The Importance of Apple DEP and Apple VPP in Enterprise Environment

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    Companies are empowering employees to use Apple devices like iPhones and iPads for enhanced user productivity – Apple devices have especially upended industries like telecom, gaming, entertainment, healthcare, and education. There are some specific factors that drive successful iOS device usage within enterprises, out of which the most important is to achieve a balance between IT control and user experience. With iOS devices, users have the flexibility to use their own apps and content while Apple’s management framework keeps the corporate data and apps uncompromised and discreet, seamlessly separating personal from professional information.

    Apple DEP & VPP
    Apple DEP & Apple VPP

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    Multiple organizations own iOS-based mobile devices to enable their employees (or users) to work remotely stay connected. A typical challenge for most organizations is to enroll numerous devices with an MDM solution and configure each device manually.

    Another issue that some organizations might face is purchasing apps in volume for corporate-owned devices along with app installation or deployment. Apple device management includes useful programs like Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for organizations owning iOS-based devices to make it easy for organizations to enroll mobile devices on an iOS MDM solution, purchase, manage, and distribute apps and content in a scalable manner.

    What is Apple Device Enrollment Program?

    The Apple Device Enrollment Program assists businesses to seamlessly deploy, configure and quickly streamline organization-owned Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, Mac computers, and Apple TV, which are bought directly from Apple or Apple Authorized Resellers or carriers.

    Features of Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

    1. Automated and Lockable MDM Enrollment

    All Apple devices that have been added to the Device Enrollment Program can be automatically enrolled with the MDM solution for your business. Devices can be locked in MDM during management tasks and automatic enrollment ensures device configuration according to organization policy and that all users receive configured devices.DEP offers the users an option to manually enroll their devices.

    2. Wireless Supervision

    As a part of the setup process, device supervision is enabled in wireless mode. This allows for more streamlined device management with features like web content filtering, Single App mode, turning off iMessage, AirDrop, or Game Center.

    3. Zero-touch Configuration

    IT teams no longer need to physically access each device for deployment and set up. Once Apple devices are activated, they can be seamlessly configured with account settings, apps, and access to IT services.

    4. Setup Assistant

    The built-in Setup Assistant enables users to configure and set up their iOS devices with the MDM solution.

    What is Apple Volume Purchase Program?

    With Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP), businesses and institutes can purchase, distribute, and manage their apps in bulk, in a secure and flexible manner.

    Features of Apple VPP (Volume Purchase Program)

    1. Volume Purchase

    A wide number of apps from diverse categories across the Apple store and a selection of books from the iBooks store can be purchased in bulk.

    2. Customized B2B Apps for iOS

    For wider capabilities of your Apple devices, you can rope in third-party developers to design and custom builds the apps for your specific needs. These custom B2B apps once submitted to and approved by the VPP store are available for use for free or for purchase.

    3. Managed Distribution

    The managed distribution feature of the VPP lets you distribute, track, and manage content on Apple devices. When used with an MDM solution you can control the complete app distribution lifecycle while retaining full ownership of apps. Once the apps are no longer needed, they can be revoked or reassigned to different devices or users. While books cannot be reassigned or revoked.

    4. Payment Options

    The VPP store offers multiple payment options like purchase orders for VPP credit or uses your own credit card for the purchase.

    5. Multinational Support

    If your work is spread across locations, VPP apps can be assigned to devices or users wherever the apps are available.

    Why Should Organizations Enroll in Apple DEP and Apple VPP Programs?

    • Seamless Management of Bulk Devices

    By using DEP with an MDM solution, organizations can manage a large number of devices efficiently and seamlessly, even from a remote location. Automatic enrollment and Zero-touch configuration features of DEP reduces human effort and ensures consistent configuration across all devices.

    • Effortless Apps and Book Distribution

    Along with an MDM solution, VPP can be used to distribute books and apps to a volume of devices from a single console. Apps can be borrowed to mobile devices, can be installed and once the purpose is accomplished the same device can be assigned to a different user, or apps can be revoked from the device and installed on another device.

    • Controlled Content on Mobile Devices

    The content on mobile devices can be widely controlled, monitored, and tracked. App store can be hidden, and app removal can be disabled to avoid installation of new apps or uninstallation of useful ones.

    The Apple Device Enrollment Program and Volume Purchase Program can greatly benefit a company’s IT teams and users alike by ensuring scalable, seamless, and consistent configuration across all devices and providing a higher level of control on what content sits on the enrolled mobile devices. Also, with multinational support, content distribution through MDM becomes incredibly simple. Management of Apple devices across locations and users also becomes streamlined, providing an enhanced user experience for both IT and end-users.

    Scalefusion Apple Device Management allows SMBs, educational institutes, and large enterprises to quickly enroll, secure and manage their corporate-owned iOS devices with a bunch of superior features, kiosk solutions, a secure application, and content management along with user-wide communication.

    Vandita Grover
    Vandita Grover
    Vandita is a passionate writer and IT enthusiast. By profession, she is a Computer Lecturer at the University of Delhi and has previously worked as a Software Engineer with Aricent Technologies.

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