How to Lockdown iPad for Business Use or iPad for Work

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    iPads have revolutionized not only the consumer’s lives in the public environment but businesses as well. The iPad is a powerful Apple tablet and a remarkable technological innovation. Since its entry, it has created a benchmark in the tablet world and how it can be useful to consumers as well as businesses.

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    The iPad model lineup, featuring the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini, offers a plethora of robust functionalities that often go underutilized by both consumers and enterprises. Leveraging the power of these devices can be transformative for productivity, especially when combined with appropriate applications and an enterprise-grade mobile device management (MDM) solution.

    IT administrators can utilize MDM platforms to optimize iPads for business applications, allowing centralized control and management of corporate iPads in kiosk mode.

    By implementing a lockdown strategy through MDM, you can securely harness your iPad’s capabilities to its fullest extent for streamlined business operations.

    iPad for work
    How to Set up iPad for Business Use

    Why Use an iPad for Work?

    iPads and other tablets are convenient, powerful tools that offer businesses and professionals a way to expedite work, streamline processes and more. Corporate-owned iPads can be easily configured by IT administrators, even in bulk, and can enforce restrictions on them and distribute the right apps required for enterprise work.

    Many organizations in the retail business and education sectors turn the iPad into a kiosk by using Single App Mode to restrict the corporate iPad to one app and disable various other capabilities with iPad Kiosk Software.

    Learn More: A step-by-step guide to Locking your iPad to One App

    In this way, only authorized people can access the designated apps. But, generally, in companies where mobile devices are provided to employees for work purposes, they require more than one app, and they need to be locked as well.

    MDM can help companies mitigate security risks by applying device profiles to enrolled Apple devices and turning iPads from consumer-friendly devices to business-savvy tools.

    Also, when companies give people who are working on an iPad the control to work the way they want, with the right tools they find comfortable, they are motivated to work at their best. Hence, employees and employers prefer iPads as they empower them to be more productive and collaborative.

    In addition, today’s modern business world is fast embracing mobility, and they are witnessing increased business productivity. Again, it is simple and cost-effective for IT to deploy the best iPad kiosk app in an organizational setup.

    However, before deploying kiosk mode on iPads, organizations must have a business aim for deploying these Apple devices, and this aim will thereafter drive the device allocation and its management strategy.

    Mobile Device Management strategy includes –

    • Employee-centric experience
    • Flexible pricing strategy
    • Latest technological provisioning
    • Employee/team-specific setup
    • Real-time support

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    What Types of Businesses Can Benefit from iPads?

    iPads can be a game-changer in various industries and can offer significant benefits across different types of businesses. Here are some of them:


    1. Point of Sale Systems: iPads can replace traditional cash registers, making transactions smoother.
    2. Inventory Management: Apps can help manage stock and supply chain.
    3. Customer Engagement: Interactive catalogs and customer service tools can improve the customer experience.


    1. Patient Records: Easy access to medical records, improving efficiency and patient care.
    2. Telehealth Services: Facilitating remote consultations.
    3. Educational Tools: For patient awareness and training for medical staff.


    1. Interactive Learning: Educational apps make learning more engaging.
    2. Administrative Tools: Streamlines work tasks like attendance, grading, and communication.
    3. Research: Facilitates better access to online journals, research papers, and studies.


    1. Menu and Ordering: Replaces paper menus and allows for easier ordering.
    2. Check-in/Check-out: Streamlines the process for guests.
    3. Feedback: Instant customer feedback collection for service improvement.

    How to Setup iPad for Business Use?

    Scalefusion for iOS is a cloud-based MDM solution that enables various industries, and small businesses to large enterprises, to effectively manage corporate-owned mobile devices for different use cases.

    Here Are a Few of the Many Features That Scalefusion Offers –

    1. The Powerful Set of Security and Management Features

    • Single App Mode/Kiosk Mode
    • Autonomous Single App Mode
    • Multi-App Kiosk Mode
    • iOS Kiosk Browser
    • Blacklist/Whitelist Specific Apps & Content

    Device Restrictions by disabling Apple device features like volume buttons, auto-lock, and system apps such as iCloud, Siri, Camera, etc.

    Learn More: Difference Between Single App Mode and Autonomous Single App Mode

    2. Scalefusion iOS MDM for supervised devices allows you to have enhanced control over the device. It provides additional configurations and restriction options for Apple iOS devices.

    • Customize the home screen by arranging and hiding apps
    • Change the wallpaper of the home screen & lock screen
    • Recover lost devices using Lost Mode without an Apple ID
    • Disable hardware keys such as Volume Buttons and system apps like Camera, Siri, etc.

    3. Application Distribution & Management

    • Seamlessly search and distribute apps from the Apple App Store to iPads and iPhones
    • Equip people with apps they need
    • Enable your employees with apps that keep them productive. Our integration with the Apple App Store enables you to find and silently distribute public apps on Apple iPads and iPhones.

    4. Fast iOS Device Enrollment to Lockdown iPad for Business Use

    • Supports Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)
    • It provides a fast & seamless way for large-scale deployments of corporate-owned iOS devices that are purchased directly from Apple or through participating Apple Authorized Resellers.

    Learn More: Apple DEP Guide

    5. Content Distribution & Management

    • Seamlessly distribute content to iPads and iPhones with Scalefusion Content Management for Apple iOS from the dashboard.
    Lock down iPad for Business
    Mobile Content Management (MCM)

    Key Takeaway

    Organizations can leverage kiosk mode for iPads to make device management seamless. If you don’t have a Scalefusion account yetsign up for your free account today and start using your Apple iPad for strict business purposes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why lockdown iPads for business?
    • Boost focus & productivity by limiting distractions.
    • Enhance security by restricting unauthorized access and apps.
    • Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.
    • Simplify device management and deployment.

    2. How can I lockdown an iPad?

    • Guided Access: Single-app mode limits users to one specific app.
    • MDM solutions: Scalefusion offers comprehensive control over apps, websites, and device settings.
    • Kiosk apps: Third-party apps provide custom lockdown features for specific use cases.

    3. What can I control on a locked iPad?

    • Allowed apps: Whitelist specific apps users can access.
    • Websites: Block unapproved websites and internet access.
    • Hardware buttons: Disable volume, camera, or Home button.
    • System features: Restrict AirDrop, Bluetooth, or iCloud.

    4. Can I customize the locked iPad interface?

    Yes, some methods allow you to:

    • Set wallpapers and logos for branding.
    • Hide specific icons or system features.
    • Display custom instructions or information.

    5. How do users exit lockdown mode?

    • Passcode or fingerprint: Secure access and prevent unauthorized changes.
    • Pre-authorized device pairing: Only specific devices can unlock the iPad.
    • Timeouts: Auto-lock after inactivity for added security.
    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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