Scalefusion Kiosk Lockdown: Everything You Need To Know

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    In a world where innovation has taken the center stage, both consumers and providers rely heavily on technology. As consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable using modern technology, they expect fast and efficient services. In view of this, businesses are turning towards digital kiosks to automate their processes and enhance their in-house customer experience. Scalefusion MDM is a device and endpoint management software that offers extensive kiosk management features to businesses regardless of their industry or type of kiosks implemented.

    Scalefusion Kiosk Lockdown for Businesses
    Scalefusion Kiosk Lockdown for Businesses

    What is Scalefusion Kiosk Mode?

    Businesses can either invest in purchasing and installing specialized kiosk devices such as retail POS systems, bany to serve a specific purpose. Or, businesses can turn their existing off-the-shelf commercial devices such as smartphones and tablets into dedicated kiosks with the Scalefusion Kiosk Mode.

    The Scalefusion Kiosk Mode allows businesses to lock their regular digital devices into single or multiple pre-defined applications to turn them into dedicated kiosks. With this, businesses can save massive costs on the purchase of costly specialized digital kiosks. This also helps businesses to optimize the usage of their company-issued devices with selective applications and minimizes distractions for employees. king kiosks, digital signages, way-finder or information kiosks, etc. which are designed solely.

    Leveraging Scalefusion’s Kiosk Lockdown Functionality

    There’s a difference between Kiosks and Kiosk Mode. While Kiosks are specialized digital devices that are built to serve a unique purpose, Kiosk Mode is an MDM capability that allows businesses to turn their regular commercial devices into purpose-specific kiosks.

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    Following are the diverse types of Kiosk Modes that can be configured with Scalefusion:

    • Single-app Kiosk Mode

    You can lock your device into a single application to turn it into a purpose-specific kiosk such as a self-service kiosk, digital signage, GPS monitor, mPOS system, etc. Scalefusion’s single-app kiosk mode masks all other apps and settings on your digital device and allows only the single selected app to run.

    • Multi-app Kiosk Mode

    You can lock your device into two or more applications to ensure business-specific device usage. Applications from Google PlayStore, Apple App Store, Windows Business Store, or in-house apps with Scalefusion Enterprise Store can be pushed on your employees’ devices with Scalefusion.

    • Kiosk Browser Lockdown

    You can lock your preferred browser in a single-app Kiosk mode on your devices to have it running on the kiosk devices at all times. Scalefusion also lets you allow selective websites on your browser to prevent users from visiting unwanted websites. This configuration fits perfectly for unattended public-facing kiosks.

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    Business Benefits of Scalefusion Kiosk Mode

    The Scalefusion Kiosk Mode goes beyond plain device management and offers your business a variety of kiosk management benefits:

    1. Improved Productivity

    The purpose of implementing digital kiosks, besides improving customer experience is to automate processes and reduce the burden on the on-site staff. With Scalefusion’s Kiosk Mode businesses can experience improved productivity in the following ways:

    • Reduced burden on the on-site staff with the implementation of single-app locked down kiosks.
    • Minimized distractions and greater focus for employees using company-issues multi-app locked-down devices.
    • Remote troubleshooting capabilities for IT admins to resolve issues on unattended digital kiosks without spending time and effort over frequent site visits.

    2. Reduced Costs

    Kiosks require lesser maintenance since these devices are generally locked down in a single or few selective applications. Businesses need not purchase special kiosk devices which are costlier than commercial digital devices. Your existing company-owned smartphones and tablets can be converted to kiosks, saving massive investment costs for the company.

    Even when managing your employees’ devices with Scalefusion’s single app mode, multi-app mode or kiosk browser lockdown, you have the power to limit your employees’ device usage to selective apps, thus lowering excessive data costs.

    3. Greater Security

    Every business is sceptical about adopting newer trends with the fear of threatening their corporate data security. Businesses must ensure that their corporate data on the kiosk devices and remotely working employees’ devices is well protected.

    The Single-app kiosk mode prevents users from accessing unwanted websites, apps and manipulating the settings of your public-facing. Similarly, businesses that have a remote workforce can leverage Scalefusion’s multi-app kiosk mode to prevent accidental data leakage or malware infiltration by their employees while attempting to access untrusted resources.

