How Does Android Kiosk Mode Benefit Businesses?

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    Android devices make a great choice for work owing to their simplicity and ease of use. However, they come with a slew of security concerns and plenty of other features that can be distracting, especially at work. Android Kiosk Mode is a feature that allows IT administrators to run a single app or a set of apps on Android smartphones and tablets used for work by converting them into dedicated kiosks.

    Android Kiosk Mode for Businesses
    Android Kiosk Mode for Businesses

    Scalefusion MDM allows organizations to strengthen their corporate security with a single unified platform. Its Android kiosk mode allows IT admins to lockdown Android devices into kiosk mode, limit access to non-work applications and websites, and thus, ensure security and compliance.

    This article will walk you through the many advantages of Scalefusion’s Android Kiosk Mode for businesses.

    Benefits of Android Kiosk Mode

    1. Enhanced Security and improvised operations

    Scalefusion’s Android Kiosk Mode can restrict employees from accessing non-work-related apps and websites by locking the devices to be used as single-app or multi-app kiosks. It also prevents them from accidentally tampering with the devices as they do not have access to anything else apart from work-related apps. This significantly reduces the chances of employees clicking on malicious links and websites. 

    These business-focused kiosks are protected by a strong password and support data encryption. Such powerful security features make Scalefusion’s Android kiosk mode an excellent choice for organizations as it helps keep cyber attacks and data breaches at bay.

    Android kiosk mode turns any device into dedicated devices to serve a business-specific purpose. For example, in healthcare, Android devices can be converted into single-app patient monitoring tools. In education, Android kiosk mode can be helpful to convert tablets issued to students into education-specific tabs and devices; and alike. They can successfully use these devices to conduct online examinations, without having to worry about misconduct.

    2. Cutting down data costs and improving employee productivity

    With Android Kiosk Mode, businesses can limit access to other applications and websites to a single application or multi-application, based on the requirement. They can display their brand logo, customize the home screen and wallpaper and can also control navigation on the managed device. This is especially beneficial for the retail industry and in restaurants where interactive kiosks can be used to improve customer experience by reducing wait time for booking tickets, ordering food, purchasing groceries, submitting feedback, etc.

    As employees have access to only work-related apps and websites, they do not squander time on distracting non-work activities. This helps organizations save money on data because they only use it for work-related purposes. 

    Android kiosk mode restricts employees to use devices other than work by restricting apps, websites and browsing options. This results in increased productivity and improved performance. Managing employees, especially field workers and those who work on-site, becomes easier. No matter where the employees work from, it ensures lesser distractions and employee engagement. Employees can share content files easily.

    3. Reduced IT load

    The devices provisioned with Android kiosk mode allow access to only work-related pre-approved applications and websites. Thus, the chances of technical issues are reduced to a great extent. This saves IT from spending unnecessary time on resolving issues such as device downtime, security breaches, incidents, etc. Also, IT teams can remotely access the devices quickly without having to visit in person. This saves a lot of IT time. 

    Scalefusion allows creating dynamic workflows on managed devices to automate and schedule tasks and set alerts on managed devices. Alerts can be generated in case of security incidents, storage issues, geo-fence alerts, data usage alerts, etc.

    4. Helps establish a unique brand proposition through custom branding

    Android kiosk mode helps organizations maintain a unique brand identity by locking down the devices into business-specific applications. Businesses can leverage the custom branding feature to set customized lock screen messages, home screen, and lock screen wallpapers on managed devices, organizational logos, etc. Custom Branding allows IT admins to help their brand stand unique by reflecting the organization’s branding on kiosk devices. IT admins can customize wallpapers, app icons’ size, colors, and schemes according to their brand’s requirements. IT admins can upload wallpapers of their choice, change text color, and can configure alert sounds to alert users.

    Organizations can use digital signages and billboards as a unique way to display and advertise their brand without worrying about security.


    Feature-rich Android devices are helpful in a variety of industries today. But being feature-rich sometimes does not go well with the business requirements. The need of the hour is to implement an efficient MDM with Android Kiosk Lockdown software like Scalefusion MDM to secure your devices and endpoints. Scalefusion ensures seamless Android kiosk management by greatly reducing employee distractions during working hours.

     Use Scalefusion’s Android Kiosk Mode to protect your company’s data and infrastructure. Book a demo now.

    Malvika Sinha
    Malvika Sinha
    Malvika Sinha is a Senior Content Writer at Scalefusion. A post-graduate in Psychology, Malvika has diverse experience in content curation and strategy. She can be best described as a focused professional, an avid reader, a fitness enthusiast and a music-lover.

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