Manage Multiple iPads in a Corporate Environment: A Primer

  • April 30, 2019

iPads are making their presence felt in a corporate environment in a big way and several corporate identities, as well as educational institutes, are embracing Apple devices for their beautiful interface, dynamic potential, and multiple innovative features. As Apple devices are continuing to evolve as full-fledged enterprise tools, company IT teams are finding ways to manage multiple iPads with a full-proof strategy. But at the same time, the IT team has concerns around device misuse, unnecessary app downloads, unwanted distractions, corporate data leaks, unsafe networks, lost devices, and so on.

Manage Multiple iPads
Manage multiple iPads in a Corporate Environment

Some of these can be fought with the built-in unified management framework in iOS that includes simple account set up, configure and update settings, policy configuration, app distribution, and remote device restrictions, which IT admins can use to their rescue. However, to combat more serious risks and to drive greater management, a robust third-party Mobile Device Management solution always proves to be the best option. To ensure that a company’s IT has overall control over iPad management, some corporate policies have to be configured using certain iOS restrictions, which can be possible only if the devices are supervised.

The right MDM solution provider helps a lot to manage multiple iPads in the corporate environment

A powerful and robust iPad MDM platform is one of the key elements in driving corporate data and device security, policy and compliance integrity, and configuration management. A reliable MDM solution like Scalefusion does more than just facilitating iPads configuration to reduce operating and support costs along with security threats. It also comes loaded with relevant and results-driven features like single app mode, multi-app kiosk mode, web filtering, network management, asset tracking, real-time communications, alerts and reports, device restrictions, reports & alerts, security policies, and many other capabilities that can empower the company IT admin to ensure total success in managing and making the most out of iPads at work.

Apart from that, Scalefusion as a wholesome MDM vendor has all the perfect processes for easy, secure, and quick device enrollment, simple configuration and provisioning through Apple DEP (Device Enrolment Program), and seamless application purchase, distribution, and management system with the help of Apple VPP (Volume Purchase Program), streamlined content management and other enterprise management options like support for supervised mode and so on.

Important factors setting up multiple ipads for business in the corporate environment

Though managing multiple iPads in a business environment becomes much easier with an MDM solution, there are some other basic yet important factors that one must know about iPad Kiosk App management.

So, let’s dig into a step-by-step process starting from the beginning.

  • Fix the business objectives: The first step about managing iPads in a corporate environment is to understand and evaluate the ultimate business objectives the company has in mind when it decides to bring in iPads for employees. Answer the question with clarity and validation – ‘why we need to deploy iPads in business’ and ‘how it will accelerate enterprise productivity and ‘will my employees really require iPads and how trained are they to use iPads’. Answering these questions will help the organizations define the business objectives behind iPad deployment and this, in turn, will help fix a practical strategy to manage and integrate iPads in the corporate environment.

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  • Figure out the policies: Once the company fixes the business objectives and decides to deploy iPads in the workplace, the next step should be to figure out a set of policies around aspects like access control, usage, authentication, features and properties, security, and integration, which can be implemented in iOS for iPads in office. A strong role of the company IT team is necessary for setting the policies – this will help the company to understand if the business objectives behind deploying iPads in the corporate environment have been met with positive outcomes or if investing in the iOS implementation has got profitable returns.
  • Define provisioning and deployment: After defining the business objectives and figuring out a list of implementation policies, the next step is to roll out an execution plan. Before providing the iPads to the end-users, they need to be first enrolled through Mobile Device Management. The company after obtaining a secure APNS certificate can enable the iPads to communicate with these components via Apple’s Push Notification Server (APNS), which supports a constant connection with the devices by allowing them to receive commands about configuration, apps, and settings that the company defines.
  • Managing apps and configuration: When it comes to enterprise apps, the Apple App store has sufficient inventory that most are aware of. Companies with iPads for users are advised to use Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for enterprises to securely purchase apps (including organization-owned managed apps) in bulk, deploy and distribute them in selected iPads with relevant configuration options. Managed apps including sensitive enterprise information are more in the control of company IT who decides whether to publish them securely in the devices or wipe them from the MDM profile on demand.

Last but not the least, securing the enrolled, deployed, and configured iPads within the corporate environment is one of the most vital parts of managing them well. Company IT along with the MDM solution must ensure that iPad users have secure and controlled access to corporate resources, networks, and apps to support user productivity, work efficiency, and project completion.

An MDM solution provider for Apple device management simplifies and streamlines the entire process including fast enrollment, secure configuration, account, and policy set up, giving permissions and setting restrictions, managing apps, content, and data, securing corporate data and apps while offering contextual features and capabilities.

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