    Besides restricting the app and website usage on your digital kiosks, Scalefusion also allows IT, admins of businesses, to configure a plethora of security policies. You can block device peripherals to add an extra layer to security while ensuring customers do not intentionally or unintentionally expose your device to security risks.

    4. Higher Automation

    When remote management of digital devices comes into the picture, continuous monitoring becomes crucial for businesses. Scalefusion MDM lets you automate your inventory monitoring and pre-schedule routine IT tasks on bulk devices effortlessly. Higher the automation, the better the operational efficiency and Scalefusion helps you achieve just that.

    5. Remote Management

    One of the greatest benefits of the Scalefusion Kiosk Software is the remote management capabilities. In times where enterprise mobility is surging and remote teams are increasing, the ability to manage and control your devices remotely from a single platform gives businesses an operational advantage. Scalefusion enables high-performance remote management, monitoring, security and troubleshooting of your unattended digital kiosks, as well as employees’ devices.

    Remote Management of Your Digital Kiosks With Scalefusion

    Simply deploying digital devices is not enough. Whether you install unattended digital kiosks on-site or issue digital devices to your remote employees, ensuring an all-around safety and efficient management of the devices is crucial. Improperly managed digital devices could be the prime reason for corporate data loss. Businesses have to deal with hefty penalties and strict legal actions if they encounter data breaches.

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    Scalefusion understands the modern-day business requirements and offers the following capabilities to secure and manage your digital devices, beyond simply locking them in Kiosk Mode:

    1. App Distribution

    Whether you choose to lock your public-facing devices into a single app mode, or your employees’ devices into a multi-app mode, Scalefusion enables you to push apps on bulk devices straight from the dashboard. You can push public apps from Google PlayStore, Apple App Store and Windows Business Store. Alternatively, you can push your own in-house apps by uploading APK files, IPA files, PList links, PKG files, UWP files or MSI files on the Scalefusion Enterprise Store with minimal end-user intervention.

    2. Content Management

    IT admins have a plethora of responsibilities related to the management of their digital devices including pushing the right content on them. Whether new videos or presentations need to be pushed on your remotely located public-facing kiosks, or whether business-critical files need to be shared with remotely working employees, IT admins are responsible to conduct the secure information transfer. With Scalefusion MDM, you can push content files of diverse formats to your remote devices securely and instantly. This saves IT admins the hassle of provisioning multitudes of devices individually and also reduces the necessity for repeated site visits.

    3. Location Tracking

    With almost every industrial sector going mobile, businesses seek ways to keep a track of their employees and their device inventory. Scalefusion MDM helps IT admins beyond just locking their devices in single or multiple apps. Businesses can obtain complete visibility of these device fleets, straight from the Scalefusion dashboard using location monitoring capabilities such as GPS-based location tracking and Geofencing.

    4. Remote Support

    IT admins are majorly responsible for identifying and resolving any system or network-related issues in the company. Whether an employee encounters device issues, or unattended digital kiosks run into an error, IT admins need to rush to the site and fix the issues to prevent extended system downtime. Most businesses have remote teams that are constantly on the go. Even the digital kiosks are installed at diverse locations making troubleshooting a tedious task.

    Scalefusion MDM, allows IT admins to reach out to the remote employees or troubleshoot their public-facing kiosks remotely without having to pay physical site visits. IT admins can leverage the Remote Cast & Control capabilities to mirror device screens and control them virtually straight from the Scalefusion dashboard and resolve device issues in minimal time.

    5. Security Reinforcement

    It is true that businesses need to build stringent security policies if they wish to deploy digital devices on an organizational level. Remotely working employees are at constant risk of encountering cyber threats, device misuse or data loss. Similarly, unattended kiosks are at a high risk of being manipulated by the public which may incur serious losses for the businesses.

    To ensure a secure deployment of digital devices for various business use-cases, Scalefusion offers extensive security features that can be configured from a single unified console. IT admins can configure network security policies such as firewalls and VPNs, secure access to their digital devices with strong Passcode Policies, protect their data with data encryption policies and much more.

