Author: <span>Shambhavi Awate</span>

In recent times, the business landscape has seen a tremendous inclination towards innovative start-ups with digitized business models. Small businesses and start-ups are leveraging the benefits of enterprise mobility as it enables digitization of processes and reduces manual work, which contributes to reduced costs and higher efficiency. According to a report published in Forbes magazine, […]

Businesses desire to have reliable system administrators who are majorly responsible for designing a smoothly functioning IT infrastructure. An organization’s economic efficiency and scalability rely much on the robustness of the IT infrastructure. IT admins are in charge of crafting the business’s tech stack which makes it very critical for them to choose the right […]

“Information Technology is the core of how you do your business and how your business model evolves itself.” – Satya Nadella Keeping knowledge of the right tools prevents you from hours of extra work and redundancy. In this modern age of Information Technology, every business has its foundation laid in designing a powerful technological stack […]

Digital signage is exploding in every sector, from hospitality to healthcare, retail to schools and universities as industries realize its enormous benefits over traditional printed signage.  So what really is digital signage? You must have observed screens in restaurants, malls, airports, amongst many other places displaying advertisements on a loop, they are nothing but digital […]