How to Set Up Kiosk Mode on Windows 11 Devices

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    Windows 11 devices can be configured as kiosks to provide a locked-down, single-purpose experience for users. Kiosk mode turns Windows 11 devices into fixed-purpose devices, providing an opportunity to create a specialized experience for public or enterprise use.

    setup kiosk mode on windows 11

    For example, kiosks are useful in public places such as museums, libraries, or restaurants where self-service is essential. In an enterprise setting, kiosks can support employee training. Subsequently, restricting these corporate-owned devices for enterprise use ensures employee productivity and efficiency.

    Why Businesses need MDM for Windows 11 Kiosk Mode

    Mobile Device Management (MDM) overcomes the above-stated drawbacks. In addition, MDM provides an additional layer of security and convenience to managing Windows 11 kiosks in various business scenarios such as:

    • Security: Your organization can secure Windows 11 devices with extreme granularity. MDM helps set up complex passwords, enforce internal storage encryption, enable/disable hardware peripherals, and add a VPN connection to the internet. 
    • Windows 11 multi app kiosk: Besides running Windows 11 devices in single-app mode, you can run these devices in multi-app kiosk mode. MDM supports this feature for businesses and educational institutes where a device is shared by multiple users. 
    • Supports in-house apps: MDM supports bulk distribution of proprietary in-house apps and makes them available for enrolled devices via the enterprise app store. In-house apps that MDM deploys can be controlled and protracted through mobile application management. 
    • Silent installation: After Windows 11 devices have been provisioned in single-app or multi-app kiosk mode, you can silently install apps. The benefit of silently installing apps on Windows devices is that it requires minimal employee effort and doesn’t distract them from work.
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    How to Lockdown Windows 11 in Kiosk Mode

    To set up a Windows multi-app kiosk, it is necessary to create a Windows 11 kiosk mode profile.

    1. Navigate to Device Profiles & Policies > DevicesProfiles

    kiosk mode windows 11

    2. Click Create New Profile on the upper right corner of the screen

    3. Select the Windows tab; Enter a profile name; Click Submit

    multi-app kiosk mode windows 11

    4. Now, under Select Apps (on left menu), choose Multi-app Kiosk Mode

    windows 11 kiosk mode multiple apps
    • Step 1: Configure policy mode – Select Scalefusion MDM Agent App
    setup windows 11 kiosk mode
    • Step 2: Add user info – Configure the user info
    enable windows 11 kiosk mode
    • Step 3: Select apps – Select the apps to enable on multi-app kiosk mode
    kiosk mode for windows 11

    5. Click Create Profile on the upper right corner of the screen to finish

    turn on kiosk mode for windows 11

    6. Click Apply to push the multi-app kiosk profile to device groups/user groups/individual devices

    windows 11 kiosk mode

    How to Manually Set Up Windows 11 Kiosk Mode

    You can use Microsoft’s Assigned Access feature to run a single-app kiosk on a Windows 11 device. When you sign into the kiosk account, the app is launched automatically.

    1. Open the Settings app > Accounts. Select Other users or Family and other users
    2. Select Set up a kiosk > Assigned access; Select Get started
    3. Enter a name for a new account  
    4. Choose the app that will run when the kiosk account signs in

    Benefits of Windows 11 Kiosk Mode for Laptops & Desktops

    Enhanced Security

    Kiosk software can help ensure that only authorized users can access certain applications or features on a Windows 11 device. This can prevent data breaches or other security issues caused by unauthorized access.

    Increased Productivity

    With Kiosk software, you can limit user access to only the necessary applications or features, preventing distractions and helping users focus on their work.

    Easy Configuration and Management

    Kiosk Mode allows for easy configuration and management of multiple Windows 11 devices from a single location, reducing the time and effort required for IT teams to manage them individually.

    Customizable User Experience

    Windows 11 Kiosk Mode enables businesses to create a customized user experience by restricting access to specific applications, websites, and features. This creates a consistent and controlled environment for employees or customers to interact with the device.

    Improved User Satisfaction

    With Kiosk Mode Windows 11, users can quickly and easily access the applications they need without being overwhelmed by unnecessary options or distractions. This improves overall satisfaction with the device and the workplace.

    Cost Savings

    Kiosk software extends the lifespan of Windows 11 devices by preventing unauthorized access, minimizing the risk of accidental damage, and reducing the likelihood of security breaches. This saves money on repairs or replacements over time.

    Overall, using kiosk software for Windows 11 can provide enhanced security, increased productivity, easier configuration and management, a customizable user experience, improved user satisfaction, and cost savings.

    Considerations for Windows 11 Single-App Mode

    Though you can use assigned access to restrict users from using only one Windows app, it has certain drawbacks.

    • Assigned access prevents Windows from launching other apps. You will need to manually provision the app on the device and add only a single app in kiosk mode. In essence, you can’t run the device in multi-app mode.
    • The apps designed to launch other apps as a part of their core functionality may malfunction. The required apps must be installed on the device before enabling kiosk mode using assigned access.
    • Keyboard commands such as Ctrl+Alt+Delete cannot be blocked since Windows does not offer a built-in method to deactivate keystroke commands in kiosk mode. This allows malicious actors to tamper with the operating system.

    Wrapping Up

    Scalefusion MDM helps organizations adopt modern management for Windows 11 devices to deliver a seamless experience when they run as kiosks. Set up kiosk mode for Windows devices with our Windows 11 kiosk solution. Free for 14 days. Try now!

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