How to Minimize IT Workload with MDM for Laptops

  • January 12, 2023

There’s no doubt why the love for laptops has flourished over the years. Laptops are compact and versatile, and yes, there’s a style statement too. During their early days, laptops were specifically used by businesses and were bulky and quite costly with limited capabilities. With tech evolution, laptops of today have become immensely capable and efficient, and have made the most strenuous of business tasks effortless. Software for mobile device management or MDM for laptops is the need of the hour in many organizations.

MDM for Laptops
Simplify Laptop Management for IT: The Power of MDM

Laptops provide the comfort to employees to access their work-related files and data anytime, from anywhere, unlike desktop computers that are confined to office premises.

All great things aside, laptops are also highly susceptible to vulnerabilities like malware attacks and data threats in external environments. Thus, ensuring device security for laptops is one of the most vital IT tasks. With a laptop MDM strategy in place, IT admins can ensure the best security for laptops.

With plenty of employees in an organization using laptops and desktops with different operating systems (mac, Windows 10, Windows 11, etc.), endpoint management and security become extremely cumbersome for IT admins. Thus, a mobile device management solution for laptops is essential to manage and secure these popular devices from a single console.

MDM for Laptops

Today’s organizations use laptops extensively to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy at work. The benefits of enterprise mobility are enormous but at the same time, it must improve productivity, precision, and business profitability without compromising on device and data security. Companies cannot overlook the risk of cyberattacks and misuse of data and devices. Here’s when MDM comes as a rescue for organizations to streamline and secure their device inventory. With MDM, you can secure and manage Windows and macOS laptops.

Windows 10 & 11 and macOS laptops are highly preferred among businesses for the inbuilt security features they provide. Laptop MDM offers IT teams a bird’s eye view of the device fleet and helps track devices to check compliance. MDM is the best bet for IT teams to automate the enrollment, provisioning, and deployment of thousands of devices spread across different geographies. An MDM provides remote access to IT teams to troubleshoot devices and reduce device downtime.

Let’s get into the details of understanding the benefits of a laptop MDM solution.

MDM Features for Effective Management of Laptops

MDM software for laptops have powerful features that bring in the best combination of flexibility and security for laptops at the workplace. Here are a few of them.

Bulk device enrollment

MDM enables IT admins to enroll and manage corporate-owned laptops in bulk. Apple DEP and Windows Autopilot auto-enroll devices in corporate policy configurations. Out-of-the-box device provisioning makes employees business-ready as soon as the devices reach them. These over-the-air,l no-touch enrollment makes device procurement and provisioning a breeze for IT admins, reducing manual enrollment hassles.

Automation of routine tasks

Workflows in an MDM app help automate routine IT tasks and actions while also allowing to choose time frames and frequency for the execution of set tasks. Workflows also allow the application of policy settings by grouping devices as per the use cases. Mobile device management can set workflow settings related to device location, time, and health to automate tasks and set compliance alerts for corporate devices like laptops. The MDM software tracks laptop inconsistencies and alerts IT admins to take appropriate actions when required.

Remote application management

MDM solutions allow IT admins to comfortably distribute, publish, manage, and update public and private apps from the managed App Store and Enterprise App Store from the MDM dashboard. IT admins can silently push apps and install or uninstall apps as and when required without any user intervention. Device groups also help IT teams manage each group with specific apps. Access to required apps keeps employees updated even at remote locations.

Remote content management

Content management in an MDM reduces the IT load of ensuring content in laptops is regularly updated. Content is highly dynamic and employees must have access to the most relevant content in real-time to perform business functions efficiently. IT teams can leverage mobile device management to distribute, publish, and manage enterprise content on company-owned devices remotely. It allows IT admins to silently push content files using the FileDoc app.

Remote troubleshooting

At any given time, device breakdown demands immediate IT attention, and such emergencies can be extremely stressful and work-intensive for IT teams. In such situations, an MDM comes as a savior for IT teams and helps troubleshoot the devices remotely. The MDM  assists IT admins in casting device screens remotely to check and resolve issues and sync files to solve device issues. Thus, an MDM enables IT admins to minimize device downtime and boost productivity.

How Scalefusion Benefits IT Teams in Reducing their Workload

Scalefusion MDM offers a host of privileges to IT teams which can relieve them from a lot of redundant tasks.

Simplified dashboard with an easy-to-use interface

Scalefusion MDM has one of the easiest interfaces that helps IT admins quickly find various features and capabilities to make devices ready for specific use cases. The dashboard is simple to understand even for first-time users to comfortably navigate through and configure laptops for business use.

Supports over-the-air enrollments

Scalefusion MDM for Windows laptops and MacBooks supports over-the-air enrollment using various methods that can be either OEM-based, email, or G-suite-based. Scalefusion partners with OEMs to provide pre-configured laptops for corporate use which are directly deployed to the users.

Bulk app distribution with ease

IT admins can easily push apps to multiple devices using Scalefusion. The Volume Purchase Program (VPP) in Apple devices allows the purchase of apps in bulk and distributes and manages them through the dashboard. IT admins can also distribute apps silently to avoid any kind of user interference and schedule installing or uninstalling of apps.

Dynamic policy application based on location/time

Scalefusion MDM allows devices to be shared among users using the dynamic policy application. It reduces the IT workload of procuring the device each time a device profile changes. Features like geofencing and profile switch save IT time as opposed to individually applying dynamic policies for a specific time period or when a device enters a particular geolocation.

Automation of OS updates

Scalefusion MDM controls and automates OS updates, and at the same time, enables scheduling updates and control restarts from the dashboard. Automation of updates helps IT admins override user manipulations concerning updates and ensures app and corporate data security. Regular updates also keep devices safe from any data threats or security attacks. For instance, the Windows patch management feature controls Windows updates and helps IT admins secure Windows laptops.

Compliance checks and security alerts

One of the most crucial tasks of  IT teams in today’s age of enterprise mobility management is to guard devices against any threats to security or compliance deviations. With an MDM, keeping an eye on laptop security, battery health, data usage levels, and device location becomes extremely convenient. Scalefusion mobile device management keeps a check on device compliance and alerts IT teams whenever there are security breaches.

Final words

Reducing IT workloads by automating device management is one of the main objectives that companies can achieve with an MDM solution. MDM for laptops simplifies managing, monitoring, and securing them such that they do not fall prey to any data security attacks. With increasing phishing and malware attacks, it is burdensome for IT admins to configure and secure corporate devices individually. This is where Scalefusion MDM offers the best features to streamline laptop management and reduce IT workloads.

You can now simplify device management using the powerful features and capabilities of the Scalefusion MDM platform and help IT teams have their productive hours focused on effective business strategies. Start your 14-day free trial with Scalefusion today.

Thousands of businesses rely upon Scalefusion for managing their mobile device, desktops, laptops and other endpoints

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