Why you need Student Kiosk Software for School Computers?

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    windows 10 lockdown software
    Windows Lockdown Software for School Computers

    The industrial revolution and even the arrival of technology did not revolutionize the classrooms and learning up until the last couple of decades. Computers and later mobile devices practically reinvented the learning model that was unchanged for several years. Educators, schools, and parents today are looking for more innovative ways to involve the gen Z students in the classroom, thanks to the reduced attention spans. This along with the combination of the right technology is taking learning in and out of the classrooms beyond imagination.

    The global e-learning market is soaring high enough to reach a USD 325 Billion by the year 2025¹ This involves both educational institutes as well as organizations that are replacing conventional brick and mortar learning models with remote learning, online learning, or small classrooms. While the ultimate future of education is perhaps done in the comfort of homes, at a time and schedule that students decide. But while that is leaping way into the future, there’s no denying that in the developed countries, computers, laptops, iPads, and tablets have already found a permanent place in the classrooms.

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    Digital devices, distractions and security concerns

    As schools and educational institutions embrace technology in learning, one of the most crucial downsides that need immediate attention is the distractions. The era of screen fixation is a cause of worry in the parent and educator community and while computers and tablets can immensely help in learning, there’s always a high risk of students misusing the device for more than learning.

    Entertainment, gaming, and inappropriate activities online are predators waiting to prey on students extensively using digital devices, while the educators and parents are misled into thinking that they are studying. Moreover, in young kids, the misuse can be unintentional but can cause distractions completely defying the purpose of having the devices for learning in the first place.

    Further, unadministered computer usage can lead to serious privacy repercussions and subjecting kids to staggeringly increasing amounts of internet crimes.

    Liberty to learning

    The problem of distraction and security concerns juxtaposed with 100% administered computer usage is not the solution. The entire purpose of involving computers and the internet in learning within and beyond the classroom is to unleash the creativity of the kids, helping them to explore educational content and apply it to their day-to-day learning, create projects and learn better.

    To strike the right balance between offering the students the liberty to learn without eaves-dropping and maintaining a healthy, educational student presence on the computer, educators as well as parents, need to deploy a computer lockdown software powered by an MDM.

    Kiosk Lockdown Software for Schools

    Kiosk lockdown is popular in diverse industries- from ATM to retail POS, wayfinders in malls to displaying real-time information in transport hubs, and is one of its best-suited use cases is education. Kiosk lockdown software for schools helps educators ensure that the students browse and use the device within restricted boundaries. 

    Essentially, a school kiosk helps in achieving the following:

    • The school computers are locked to only educational apps
    • The browsing is limited to websites 
    • The students cannot install any application at their end
    • Locking the school computer to a single app 

    What this helps in achieving is that students can continue to use the computers for learning and development while the schools need not worry about distractions or misuse since the apps and content to be made available on the computers can be predetermined.

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    Windows 10 for Education

    Needless to say, Windows is the preferred choice of desktop computers as well as laptops for educational purposes, thanks to the familiarity and ease of use. As schools look to monitor, provision, and streamline the usage of Windows 10 computers with the help of a kiosk solution, they gradually turn towards an MDM to obtain better control and capabilities to deploy the devices according to their needs. For instance, with an MDM, a classroom laptop can be used as digital signage during school fairs. Windows 10 for education is clearly a path frequented by most organizations across the world and its cost-effectiveness adds to its attractiveness. Hence, most schools prefer having a Windows device over an iPad.

    Since the educational institutions choose Windows 10 devices in kiosk lockdown mode, it is also imperative that they retain the user experience- students being overwhelmed with technology is the last thing they want. And hence, it becomes critical to choose the right solution for the same.

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    Scalefusion MDM for Kiosk lockdown for Windows 10

    For educational institutions looking to deploy Windows 10 school computers in kiosk lockdown, Scalefusion MDM proves to be the best possible solution that encompasses the custom needs of schools, giving the schools total control over the devices without forgoing the user experience that the students are already familiar with. 

    With Scalefusion, School IT teams can:

    • Lock the devices to single or multi-app kiosk mode
    • Allow only educational apps and block the rest
    • Whitelist websites pertinent to education and block the access to rest
    • Remotely manage OS updates and ensure the device is up and running at all times
    • Push content – videos, PDF files, word docs, and presentations on the devices
    • Monitor device activity on the dashboard and schedule maintenance checks

    Scalefusion simplifies the deployment of kiosk lockdown for Windows 10 devices to ensure that learning is not compromised and hindered by distractions or security concerns. As the world gears up for more and more innovative learning opportunities, embracing technology with the right set of tools is the way to move forward.




    1. How can kiosk lockdown software benefit schools?

    Kiosk lockdown software offers schools enhanced control over device usage, which is ideal for limiting distractions in classrooms or managing public access points. It promotes focused learning environments by restricting access to approved applications or websites. It also streamlines device management, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring a secure digital ecosystem within educational settings.

    2. What features should I look for in kiosk lockdown software for school computers?

    When selecting kiosk lockdown software for school computers, prioritize features like flexible configuration options, remote management capabilities, and robust content filtering. Look for tools that support user-specific settings, scheduling controls, and comprehensive reporting to monitor device usage effectively.

    3. Can kiosk lockdown software help prevent unauthorized access or misuse of school computers?

    Yes, kiosk lockdown software plays a crucial role in preventing unauthorized access or misuse of school computers. By enforcing strict access controls and predefined usage policies, this software reduces the risk of students accessing inappropriate content or installing unauthorized applications, thereby safeguarding school resources.

    4. How does kiosk lockdown software ensure student safety and privacy?

    Kiosk lockdown software enhances student safety and privacy through granular control settings. It restricts access to sensitive data, ensures compliance with privacy regulations, and helps mitigate cybersecurity threats. Additionally, this software enables educators to monitor device activity and intervene promptly if any issues arise.

    5. Does kiosk lockdown software support different types of devices used in schools?

    Kiosk lockdown software supports various devices commonly used in schools, including tablets, Chromebooks, and laptops across different platforms. This versatility ensures seamless integration with existing school IT infrastructures, allowing educators to efficiently manage and secure diverse device fleets. Be sure to choose software compatible with the specific devices used in your school environment for optimal performance.

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    Renuka Shahane
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