Lock iPad to One Website to Deploy it as a Kiosk

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    iPhones and iPads are used by organizations for the official purpose of showcasing the product or service offering in an interactive and interesting manner to prospective customers. It can be a B2C or a B2B product, iPads are convenient to display the necessary information to your customers.

    Your customers might be looking to use iPads in a public environment, to integrate into a booth display or mounted as a kiosk in their retail stores, or in restaurants and hotels, hospitals, or conferences. iPads provide the utility as Apple provides outstanding features to cater to such requirements.

    lock ipad to one website
    Lock iPad to One Website

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    However, you might not want customers at retail stores or restaurants to have complete access to all the other iPad’s functionalities. Also, you don’t want your employees to check their Facebook accounts or play Angry Birds on devices that display product or service offerings or any other business presentation. Many times, intentionally or unintentionally, the devices get stolen, misplaced, or lost, which is a threat if accessed by any person outside the organization. As a result of which, data, content, and devices are at high risk.

    Luckily, there’s an easy way to lock your iPad in kiosk mode that locks down device access to a single application or one website. So, if your business is planning to use an iPad/iPhone in a public environment, you probably need a simple solution to prevent app switching or altering setting access, so that users are focused on the information which is being displayed.

    How Can You Lock an iPad to One Website?

    It may sound difficult initially, but it is very easy to lock an iPad to one website with an iPad MDM solution like Scalefusion. So, how does Scalefusion do that? The answer is very simple, it provides a feature of whitelisting websites.

    Whitelisting of websites gives you the flexibility to allow only certain websites to be functional on your iOS devices. Additionally, you can choose to place shortcuts (web clips) for whitelisted websites and choose to open them in full screen and run them as a default website. Scalefusion also allows admins to lock Safari to one website for iPads.

    You get other additional settings, including:

    1. Home Screen Settings in which you can control
    2. Whether you want to show or hide the bottom navigation bar
    3. Set your preference to show it in full-screen mode or not and
    4. Whether you want to keep the exit option visible or not
    5. Allow/ Restrict users to use Touch ID for unlocking the device
    6. Set the screen timeout settings according to your requirements
    7. Set a constant screen brightness

    Industry Use-Cases

    There are many industries that would want to lock iPads to one website based on their use cases.


    Classroom Management: Teachers can lock iPads to a specific website (educational) during lessons to ensure students remain focused and engaged.

    Test Environments: In exam settings, iPads can be restricted to a secure website to prevent cheating and unauthorized internet access.


    Kiosk Systems: iPads can be turned into interactive kiosks displaying a single website, providing customers with product information, promotions, or self check-in and check-out options.

    Employee Training: For on-the-job training, iPads can be locked to a training portal, ensuring employees access relevant materials.


    Patient Information Access: iPads in healthcare settings can be locked to a specific portal for accessing patient records, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations like HIPAA.

    Telemedicine: iPads used for telemedicine consultations can be restricted to the telehealth platform, maintaining the confidentiality of patient interactions.


    Check-in Kiosks: iPads can be configured as self-service check-in kiosks in hotels or restaurants, limited to the necessary website for guest interactions.

    Menu Displays: Restaurants and cafes can use locked iPads to display digital menus, providing an interactive and dynamic dining experience.

    Entertainment & Events

    Ticketing Kiosks: iPads at event venues can be locked to ticketing or registration websites, facilitating a smooth entry process for attendees.

    Digital Signage: iPads can serve as interactive digital signage, displaying event schedules, maps, or promotional content.


    In-Flight Entertainment: Airlines can use locked iPads to provide passengers with a curated selection of entertainment content during flights.

    Navigation Systems: In transportation vehicles, iPads can be restricted to a navigation portal, ensuring drivers follow designated routes.

    Try Scalefusion to lock iPads to one website or app to improve customer experience and user productivity.


    1. How do I put my iPad into single-app mode?

    To enable Single App Mode on your iPad, go to the Settings app, tap “General,” then select “Accessibility.” Under the Accessibility menu, find and tap on “Guided Access,” toggle the switch to turn it on, and set a passcode. Once enabled, triple-press the side or home button within the app you want to use and tap “Start” in the upper-right corner to activate Single App Mode. If you are looking to execute this over a fleet of iPads, opting for an MDM solution would be ideal.

    2. What are the use cases of iPads running only one website?

    iPads running only one website are commonly used in kiosk setups, allowing businesses to provide specific information or services to customers in a controlled environment. This setup is also utilized in educational settings for focused online learning experiences.

    3. How do I allow only one website on my iPad?

    To allow only one website on your iPad, you can use the built-in “Screen Time” feature. Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Content Restrictions > Web Content, and select “Allowed Websites Only.” Add the specific website you want to allow under the “Always Allowed” section. For locking multiple iPads to a single website and managing them securely, an MDM solution with iOS support is an ideal choice.

    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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