iPad Management Software for Schools & Colleges

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    iPad management software for schools

    Technology has already made inroads in the classrooms. The traditional methods of teaching are being replaced at a rapid pace with the advancing internet and mobile technologies. In the initial stages with the rise of computer technology, schools started using desktops, which were then replaced by laptops, and now it’s the generation of the iPhone and iPad for schools.

    Many schools, universities, and other educational institutes are introducing iPads in the classroom and bringing change in their educational methodology by providing the students with access to the institute’s learning and teaching materials. The use of iPads in the classroom backs the e-learning methodology and makes learning more engaging and fun. In addition, other advantages are the students have to carry smaller school bags, can catch up with the missed class topics, paves the way for easy collaboration with peers and teachers, and promote less usage of paper.

    As technology becomes more and more available and the demand for e-learning gets bigger, setting up the best practices for usage and due planning for deployment,  ahead of investing in iPad technology is imperative. As a part of this process, the first iPads for schools need to be managed well to encourage its use for learning. It is also critical to ensure that these iPads are strictly used for the same and in the interest of the students. For any school with 500-600 students or even more, it is a huge task to ensure the security of the devices and manage them all remotely. But, thanks to the ever-evolving technology which also innovates ways to manage iPads in the school environment. 

    To get the best teaching and learning benefits out of technology and take advantage of all the time-saving, productivity, and security features in the latest iOS, you need a way of managing, monitoring them, and installing all the right apps and content that staff need and exactly when they need them. iPad management software for schools is the way forward for iOS management software for schools. It is the set of tools dealing with deploying, securing, monitoring, integrating, and managing mobile devices in your school.

    What is iPad Classroom Management Software?

    iPad classroom management software is a cloud-based management software that enables the schools to supervise, enroll, configure, manage and secure iPads used in schools. An iPad classroom management software enables the school IT admins to establish ownership on school iPads, equip it with educational apps, secure it against misuse and control the usage of the iPads used in a classroom environment.

    How iPad Management Software for schools can be helpful?

    To begin with, Scalefusion iPad management for schools enables bulk enrollment and configuration of school-owned devices by seamlessly integrating with Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Programme) within the Apple School Manager. Administrators no longer have to physically access each device or spent hours registering them. Devices can be supervised, enrolled, and configured over the air. The devices enrolled with DEP are under supervised mode. It offers the organization an enhanced level of security and a deeper layer of device management.

    Scalefusion iPad management for schools offers an easy and efficient way to manage all your iOS devices from the central dashboard. Admins can track individual student/teacher/staff devices, conduct timely supervision & maintenance and take immediate action if needed. 

    Key iPad Mobile Device Management (MDM) features include:

    Single/Multi- App Mode – The devices are designated to be used for education and in order to ensure that the devices are not misused or a cause of distraction among students, locking the iPad to single or multiple apps allowed by the school is a necessary attribute for the iPad management software offered by Scalefusion. 

    Blocking irrelevant apps – Scalefusion iPad classroom management software has extensive app management capabilities. The school IT can able to install educational apps from the App Store as well as private apps designed specifically for a school and block all the unwanted/non-educational apps such as social media, entertainment, etc.

    Whitelisting required websites – To ensure safe and secure iPad browsing as well as to curb the browsing of inappropriate websites on school devices, website whitelisting is critical. Scalefusion iPad classroom management software enables the school IT to allow only a few websites and block the rest. 

    Content Management – On devices used in education, the ability to equip, transfer and update content is extremely critical. Scalefusion MDM for iOS extends comprehensive content management that helps the teachers to upload all the educational resources and content on the central console and then push it to the student devices. Further, the school IT admin can edit or delete the content from any of the devices remotely, whenever required. It also helps in maintaining the most updated versions of each content on the student devices.

    Location tracking – Scalefusion iPad classroom management software for schools can track the whereabouts of each device which the school has provided to the students and teachers and ensure its physical safety i.e. it is safe and not stolen or lost.

    Device Security – Institute’s IT admins should be able to control device peripherals using the iPad management software. Scalefusion iPad MDM offers to disable hardware features like volume control, USB access, camera, etc, leveraging the security features provided by the Apple framework thus avoiding any fiddling of the device by the student or the staff. Further, admins can set controls on the devices based on the requirement – whether the device is used by the student or teacher. Selective wipe to remove corporate data from lost or non-compliant devices using Scale Fusion iPad management software further ensures device security.

    Schools and educational institutes are evolving in tune with emerging technologies and are integrating mobility with education. It is equally important to understand how to leverage technology appropriately and responsibly.

    Scalefusion iPad management software for schools can help you better manage and control all the mobile devices remotely efficiently and effectively.

    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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