How to Silently Install Android and iOS Apps Using Scalefusion MDM

  • January 3, 2023

The default behavior of operating systems–iOS and Android–prompts users to click Next at the end of each step. Silent app installation, also referred to as unattended installation, allows installation of apps on a user’s mobile device without any prompts to update or install an app. 

install aps on android & iOS

The main benefit of silent app installation is that it requires minimum IT involvement. Moreover, the procedure enables enterprises to provide bulk installation of apps over the air. 

Silent App Installation for Android Devices

A silent app installation is a feasible option when companies need to install mandatory apps on company-owned devices or work profiles which do not require user consent. Devices enrolled in the Android Enterprise Management program support the silent installation of apps on Android devices and IT admins can install apps without any end-user installation.


1. Log in to the Scalefusion dashboard and go to the Application Management section of the dashboard. 

2. Click Play for Work Apps > Add from Playstore

remotely install app on android

3. Select apps from the list or search for the required app(s)

remotely install apps on android

4. Click the app of choice. Then click Select to add the app to the repository

remotely install app on android

5. Click on Publish for silent installation

remotely install app on android

6. Select the Silent Installation button

7. Select Device Groups / Device Profiles / Devices to publish the app

8. Click on Publish to silently install the app

Silently install applications on Android

Silent App Installation for iOS Devices

Organizations that use Apple Business Manager and its’ VPP (volume purchase program) can opt for silent app installation on their iOS devices. Scalefusion MDM can be used to silently install free as well as paid apps via VPP.

Step 1. Purchasing the Required Apps

1. Go to the Apple Business Manager portal and login with your account credentials. The VPP is available within the ABM account unique to your organization

2. Click your name on the bottom half of the screen and go to Preferences > Payments and Billing

install ios app

3. Click on Apps and Books; search and select the app to purchase the licenses

4. Under Quantity, specify the number of licenses required and click on Get

Note: The total number of app licenses purchased by a user applies to the same number of enrolled devices the user manages on Scalefusion

Step 2. Installing the Purchased Apps

The purchased apps can now be deployed on iOS devices enrolled in Scalefusion. To install the application:

1. Go to the Application Management section on the Scalefusion dashboard. Click Apple App Store > Add from App Store. Now, you can select the apps and click Publish to continue the silent app installation process. 

ios apps installer

2. Select the Silently Install button > Choose the devices to install the app > Click Publish

deploy ios app

Once the above steps are complete as per the OS, the selected devices on Scalefusion MCM are all set for silent installation of the required apps.

Wrapping Up

With heavy usage of mobile devices at work, IT teams need to ensure that devices are ready for use by installing all the necessary work apps. Scalefusion installs apps silently without any user action, making bulk installation of apps easier.

Want to learn more about Mobile Application Management? Get access to Scalefusion’s mobile device management platform by starting a 14-day free trial.

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