Top Windows 10 POS Software for Billing

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    The changing dynamics of any consumer-facing business has led to the rapid adoption of mobile technology across diverse industries. Especially when it comes to retail, POS systems are considered to be an integral part of the entire device inventory management, order processing and inevitably, the billing process. It is incredibly handy to have a POS system in place for billing, if not for anything else and the retail industry across the globe has endorsed the usage of the same for seamless checkouts, faster billing and increased customer satisfaction. Bring in the minimized contact angle that has been ushered in by 2020, and there is no looking back for POS systems. 

    Implementing a hybrid billing model allows you to adapt to market changes while still billing your customers fairly and accurately, allowing you to keep your recurring billing and payment processing streamlined.

    Windows 10 POS Billing Software
    POS Billing Software

    As Windows 10 based POS systems take accelerated pace, owing to the seamless, user-friendly interface of good old Windows, choosing the right POS software for billing is as important as choosing the right POS hardware configuration.

    Windows 10 based POS systems
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    In this article, we’ve listed down the top Windows 10 POS software products for billing.

    Toast POS

    A top-rated POS system that caters to specifically the restaurant industry, Toast POS is known for its diverse features including inventory management, labor management, reporting, CRM, gifting, loyalty and most importantly credit card processing and online ordering. Along with extending support for Windows hardware (along with Android, Mac and web-based systems), what makes it one of the most preferred choices for restaurants across the United States is its APIs that enable integration with popular third-party apps. 

    Particularly designed for restaurants, the pay at table feature of Toast POS makes way for faster billing for restaurants as well as the patrons, the tips can be added directly into the system and receipts can be obtained instantly- printed or over the email.


    A web-based POS software that can be seamlessly enabled with any device of your choice makes Sapaad one of the best POS billing software available for Windows 10. The software can be accessed via the browser on any device making the need to invest in proprietary devices redundant. Working perfectly well on the offline mode, Sapaad is great for multi-branch or franchise models. Scaling operations and adding a location is quick and easy, and as they claim, seriously low cost!

    Shopify POS

    Better known as DeskPOS by Shopify, the specialized app for Windows and macOS based POS systems, this app is one of the simplest ways to get started with POS-based billing with your existing Windows 10 hardware. Along with simplified installation that requires a short learning curve, the software provides for integration with POSprinter, barcode option scanner, receipt printer making it the most ideal for billing. 

    Known for its quick setup that enables you to get started within 5 minutes, the software basic plan comes for free for one location, ideal for small retail businesses and restaurants. 


    Known as an all-in-one solution for POS needs, EHopper is best known for its 100% free credit card processing. EHopper can be accessed from any Windows PC via the Chrome Browser and extends the full-set of features as its Android POS software including offline use. From inventory management to restaurant table management and contactless digital menu to online ordering, what makes EHopper great for billing is that it accepts payments in diverse forms such as cash, credit, debit along with other forms of payment options as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay with full EMV compliance.

    Considering the variety of needs around payment and billing, EHopper offers multi-language support, support for mobile, contactless payments as well as manual payments. You can integrate your preferred merchant service provider to accept card payments and also maintain external records. For elevating the customer experience, EHopper also offers the option to split payments between multiple customers.


    Erply is a no-fuss POS system that amplifies the power of the traditional, simple yet effective POS hardware systems. Best-suited for small and medium-sized businesses (although there’s no reason why big businesses shouldn’t choose it), Erply streamlines end-to-end inventory management with real-time updates, easy integration with APIs, data encryption and round-the-clock support over the phone.

    The cloud-based setup makes it easily accessible from anywhere and also makes it device hardware agnostic, so scaling to a different device configuration is quick and effortless. 

    Closing lines…

    POS systems are the future of retail businesses and coupled with the right POS software, bringing in the additional glitter to your customer experience is possible. Managing these POS devices with the best-in-market device management software can further help in elevating the software user experience. 

    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane
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