How to Manage Windows 10 POS System?

  • December 23, 2020

Windows 10 POS systems are known and preferred over other POS devices, thanks to the convenience, familiarity, and user-friendliness ushered in by the good old Windows OS. As POS systems take over the traditional means of retail operations, managing these Windows POS systems can be a hassle for IT teams, especially when the device inventory is spread across multiple locations. 

Windows 10 POS
Windows 10 POS Systems

Scalefusion MDM streamlines the management of Windows 10 based POS with a range of features that are best suited for IT teams of all sizes. In this article, we discuss how to manage Windows 10 based POS systems with Scalefusion Windows MDM.

Simplified Windows POS system Enrollment

When the POS deployment is multi-location, individually configuring the Windows 10 POS devices is cumbersome. To simplify the same, Scalefusion enables the remote, zero-touch enrollment and contactless policy configuration of Windows 10 POS devices using the Windows Autopilot program

IT teams can not only provision new devices but also refurbish and configure old, reused Windows 10 devices that are to be deployed as POS systems.

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Kiosk mode for Enhanced Windows POS Operations

POS systems are mission-centric and need to be configured to run one or only a specific set of applications all the time. With Scalefusion MDM, configuring the windows pos system in single or multi-app kiosk mode is smooth. IT admins can easily get started with creating device profiles on the Scalefusion dashboard allowing only business apps.

Windows 10 POS
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Application Management for Windows 10 POS

When the Windows 10 POS systems run in single or multi-app kiosk mode, managing these applications upfront- from provisioning, configuring, updating to uninstalling the apps is critical. With Scalefusion Application Management, IT teams can push public apps via the Windows Business Store and private or enterprise apps (UWP or MSI apps) using the Scalefusion Enterprise Store. For remotely operating POS systems, these apps can be updated remotely with ease or scheduled for an update in the maintenance window to avoid disruption of device operations.

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Managing Content on Windows POS Systems

Some POS machines are also deployed to double up as digital signage when not used for POS operations such as inventory management and billing. With Scalefusion Content Management, playing attractive presentations as screensavers on Windows 10 POS systems is possible. 

Using Scalefusion’s native file sharing app called FileDock, IT teams can remotely publish, unpublish and update files, folders, documents, videos and presentations on the Windows 10 POS devices.

If your POS system needs a browser-based billing software for Windows 10, configuring the browser settings to run only the desired websites and blocking the rest of the content available on the web is also essential to save data costs and upkeep employee productivity. Scalefusion helps manage Chrome and Edge browsers on Windows 10 POS systems and configures the devices to run only a specific set of websites and content on the web. 

Remote management POS for Windows

Along with provisioning the Windows 10 POS devices to run desired apps, content and websites, keeping track of their operations at all times from a remote location is complex, especially for IT teams managing a large device inventory. Scalefusion MDM for Windows 10 POS, however, resolves IT concerns in the following ways:

  • Schedule OS updates during the maintenance window
  • Automated compliance alerts to keep track of battery, data and storage usage on the POS systems
  • Schedule regular maintenance and security checks
  • Periodically reboot the device for improved performance
  • Remotely mirror device screens and take control to resolve issues with Scalefusion Remote Cast and Control

Closing lines…

Managing Windows 10 POS systems with Scalefusion MDM is a cakewalk for IT teams. Explore the full list of Windows 10 management features offered by Scalefusion and get started with managing your Windows 10 POS devices with ease. 

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Renuka Shahane is a Sr. Content Writer at Scalefusion. An engineering graduate, an Apple junkie and an avid reader, she has a 5+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for technology and web based startups.
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