Android Enterprise Essentials Offers Simple Device Management

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    Many small and medium enterprises consider device management to be too complex, too costly, or unessential for the initial years in business. However, the moment businesses kick off, they start handling data that is sensitive and vulnerable. Any data loss can cost heavily and become a pitfall for the business. Android Enterprise Essentials revolves around the basic needs for an enterprise to get started with its device management journey.

    Android Enterprise Essentials
    Empowering Businesses with Android Enterprise Essentials

    As per a December 2022 report, 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses, and only 14% of small businesses rate their ability as highly effective in mitigating cyber risks, vulnerabilities, and cyberattacks. It is crucial for SMBs to realize how effective device management can be a game-changer in their device and data management essentials with Android Enterprise Essentials, keeping in mind their budget needs.

    The blog will help understand better what is Android Enterprise Essentials, which organizations prefer using it, how it works, and the comprehensive benefits it provides at an affordable cost. It would also help understand what works best if you’re looking for advanced security management.

    What is Android Enterprise Essentials?

    Android Enterprise Essentials is a lighter device and security management service by Google with basic device management functionalities. It is compatible with all Android devices that support Zero-touch enrollment and is made available by Google-certified resellers just out of the box. It manages Android devices through a portal and provides basic functionalities like adding or removing devices remotely, controlling device screen lock or unlock centrally, installing or removing apps from the Google Play Store, and remote wiping of devices.

    The security features include mandatory scanning and preventing side load of apps with malware protection, an enforced screen lock feature to avoid unauthorized access to sensitive information, and security settings that cannot be wiped out even when an employee tries to reset the device.

    Thus, Android Enterprise Essentials provides key features for managing and securing businesses Android devices without being complex so that it is easier for SMBs to cater to their lighter management needs at a low cost.

    Here’s a snapshot of Android Enterprise Essentials in this Infographic:

    Android Enterprise Essentials

    What does Android Enterprise do?

    Android for Enterprise enables the use of Android devices and apps in the workplace. It integrates APIs and tools to support enterprise deployment of Android devices. When organizations buy new devices for corporate use, they can add Android Enterprise Essentials to their purchase. Devices can be configured as per Android Enterprise features and deployed to employee devices in any location. As soon as devices are turned on, they are already Android Enterprise Essentials enabled. The devices cannot be unenrolled from Android Enterprise Essentials even when reset. This ensures devices are secured and managed for corporate purposes. Also, it is easy to keep adding new devices as and when required with the help of a certified reseller who can provide protected devices right out of the box.

    Benefits of Android Enterprise Essentials

    Essentially used by SMBs, Android Enterprise Essentials is an affordable solution for leaner, secure Android enterprise devices. It provides critical security functionalities at an affordable cost. It is the most effective way to manage, secure, and protect devices. The multiple benefits of Android for enterprise essentials include:

    • Protect devices and data from a centralized portal with ease.
    • Get devices enrolled with enterprise essentials right out of the box from certified resellers.
    • Remote setup and management of devices with no manual effort.
    • Automatically activate security features once the devices are turned on.
    • Enforced screen lock to avoid misuse or mitigate data leakage risks.
    • Malware protection is always running and cannot be switched off.
    • Cater to employees wherever they are with remote device activation.
    • Remotely wipe data on devices if the device is lost or stolen.
    • Streamline device management to always keep business data secure.

    Scalefusion for Android Enterprise Management

    Enterprise Essentials is a simple and lighter service provided by Google only with basic security features. But as organizations grow, data can become complex and critical which would need modern and advanced device management capabilities to protect devices and data. In such cases, it is better to use a robust mobile device management (MDM) solution like Scalefusion. Scalefusion enables Android Enterprise setup using Zero-touch enrollment for the deployment of devices just out-of-the-box.

    Scalefusion provides advanced device and security management features like having access to device screens to remote troubleshoot devices, accessing a 360-degree view of the entire device fleet, and managing devices centrally through the MDM dashboard. Additionally, it provides reports and analytics to get insights on data usage, device compliance, device history, and workflow reports. The scope of an MDM solution is wider than Android Enterprise Essentials which enables device security management at an elementary level.

    Closing Lines

    Device management is pivotal to an enterprise’s data security, irrespective of the size of the business entity. Every organization generates and manages data as a regular affair to perform crucial business functions. Data, when handled in a way that it is secured from any risks, attacks, or threats, ensures it leads to better productivity and growth. Android Enterprise Essentials is the go-to solution if you’re looking for a basic device security solution and Android MDM for advanced device management.

    Get Scalefusion trial to know how MDM can provide additional features and benefits for effective device management.

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    1. What is the price of Android Enterprise Essentials?

    There isn’t a fixed Android Enterprise Essentials price. It depends on the number of devices you manage and the mobile device management (MDM) tool you choose. MDM vendors often base their pricing on managed devices.

    2. What is the difference between Android Enterprise and Android Enterprise Essentials?

    Both secure work data on Android devices but cater to different needs:

    • Android Enterprise: Offers comprehensive management for businesses with IT resources. You get advanced features like app control, multi-device management, and work profile separation.
    • Android Enterprise Essentials: Designed for businesses without a dedicated IT department. It provides basic features like mandatory security settings, remote wipe, and app deployment – a simpler, more user-friendly option.

    3. When should you use Android Enterprise Essentials?

    Consider Android Enterprise Essentials if:

    • You’re a small or medium business with limited IT resources.
    • You want basic device security and app management for your employees.
    • You have a large organization with devices needing light management (e.g., contractors).
    • You’re new to device management and want to start simple.

    It offers basic features like remote wipe, security checks, and app control from the Google Play Store. For more advanced needs, look into a full Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution.

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