Author: <span>Shambhavi Awate</span>

Are you aware of the importance of corporate email security? Business emails contain sensitive data, making them a large attack surface. Learn why it is Critical. Have you ever wondered how powerful email is? The number of global email users is expected to reach 4.6 billion by 2025. While communication is taking various shapes and […]

We live in a world where businesses rely majorly on ‘big data’ to streamline their operations, analyze market trends and increase revenue and profits. A company’s data is its most valuable asset and that is why businesses strive hard to secure their data against breaches. But, because corporate data can make or break a business, […]

Today’s consumers are highly inclined towards convenience. The retail industry has evolved over time and now offers omnichannel retailing for customers. E-commerce and online shopping are accelerating rapidly as it helps consumers with a greater variety and less hassle. But, in this world of doorstep deliveries and instant online transactions, why do consumers still support […]

Have you ever experienced shopping in a store that is crowded with buyers, that has endless rows of hangers and racks stuffed with products and not enough staff to attend to your needs? In such a situation, even though the store has the products that you desire, you are not thrilled to make the purchase. […]

Whether we consider enterprise mobility or remote working, enabling employees to work from beyond office perimeters has its set of perks and challenges. One of the biggest challenges businesses worry about is corporate data breaches. Businesses create high-security office spaces with almost impenetrable security infrastructure. But, with remote working, businesses have to trust their employees […]

The telecom industry is a bustling sector that has seen constant evolutions and dynamic demands. The industry that started with telegraphs in the 1800s, is today juggling with multitudes of the latest technology including 5G, IoT and the cloud. The constantly evolving Telecom sector made swift progress during the pandemic as almost all businesses worldwide […]

The corporate sector has been experiencing a dreadful wave of data breaches and cyber threats are on the rise. In a world of ‘Big Data’, enterprises fear nothing more than losing their sensitive business information. However, data breaches are misconstrued as an act of only external hackers, whereas in reality, a significant number of data […]

Employees are an organization’s biggest asset and the Human Resources department ensures that your employees get a healthy workplace to thrive. This is why the HR department is a critical element in the company’s success. If you have observed your HR employees, they are engaged with countless administrative processes. Coordinating with employees belonging to different […]

More than 20 years and 7 generations later, Apple has decided to discontinue the iPod Touch. On May 10th, 2022 Apple announced the quiet discontinuation of the $199 iPod Touch. This marks the end of the iconic iPod lineup. The iPod Touch, which some may also call the iPhone without the phone has found immense […]

With newer trends emerging every day, businesses are rapidly surrendering traditional approaches to customer engagement. Billboards and posters are things of the past. We now live in the age of digital signages. If this topic piqued your interest, you probably already have or are thinking of implementing digital signages for your business. Digital signages present […]