Migrating From Miradore to Scalefusion? Here’s What You Need To Know

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    The choice to migrate from your existing MDM solution to another one is a big one and businesses must make informed decisions based on what’s best for them. This is why, this article intends to provide information on MDM migration, to anyone interested in understanding how they can migrate from Miradore to Scalefusion MDM.

    Migrate From Miradore to Scalefusion

    Miradore is a cloud-based MDM solution that has been helping small and medium-sized businesses secure and manage their devices since 2006. Recently, Miradore announced that it is all set to join forces with GoTo, an all-in-one business communications and IT service and management platform.

    GoTo’s intent to acquire Miradore MDM by the end of 2022 has led to fragmented opinions and uncertainties in Miradore’s customer base. Several businesses are seeking help to understand the process of MDM migration from Miradore to Scalefusion. It is true that MDM migration is an extensive process, but it doesn’t have to be a complicated one.

    What Are the Advantages of Migrating From Miradore to Scalefusion MDM?

    • 3 well-tiered pricing plans that businesses can opt for depending on their individual needs.
    • Accessibility to enterprise-grade features as a part of the 14-day trial period.
    • Comprehensive product training and custom consultations from our product experts.
    • World-class customer support with an average first response time of 90 seconds and a first contact resolution rate of 80% over chat.
    • Clear pricing structure with no hidden setup or support costs. 
    • Reusable licenses that can be deleted from existing devices and reassigned to new devices.
    • Complimentary training and extensive marketing assistance for partners.
    • Scalefusion is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, SOC-2 Type-2, GDPR and HIPAA compliant.
    • Discounts for NGOs and educational institutions. Please connect with our sales team to know

    How Does Scalefusion Compare to Miradore?

    Miradore vs Scalefusion

    Cloud-Based MDMYesYes
    Multi-OS SupportYesYes
    Support for Rugged DevicesYesYes
    Customer Support Availability14 x 518 x 6
    IntegrationsCopperhead, TeamViewer, MS Active DirectoryFreshdesk, Freshservice, Jira, NuovoTeam, Okta, GSuite, Azure AD, O365 AD, Intel vPro AMT, Windows Hello
    Languages SupportedEnglish & JapaneseEnglish & Spanish
    Remote Cast with VoIP CallingNoYes
    Built-in BrowserNoYes
    Speed-Based Access PolicyNoYes
    GSuite-Based EnrollmentNoYes
    Rom-Based EnrollmentNoYes
    On-Prem ConnectorYesYes
    Boot Logo Customization for AndroidNoYes
    Windows Powershell ScriptsYesYes
    Feature Comparison : Scalefusion VS Miradore

    Steps to Migrate From Miradore to Scalefusion MDM

    1. Pre-migration

    We understand that the choice to switch from your existing mobile device management solution to another can be confusing, this is why your migration strategy must involve a pre-migration checklist of the following things:

    • List the number of devices and users
    • Bifurcate your devices based on their type and OS
    • List out the features you are looking forward to using with the new MDM
    • Validate and update your current security policies
    • Identify the proper time and create a migration schedule
    • Prepare your end-users for the migration and new enrollment process
    • Create a backup of your existing data on the cloud
    • Wipe and unenroll the devices from Miradore MDM

    2. Migration

    Once you have unenrolled your devices from the Miradore MDM, you can begin migrating your devices to Scalefusion MDM with any enrollment method of your choice depending upon the number of devices, as well as their OS types. Scalefusion offers a variety of over-the-air device enrollment methods which allow you to bulk-enroll your devices. You can get in touch with our in-house sales and support teams to make sure you pick the ideal migration process and leverage the best pricing plans.

    • Sign-up with Scalefusion and configure your account.
    • Create and assign roles.
    • Create a set of policies that you want to push on your devices.
    • Identify your preferred mode of device enrollment.
    • Create a device enrollment configuration.
    • Integrate directory services to import users in bulk.
    • Add or import users to the Scalefusion dashboard.
    • Invite users to enroll their devices with Scalefusion by following a simple set of onscreen instructions.

    3. Post-migration

    After successfully unenrolling your devices from the Miradore MDM and enrolling them on the Scalefusion dashboard, it is advisable for you to check your device inventory and ensure that all devices are successfully enrolled and Scalefusion-managed. IT admins should also reaffirm that all the services from Miradore MDM are unsubscribed and all devices run on fresh policies. Lastly, conducting surveys is a great way to gather feedback from your IT team members, as well as to detect any issues that they might have while getting accustomed to the Scalefusion console. The Scalefusion team is just a few clicks away to help you with any assistance that you need.

    Get Started With Scalefusion MDM for Effortless Device Management

    Scalefusion MDM is known and appreciated for its simple interface and comprehensive set of features.  We would encourage you to schedule a live demo with your product experts to understand the versatile offerings that we have. Alternatively, you could use a 14-day free trial to get accustomed to our dashboard. We enable access to all the features during the free trial period, after which you are free to choose the plan that suits your business best.
    To know more about Scalefusion, please visit our website at

    Shambhavi Awate
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