android devices, the IT can also take control of these devices to navigate through apps. 

    For unresolved issues, the IT administrators can take screenshots and screen recordings and create context-aware support tickets on an integrated ITSM tool.

    Infographic Case Study: How Scalefusion Can Impact The Education Industry

    Discover how Doctor’s Own Prep Academy (DOPA) leveraged Scalefusion’s MDM solutions to gain complete control over student tablets and secure digital learning resulting in improved 70% of students’ productivity. See the below Infographic.

    Education Industry Case Study

    Remote learning might as well be the future of education, supporting it early on will not be a highlight of your schools’ infrastructure but will also pave way for more engaged learning, less missed classes due to situational difficulties, and seamless access to education.

    Choose Scalefusion MDM for Education to facilitate distance learning and remote education with ease.

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