    6. Continuous Monitoring 

    The best way for businesses to keep track of their remote devices is to perform continuous monitoring. You can monitor your inventory based on the device’s health and usage on an organizational level with Scalefusion. IT admins can obtain extensive device-level reports based on vitals such as battery consumption, data usage, device inactivity and security incidents to monitor devices at a granular level. Alternatively, the Scalefusion dashboard also presents IT admins with DeepDive analytics, a comprehensive overview of the devices including usage details and compliance violation data.

    7. Automation of IT Tasks

    Remote management of digital devices is a complicated task that can be simplified with automation. Businesses can automate routine IT tasks such as installing or uninstalling apps, routine OS and app updates, device rebooting and much more by pre-scheduling these activities on their kiosk locked-down devices with Scalefusion Workflows.

    Scalefusion MDM: A Single Platform for Your Diverse Kiosks

    • Android Kiosk Mode

    Locking down Android devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, POS systems, rugged devices, custom devices, etc. in a single-app or multi-app kiosk mode to cater to various industry use-cases is called the Android Kiosk Mode.

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    • iOS Kiosk Mode

    The iOS Kiosk Mode can be leveraged to restrict employees’ iPhones into a single or multiple select apps or to configure selective apps on iPads for business or educational usage.

    Know more: How to Lock iPhone or iPad into Kiosk Mode?

    • Windows Kiosk Mode

    Windows devices are largely deployed in office and school setups. You can instill better focus in your students and greater productivity in your employees by locking your Windows laptops, desktops and tablets into multiple selective apps with the Windows Kiosk Mode.

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    Industries That Can Benefit From Scalefusion Kiosk Mode

    As the walls of traditional office spaces wear off and employees access corporate resources from remote locations, almost all businesses worldwide are appealed to the idea of single-app or multi-app kiosk lockdown of their devices. It helps businesses gain control of their devices’ usage and also adds an extra layer of security.

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    Following are the top industries that can benefit the most from Scalefusion’s Kiosk Lockdown:

    1. Logistics & Transport

    Since Logistics and Transportation companies operate with a large driver fleet that is constantly on the go, protecting and monitoring their devices is important. With Scalefusion’s multi-app kiosk mode, you can limit their device usage to specific apps to prevent distractions during driving. Alternatively, you can lock your drivers’ devices into a single location tracking app to provide them with instant GPS monitors.

    2. Healthcare

    Hospitals can benefit immensely from the Scalefusion Kiosk Lockdown. The healthcare sector can create tech-forward hospitals and healthcare centers with self-service kiosks. Patients can book online appointments, gather health reports, make online payments and much more with the use of digital kiosks. This reduces the burden on the hospital staff and reduces wait time for patients. Hospitals can also reduce their medical equipment costs by converting their digital tablets into patient monitoring devices.

    3. Hospitality

    Well-managed digital kiosks have a plethora of applications in the hospitality sector. Be it leveraging the single-app kiosk mode to install kiosks for instant hotel room bookings, restaurant reservations, printing movie tickets, and booking flight tickets, users can perform these tasks independently. The hospitality sector can save massive amounts of manual workload by implementing MDM-managed kiosks.

    4. Retail

    Retail stores, malls and consumer stores can manage their locked down POS and mPOS systems, smartphones and tablets with Scalefusion MDM. Businesses can push a variety of security policies, push apps and content and remotely manage these systems on an organizational level.

    5. BFSI

    Banks, Finance and Insurance Institutes can deploy and effectively manage several self-service and interactive kiosks for their customers. Manage diversely located kiosks for cashing cheques, depositing money, creating new accounts, filling out loan applications and much more.

    6. Education

    Lock your students’ learning tablets and laptops into the multi-app mode to prevent your students from using inappropriate or entertainment websites and apps. Restrict the students’ devices to the single-app kiosk mode during examinations to prevent malpractices.

    Closing lines

    We live in the mobile-first world where smart devices have become affordable. Businesses can expand the capabilities of their digital devices with Scalefusion Kiosk Lockdown. Deploying devices in bulk, provisioning, managing and constantly monitoring multitudes of Kiosk devices remotely is as easy as it gets with Scalefusion.

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