Running out of MiFi® or LTE Mobile Hotspot Devices? Turn your Android Phones into Portable WiFi Hotspots with Scalefusion

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    In arduous times where the world juggles between adapting to the newly set standards and ways of living, running a business and making it work is not easy. The highly escalated need of social distancing has made ‘working from home’ a need of the precedent times, rather than a luxury. 

    The Growing Demand for MiFi® & Portable Hotspot Devices

    As the world gears up to ‘work from home’, organizations face some of the most cumbersome challenges of all times. And while there are several remedies put in place by organizations to keep their business up and running, one of the biggest challenges is to ensure the availability of appropriate technology and resources to upkeep the productivity of the employees as they work remotely. 

    While some organizations that have remote working policies implemented already are prepared for this. Few organizations are now putting together innovative methods to facilitate working from home. And this has given a huge rise to the demand for MiFi devices.

    Portable Hotspot Devices

    Enabling Distance Learning with Mobile Hotspot

    Facilitating remote education is just as important as remote working and enabling the same is not an easy task. Unlike offices, schools might not have the appropriate infrastructure that enables educators as well as students to connect over the internet. 

    Schools adopting digital learning may already have laptops/computers/tablets that can be distributed to students for distance learning, but the real problem is to offer internet connectivity. Schools and educational institutions are hence looking to offer WiFi hotspot devices that can streamline distance learning for all. 

    But…there are not enough MiFi devices in the market.

    The rising need for MiFi devices across the globe is enormous and there could never be a better time to be scrappy and innovative. MiFi devices are popular because of their portability and compact design. And even if there’s a shortage of MiFi devices, there’s no dearth of mobile devices.

    “Yes, you can turn any mobile device into a MiFi device and extend it to facilitate remote working.”

    If you are a Telecom provider/Master Agent/MSP/VAR looking to turn your smartphones into MiFi devices or you are an organization looking for MiFi alternatives to extend to your workforce, Scalefusion does that for you.

    Mobile Phones as MiFi Devices

    The biggest challenge in extending a mobile phone that doubles up as a MiFi device is that- it is a mobile phone! In efforts to maximize the productivity of employees, the last thing organizations want is to offer more pathways towards distractions. Imagine an unadministered mobile device with access to the internet- the possibilities of distractions, misuse, unwanted downloads and risk to the network and device security are endless. 

    This is exactly why you need Scalefusion to turn your mobile devices into MiFi.

    Scalefusion for Turning Mobile Phones into Mifi Devices

    Scalefusion offers single/multi-app kiosk mode that helps in turning any Android mobile phone (OS version 6 to 8) into a MiFi device. 

    Scalefusion helps in achieving it while overcoming all the challenges incurred by using a mobile phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot device. Here’s how: 

    • With Scalefusion, you can lock your Android device into single or multi-app mode. Install the apps to be allowed on the device and block the rest. You can choose from apps from the Play Store or go ahead and install your in-house app.
    • Load custom UI on the phone replacing the conventional Android UI and block app downloads and website access.
    • Enforce a password to prevent unauthorized access to the device. 
    • Your end-users/employees can swipe unlock and only access the hotspot settings to connect their devices to a secure network and get to work!

    It works until it doesn’t…

    What if there’s some error with the device connectivity? You can’t possibly physically examine the device for troubleshooting the errors. And this is where Scalefusion Remote Cast and Control comes to the rescue. 

    Scalefusion Remote Cast and Control helps you to mirror the screens of the mobile devices deployed as Wi-Fi hotspots. You can take control* of the device screens, navigate and perform actions and troubleshoot the device issues remotely from your desktop. No extended downtimes and long support calls!

    Set up Android Phones as MiFi Devices with Scalefusion

    The easy set up of mobile phones as MiFi makes it more interesting! Setting up your Android phones (or thousands of them) as Wi-Fi hotspots with Scalefusion is quick and easy. You can enroll the devices into the Scalefusion mode using Android Zero-touch or by simply uploading a CSV of IMEI numbers or serial numbers of your Android device inventory. No need to individually unbox the device and provision it. 

    You can then publish applications that are to be allowed on the device, set custom wallpaper, enforce a passcode policy and hotspot settings on the device and the device is ready to be shipped. 

    *Note: Works on specific Android devices.

    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane is an avid reader who loves writing about technology. She is an engineering graduate with 10+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for web-based startups.

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