How to Manage Corporate-Owned Apple Devices with Scalefusion

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    Apple revolutionized the technology market since its inception and has made technology the talk of the town with its fabulously designed products such as the iPhone, iPad, and Macbooks.

    Apple devices are extensively used to accomplish several tasks, at home, at work, and in schools. As the popularity of Apple devices for work and education upsurges, it is imperative to manage and secure these devices centrally.

    Managing company-owned Apple devices is crucial; and this needs to be done effectively, without hampering the consistent user experience of the devices.

    To centrally manage company Apple devices, Scalefusion Apple MDM steps in as a platform that eliminates any possible threat of device or data breach, seamlessly extending applications for work without impacting the user experience.

    Companies can leverage the improved productivity from the employees empowered with Apple devices without having to put efficiency and security in jeopardy.

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    Here’s How Scalefusion Helps to Manage Company Apple Devices:

    Enroll Devices over the Air

    Scalefusion supports Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program) within Apple Business Manager which enables the IT admins to enroll iOS and macOS devices in bulk, over the air. Over-the-air enrollment saves manual IT effort of configuring individual devices.

    IT admins can supervise the Apple device using Apple DEP, configure the device settings, security policies, and apps before the device is shipped from the warehouse. When unboxed, the end-users can directly start using the devices for work. 

    For devices already purchased and in use, IT admins can supervise the Apple devices first by using the Apple Configurator 2 and then enroll the devices into company policies using Scalefusion. 

    Application Management 

    Scalefusion supports Apple VPP (Volume Purchase Program) and IT admins can centrally configure applications on iOS and macOS devices.

    IT admins can purchase app licenses in bulk, assign it to the managed devices, revoke the app license and reassign it to other managed devices through the Scalefusion dashboard. 

    Alternatively, for iOS devices,  IT admins can upload and publish private applications using an IPA file or a PList link. 

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    Set Restrictions and Policies

    Scalefusion offers detailed iOS MDM Profile and macOS MDM profile configurations wherein IT admins can control granular settings such as display, hardware keys, allow or block applications like camera, push email and exchange settings, configure the network, iCloud, and Siri settings. 

    Extend Controlled Browsing

    To extend a controlled browsing environment in company-owned iPhones, iPads, and Mac devices, Scalefusion offers extensive settings for the Safari browser. IT admins can whitelist websites to be allowed on the devices and access to all the other websites will be blocked.

    For enhanced control, Scalefusion offers a Prosurf browser for iOS devices wherein administrators can control the browsing experience on company-owned devices.

    This includes blocking the address bar and the back buttons, configuring fullscreen mode (for kiosk devices), and enforcing safe browsing with inCognito mode.

    Manage Updates

    To maintain the optimal performance of the Apple devices used for work, IT admins can manage the OS updates through the Scalefusion dashboard.

    IT admins can schedule OS updates or delay them up to any defined period (not more than 90 days).

    This gives a buffer time for the private app developers to build a stable version for the latest OS updates, ensuring the smooth operation of the device. 

    Set up iOS Devices as Kiosks

    For iOS devices, Scalefusion offers a single app mode where one app runs continuously on the device.

    This can be an app from the App Store, a private app, or a kiosk browser such as Prosurf. With single app mode, iOS devices are turned into kiosks that can be used for various business operations.

    Additionally, Scalefusion offers an Autonomous single app mode which enables the devices to be locked to two or more business-specific apps.

    Single app mode and autonomous single app mode pave way for lesser distractions, improved productivity, reduced data usage, and added security. 

    Content Management 

    Scalefusion extends content management on iOS devices where IT admins can push and publish content of a text, image, video, etc file type.

    This can help the employees to access the latest business resources and can also convert any iPad or iPhone into digital signage. 

    Effective Inter-Team Communication

    To drive healthy team communication, Scalefusion MDM for iOS offers Eva Communication Suite which facilitates team communication with two-way encrypted messaging and VoIP calling.

    IT admins can populate contact lists on the managed Apple devices, block/allow incoming and outgoing calls and also enable conference calls using Eva Phone. Using Eva messenger, end-users can exchange image transfer and voice messages. 

    Reduce Device Downtime

    For a remote workforce using company-owned iOS devices, IT admins can monitor the entire device inventory and device parameters such as device battery and data usage.

    To remotely troubleshoot iOS device issues, IT admins can use Remote Cast to mirror device screens helping to quickly reduce device downtime. 

    Schedule Checks and Alerts for Ios Devices

    To mitigate manual IT efforts, IT admins can make use of Scalefusion Workflows to automate recurring IT tasks such as profile switch, device reboot, and cache clearing.

    To tame the security incidents, IT admins can schedule compliance alerts for excess battery, data, and storage usage. IT admins can set usage limits on macOS devices and schedule a force turn-off for devices at designated times and days.

    Managing company Apple devices with Scalefusion accelerates the productivity of the employees while making use of the versatile capabilities of Apple devices. Start managing your Apple devices with Scalefusion today!

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