How to leverage Scalefusion Remote Control for Managed Windows Devices

  • September 3, 2020

The remote control is a critical part of the remote access feature that enables IT administrators to provide quick support to devices operating remotely. In the era of remote working or a largely fragmented workforce, remote support is critical to ensure business continuity as well as to save on maintenance costs. With Scalefusion, IT admins can enable a consistent working environment to remote devices by provisioning remote access to business resources, file sharing over a secure network, team collaboration and remote support. 

Scalefusion Remote Control for Managed Windows
Remote Control for Managed Windows 10 Devices

Using Scalefusion Remote Support for Windows, IT admins can take control of their Windows 10 device screens remotely, perform actions and resolve issues with ease. They can also take advantage of the integrated ticketing system using an integrated ITSM platform, take screenshots and create context-aware support tickets for unresolved issues.

Let us explore the step-by-step process to remote control the managed Windows 10 devices using Scalefusion.

Step 1: Getting Started:

SignUp, log in and add your Windows 10 devices to the Scalefusion dashboard. You can choose from any of the multiple enrollment methods or choose automated over-the-air provisioning using Windows Autopilot. Create a device profile with apps and other settings on the Scalefusion dashboard and apply it on the said devices.

Scalefusion Remote Control for Managed Windows 10 Devices Support

Step 2: Remote Support App

Push the remote support app on the Windows 10 device profile. For this, navigate to the My Apps tab in the Enterprise section of the dashboard. Select and Publish the native Scalefusion app Remote Support on the Windows device profile/devices.

Scalefusion Remote Control for Managed Windows 10 Devices Support

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Step 3: Launch the Application on the Device

On the device end, launch the remote support app once to activate the remote support. Now the remote cast session can be initiated by the admin as and when needed.

Scalefusion Remote Control for Managed Windows 10 Devices Support

Step 4: Remote Cast and Control

On the dashboard, navigate to the Remote Cast and Control section of the dashboard. You can start finding your list of devices that can be remotely cast in this section and also explore device details and whether or not the device supports remote cast.  

Scalefusion Remote Control for Managed Windows 10 Devices Support

Step 5: Accept the Session on the Device

You can select the device you want to extend remote support to and start the cast session. Once the end-user accepts the cast session request, you can see the remote device screen on your PC. The user should accept the request within one minute, as the dashboard has a timeout. The cast session is launched in the edge browser and users can choose to share the entire device screen, the specific device screen or an application window.

Scalefusion Remote Control for Managed Windows 10 Devices Support

Step 6: Start the Session

Now the remote cast session will be available on your device. You can click and perform actions, navigate apps and start recording the session as well. To create tickets, you can click on the create ticket tab. You can stop the session by clicking on the stop button. 

Scalefusion Remote Control for Managed Windows 10 Devices Support

You can explore the detailed step-by-step guide to enable Remote Support on managed Windows 10 devices and the prerequisites in our help docs. With Scalefusion Remote Support, IT admins can resolve remote device issues with ease, while saving on costs to physically fetch the device to a service center.

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