Here’s How to Drive Bulk Device Enrollment with Scalefusion

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    As businesses and enterprises go mobile, IT teams have to gear up to keep up to the speed of mobility. As IT teams drive mobility while ensuring security, one of the biggest pain points they come across is the onboarding of devices into the chosen MDM solution. The bigger the organization or the deployment size, the more stressful it gets for the IT to individually enroll the devices into an MDM, apply corporate policies and then hand it over to the employees for use.

    Bulk Enrollment with Scalefusion
    Bulk Enrollment with Scalefusion

    Scalefusion offers multiple methods to simplify bulk device enrollment from Android to iOS devices, Windows to Macbooks, enrolling a big volume of devices is simple, straightforward, and easily implementable.

    Using bulk enrollment methods available on Scalefusion, the IT admins can do the following:

    • Enroll multiple devices in Scalefusion MDM
    • Configure restrictions and security settings
    • Allow/block apps and websites
    • Configure single app mode & content for digital signage

    In this article, let’s have a look at the various ways to drive bulk enrollment with Scalefusion. 

    1. Android Zero-touch Enrollment

    To enroll bulk Android devices on Scalefusion MDM, Scalefusion teams with Android Zero-touch to configure policies over the air. IT administrators can craft detailed security policies & restrictions, load business apps, and enroll devices with Android 6.0 and above wirelessly. Instead of individually provisioning the devices, IT admins can enroll Android devices in bulk and deliver a fully managed device to the end-user. End-users can get a managed device out of the box and immediately start using it for intended purposes.

    Configuring Android devices with Zero-touch also secures the device since the devices stay provisioned even after a factory reset.

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    To enroll Android devices on Scalefusion using Android Zero-touch, navigate to the Mission Control section of the Scalefusion dashboard, and complete the Android for Work Setup. Once the AFW setup is completed, you can start enrolling devices into Scalefusion MDM over the air. 

    2. Apple DEP Enrollment

    Scalefusion supports Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) to configure Apple devices out of the box. Once the iOS and macOS devices are added to Apple Business Manager, they can be enrolled into Scalefusion MDM without physically handling the device. iOS and macOS devices can be configured with corporate policies, loaded with business-specific applications using the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP), and can be directly shipped to the end-user from the warehouse. 

    Learn more: Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP): A Beginner’s Guide

    To get started on Apple device enrollment on Scalefusion, navigate to the Mission Control section of the Scalefusion dashboard, and click on Apple setup. Complete the APNs  (Apple Push Notification) certificate

    Next, configure the DEP set up by downloading the DEP token and continue the setup on Apple Business Manager or Apple DEP legacy portal.

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    Note that only the devices purchased through Apple or its authorized reseller or authorized carrier can be enrolled over the air using Apple DEP.  Devices obtained from other sources need to be supervised using Apple Configurator 2 and then they can be added to Apple DEP. 

    3. IMEI-based Enrollment

    This is one of the simplest ways to enroll multiple devices in Scalefusion MDM in a few simple steps. Administrators can simply upload a CSV file containing the IMEI numbers of the devices to be enrolled along with the Device Profile or Device group name on the Scalefusion dashboard. These devices will be configured into the chosen device profiles or the profile of the group they are added to. If the Device Profile or Device Group name are not added in the CSV, the devices will still be added to Scalefusion and the IT admin can apply policies to the enrolled devices. 

    To get started on this, navigate to the Device & User Enrollment section of the dashboard and select the IMEI-based option. Download a CSV sample and upload it in the standard format.

    This feature is available for iOS devices only. 

    4. Samsung KME-based Enrollment

    Corporate-owned Samsung devices can be enrolled on Scalefusion MDM using Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME)-based enrollment. Using this enrollment method, company IT can configure Samsung devices over the air without having to physically configure them with corporate policies. The devices enrolled with the Samsung KME method will be provisioned even after a factory reset, adding an extra layer of security to these devices.

    To begin with, Administrators need to apply for a KME account on the Samsung KME portal. Once the account is created and set up, IT admins can configure a device profile with policy settings, apps, and restrictions on the Scalefusion dashboard. This chosen profile can be selected in the Knox portal and can be assigned to the devices using the Knox Deployment App.

    Read more: Samsung Knox Management with Scalefusion

    5. Serial Number based Enrollment

    For bulk enrollment of Android tablets, IT admins can upload the CSV of Serial numbers of Android tablets to the Scalefusion dashboard and add them to device management. Similar to IMEI-based enrollment, this helps in the quick bulk provisioning of Android tablets. If the IT admins add the names of the groups against each serial number in the CSV, the tablets are auto-added to the respective groups.

    6. Windows Autopilot

    For zero-touch bulk provisioning of Windows 10 devices, Scalefusion MDM offers support for the Windows Autopilot program. IT admins can provision unboxed devices before they are shipped, enroll them into a deployment profile, and enforce management on the first power-up.

    7. Azure Active Directory based Enrollment

    IT admins can invite users to bulk enrollment or provisioning using Office 365 AD enrollment. The Active directory admins can add users to the Scalefusion dashboard and when these users log in to corporate/BYO devices using Azure AD credentials, they are auto-enrolled in the MDM policies.

    Driving bulk enrollment in your organization is made easy with Scalefusion MDM. Applying corporate policies over the air, pushing relevant business apps and content, configuring security settings without having to physically handle the device, and managing the devices straight out of the box not only empowers the workforce to start using the devices for work instantaneously but also drastically improves the IT efficiency. 

    Don’t compromise your IT’s precious productive time in individually enrolling devices, use Scalefusion MDM for bulk device provisioning.

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