Apple School Manager: An Extensive Guide

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    Scalefusion seamlessly integrates with Apple School Manager (ASM). It helps in easily managing devices at the educational front so that institutes can digitize the learning process. Maximize the benefits of using Apple devices in the classroom with Scalefusion-ASM support.

    What is Apple School Manager?

    Apple School Manager is an easy-to-use web-based portal that can offer IT administrators a quick, streamlined process for deploying Apple devices into a classroom setup. As the name suggests, it is an essential element of modern device deployment that helps educational institutions acutely monitor devices by making accounts for students and staff. Scalefusion seamlessly integrates with ASM. It helps in easily managing devices at the educational front so that institutes can digitize the learning process. Maximize the benefits of using Apple devices in the classroom with Scalefusion-ASM support.

    To enroll devices into Apple School Manager, devices should be:

    • Purchased directly from the Apple store 
    • Or from a participating Apple Authorised Reseller 
    • Or a network provider

    Apple devices can be automatically enrolled in the mobile device management solution without the need to physically touch the devices or prepare them after the unboxing.

    By using an Apple School Manager MDM, IT admins can do the following:

    • Simplify the setup process for all the users
    • Configure device settings
    • Distribute apps and books purchased on ASM

    Apart from seamlessly integrating with the existing device environment, it can also help IT admins quickly create accounts with school rosters and classes.

    Here are the 2 popular integrations that can be set up:

    • The IT team can also directly integrate the setup with Student Information Systems (SISs) or indirectly using SFTP.
    • It also allows integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) using System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) or federated authentication so that students and teachers can sign in to Apple services using their Azure AD credentials.

    Apple strictly maintains all its certifications in compliance with the ISO/IEC 27001 and 27018 standards so that its customers can address their contractual and regulatory obligations well. With these certifications, Apple users can enjoy an independent attestation about various Privacy practices and Apple’s Information Security, all of which are applicable for in-scope systems. 

    What Does Apple School Manager Do?

    It helps institutions deliver a unique classroom experience to both students and teachers. ASM supports the following features:

    • Apple Device Enrollment Program
    • Federated Authentication
    • Apple Volume Purchase Program
    • Role-based authentication
    • Data source integrations (SCIM, SIS, SFTP)
    • Classroom tools (Shared iPads, Classroom/Schoolwork apps)
    • Administrative tools (Accounts, Roles, Locations, Classes)

    Device Eligibility

    Apple has a set of eligible devices that IT admins can assign to their Apple mobile device management (MDM) solution using the ASM. After finishing the enrollment, admins can also manage and assign them using an Apple MDM system.

    Apple devices are only eligible if they run an operating system that meets these requirements:

    • iOS 7 or later
    • iPadOS 13.1 or later
    • OS X 10.9 or later
    • tvOS 10.2 or later
    Apple School Manager

    Once the operating system versions are verified, ensure the following conditions are met for making devices available in Apple School Manager:

    • The device order date was before 1 March 2011, and it was purchased from either a participating Apple Authorised Reseller or network provider or directly from the Apple store.
    • A valid Apple customer number that was enrolled and verified when the device was purchased directly from Apple.
    • If the user purchased the device directly from a participating Apple Authorised Reseller or network provider, then the device would be linked to the Reseller ID. The Reseller ID must be added to the IT team’s list of approved suppliers. Apple determines the actual date of eligibility by Apple Authorised Resellers’ or network providers’ sales history. 

    Device requirements for Apple Configurator 2 

    Doesn’t matter where you purchased the device from, Apple Configurator 2 allows you to add iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV to ASM through a manual procedure. The devices must run the following operating system:

    • iOS 11 or later
    • iPadOS 13.1 or later
    • tvOS 11 or later

    Enroll in Apple School Manager

    IT admins can enroll in ASM by creating an initial account and entering some information about the institute. Here are some steps to follow:

    • Visit the website by going to and click on “Enrol now”.
    • Then, enter the first and last names of the individual enrolling on behalf of the institute.
    • Enter and review the verification contact information.
    • Then, click Continue to review the information before proceeding to Submit.
    • Once done, you will receive a message from ASM with the subject line “Your enrolment is in review”.

    Once you add the details for a verification contact, Apple can validate your device enrollment. To confirm your information, Apple will contact your verification contact via mail. Once that is confirmed, Apple will send a mail to the administrator account to affirm the enrollment process. After this, your institution account is ready with your Managed Apple IDs.

    Components of Apple School  Manager

    ASM offers the following set of features for ease of use:

    1. Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

    Apple DEP helps IT admins to configure and deploy all the Apple devices integrated into Apple School Manager. DEP reduces steps involved in the enrollment process and also supervises iOS devices over the air. IT admins can enable access to advanced policies and restrictions which are otherwise unavailable. DEP is used in hand with mobile device management solutions for enrolling Apple devices over the air in bulk.

