Author: <span>Shambhavi Awate</span>

We are elated to announce that Scalefusion now offers its users the On-Prem Connector to access an organization’s on-premise resources such as Microsoft Active Directory. IT admins can create secure and encrypted connections between the Scalefusion dashboard and an organization’s on-prem services which are not accessible over the public internet, without the threat of data […]

Bring-your-own-device or BYOD is a concept that has exploded in recent years and resulted in an upsurge of BYOD adoption in the corporate world. Traditionally enterprises believed in providing work-specific devices to their employees, intended strictly for corporate use, to avert the leakage of sensitive business information, intentionally or unknowingly. However, with the advancement in […]

The world has changed in ways unimaginable since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The corporate world has implemented mind-boggling digital demands in the past year and a half to sustain in these unprecedented times. While nearly all industries transitioned towards establishing operations and implemented solutions to support a remote working model, businesses are now […]

Improper communication in a corporate environment can be very costly to businesses. Critical business information and the way that it is exchanged determines the basis of all the operational and decision-making processes. Earlier, sharing information instantly and securely was a complex process, but thanks to the ever-accelerating innovations, technology has made it possible for the […]

We are living in a world of technological diversity. Mobile and smart devices are gaining more momentum as people explore their usage in various sectors, whether personal or corporate. Today, a single household consists of multiple devices such as televisions, smartphones, laptops, tablets, manufactured by different vendors with diverse operating systems such as Android, iOS, […]

While several enterprises have adopted the bring your own device (BYOD) work trend that allows their employees the convenience of using their personal devices to access corporate data and software to work from anywhere, it also presents an added responsibility and workload for the enterprise’s IT teams. However, despite this drawback enterprises are increasingly indulging […]

The Covid-19 pandemic drove almost all businesses to remote working and although the corporate world has come up with strategies to counter the challenges brought about by the pandemic, its impact is still visible on the way businesses are operating even today. But, there are some businesses to whom the remote working approach is not […]

As the global educational sector embraces the ever-shifting technological trends, new methods and gadgets are being implemented towards the digitization of the education system. Apple, known for its cutting-edge technology, has contributed to several sectors, including the recent ingress into the field of education. Apple Technology has revolutionized the education industry as several schools and […]

Learn how to secure your mac devices using Apple’s built-in safety features and acquire easy device management with Scalefusion MDM. Several businesses today prefer adopting the Apple technology for their enterprises compared to the traditional Windows environment. The global conflict between conventional PCs and Mac computers has led organizations to wonder which alternative is best […]

We are happy to announce the release of Remote Control for macOS. With this addition, we have bolstered our remote troubleshooting capabilities. Along with Remote Cast and Control for Android and Windows, Remote Cast for iOS, Scalefusion now also supports Remote Control for macOS. Virtually troubleshoot macOS device issues with ease Several organizations around the […]