Author: <span>Shambhavi Awate</span>

Enterprise mobility has changed the way businesses worked. Today employees work remotely and rely more on wireless devices to stay connected. Businesses are deploying newer strategies to accommodate this increasing use of mobile devices. Many businesses are providing company-owned devices to their employees. Others are allowing the use of personal devices for work. Android has […]

Introduction The emerging business trends constantly modify and shape consumer behavior. Modern-day consumers are tech-savvy and require rapid services. To keep up with customer expectations and make the consumer experience flawless, the business world saw the dawn of digital kiosks. Whether you deploy them as information kiosks, digital signages or self-service booths, kiosks play a […]

In a world where innovation has taken the center stage, both consumers and providers rely heavily on technology. As consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable using modern technology, they expect fast and efficient services. In view of this, businesses are turning towards digital kiosks to automate their processes and enhance their in-house customer experience. Scalefusion MDM […]

Are you seeking ways for your business to enhance customer experience and improve the speed of your services? It is true that customer satisfaction lies at the foundation of a successful and long-lasting business. With ever-growing competition, there are multiple businesses that offer similar services. Customers prefer quick and hassle-free service along with quality. To […]

The term ‘kiosk’ is not new to the world. However, the meaning of the term kiosk has changed drastically in today’s digitally forward world. What once meant a small stand-alone booth, now holds the meaning of a special digital device that is implemented for business-specific use cases. Every major industry in the world has kiosk […]

The corporate world is a volatile place that has seen several dynamic trends come and go. However, there are some trends that create a long-lasting impact, enough to shake things up and change the way legacy methods work. BYOD management is one such millennial trend that was born in the early 2000s and is yet […]

Just until a couple of years ago, remote working was considered taboo by several businesses worldwide. Organizations believed that remotely working employees would be highly distracted without a traditional office environment. Besides, setting up remote connections, providing remote access and managing employees remotely were considered next to impossible. But as we know, the Covid-19 pandemic […]

We live in a world that is heavily driven by digital devices. Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. have become a huge part of our lives. According to a recent report, approximately 6.648 billion people, i.e. more than 83% of the world’s population own a smartphone. Another report indicates that 75% of people use […]

Introduction Being heavily dependent on technology and digital devices, most businesses today have an IT team with IT administrators who look after the management of their diverse digital devices and set ground rules for the usage of these devices in sync with the organization’s requirements. Being an IT administrator is not an easy chore considering […]

Introduction The mining industry runs on the extraction of minerals and ores from the Earth and converting them into useful forms that lead to economic benefits. Some of the common ores recovered from the process of mining include oil, metals, limestone, potash, clay, etc. Considering the rugged nature of this industry, mining sites are generally […]