    2. Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

    As the name suggests, Apple VPP allows you to purchase, manage and distribute content in bulk, and it is seamlessly integrated into ASM. VPP supports multiple payment options, even redeemable codes. IT admins can allocate licenses internationally and users can acquire all the custom apps that Apple approves through the VPP app store. 

    The apps and books tab in ASM allows you to:

    • View all apps and books purchased so far
    • Buy new app licenses 
    • Transfer licenses to different schools 

    3. Managed Apple IDs

    Managed Apple IDs are special accounts created only for institutes so that users can access the stored data and secure apps in the school’s iCloud Drive. These IDs enable students to collaborate with Apple’s services as well as protect user information. You can generate managed Apple IDs by connecting ASM with an SFTP, SIS, or Azure AD domain. 

    Here are its benefits:

    • Provides access to 200GB of iCloud storage
    • Easy role-based administration
    • Access to password resets
    • Setting limitations on communications and app purchases

    4. Apple Classroom and Schoolwork Apps

    With Apple Classroom and Schoolwork apps, institutes can monitor and manage student devices, as well as integrate user data into these apps. You can download them on the app store for macOS devices and iPad. They allow teachers to manually create classes and add students to them. Both offer great utility and simple classroom management.

    Additionally, Schoolwork offers the following advantages:

    • Quickly assign and manage assignments
    • Closely monitor student progress
    • Collaborate with students individually. 

    5. Shared iPads

    Shared iPads can be used by several students. Students can log in to their accounts on iPads using their Managed Apple IDs. You can launch books and apps on any iPad with Classroom.

     The benefits of Shared iPads include:

    • Seamlessly sharing work between users
    • Viewing a summary of each student’s activities
    • Casting the screen to Apple TV, etc.

    6. Content Management

    ASM allows you to search and manage apps and books. The Volume Purchase Program (VPP) allows admins to easily purchase licenses for iOS and macOS apps in bulk. The licenses can be allocated to multiple users or specific devices depending on the need. It also allows the IT team to reassign or revoke apps to other users or devices so that the school retains complete ownership and power over all purchased apps.

    Using Apple’s VPP with an effective MDM solution like Scalefusion can make content management easy and straightforward.

    Benefits of Using Apple School Manager 

    It offers IT admins time-saving capabilities by managing large numbers of iPads and Macbooks used by students and staff alike. 

    Here are its major benefits:

    1. Comprehensive User Management

    It can seamlessly manage different users (including IT admins, teachers, and students) who are part of the eLearning experience. IT admin can assign different roles and give each one its own set of privileges. Unique Managed Apple IDs can be easily created on ASM. Any Student Information System (SIS) can also be directly integrated with ASM.

    2. Implementing Configurations and Device Restrictions 

    For the best learning experience, institutes can connect ASM to their Mobile Device Management solution. ASM and an MDM system offer the following solutions:

    • Centrally update all device settings 
    • Closely monitor device use for safety and security
    • Whitelist or blacklist websites and apps for students and teachers
    • Content filtering for students to prevent misuse of the device 

    3. Purchase Apps and Books in Bulk

    ASM (and VPP) allows IT administrators to effectively manage different apps and book licenses. 

    Some of its important features are:

    • If an institution purchases more than 20 copies of an app or book, they can enjoy special prices.
    • After purchase, all licenses become the property of the institution. They are transferred to other devices and users without linking to any student’s private Apple ID.
    • ASM when combined with an MDM solution allows IT admins to remotely distribute and manage apps and books for each student and device. 

    4. Automatically Deploy iPads Purchased From Resellers

    Thanks to the Device Enrollment Program (DEP), Apple devices purchased from authorized resellers can be automatically registered with any selected MDM system before unboxing.

    After enrolling devices into the MDM, the selected settings, configuration profiles apps, and books can be pushed to each device. ASM eliminates the cumbersome process of manually connecting each device to Apple Configurator 2 before extending it to users.

    Infographic Case Study: How Scalefusion Can Impact The Education Industry

    Discover how Doctor’s Own Prep Academy (DOPA) leveraged Scalefusion’s MDM solutions to gain complete control over student tablets and secure digital learning resulting in improved 70% of students’ productivity. See the below Infographic.

    Education Industry Case Study

    How Much Does Apple School Manager Cost?

    ASM is a free online management service for iPad or Macbook deployment.


    Apple School Manager is an essential tool that helps the school’s IT staff to automatically enroll and manage classroom devices. By integrating Apple School Manager with an MDM like Scalefusion, IT admins can enjoy a simplified device enrollment process along with a straightforward deployment of managed content to classrooms.

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