Introducing Scalefusion ProSurf: A Secure Browser for Windows Devices

    We’re thrilled to introduce Scalefusion ProSurf for Windows—a browser that delivers secure and controlled browsing experiences on managed Windows devices. Scalefusion ProSurf empowers organizations to seamlessly transition their Windows devices into robust kiosk terminals, offering additional security for enterprise devices and data. 

    More than five years ago, we built ProSurf browser for iOS. We are elated to now offer a native browsing app for Windows. 

    Windows Kiosk Browser
    Presenting Scalefusion ProSurf Kiosk Browser for Windows

    While Scalefusion helps manage web browsing via third-party browsers, having a native browser app ensures enhanced security and control over browsing activities on managed devices. Since Scalefusion ProSurf does not need any additional integration with the dashboard, it streamlines, simplifies configuration, and bolsters the overall productivity of IT teams, which has been one of our primary goals here at Scalefusion.

    Scalefusion ProSurf is designed to add significant value by offering a diverse set of features customized to meet modern organizations’ diverse needs. Enterprises can now extend additional security for web browsing on managed Windows devices without impacting the end-user experience.

    Flexible Modes for Every Use Case

    With Scalefusion ProSurf, IT admins can leverage two distinct browsing modes, including: 

    • Single-app mode: In single-app mode, Scalefusion ProSurf serves as the primary application, providing users with a focused and streamlined browsing experience.
    • Multi-app mode: In multi-app kiosk mode, Scalefusion ProSurf seamlessly integrates with other applications, creating a dynamic and versatile kiosk environment.

    Why Scalefusion ProSurf?

    Configuring and managing browsing on ProSurf is a breeze with Scalefusion. Scalefusion ProSurf can substitute Chrome/Edge because it leverages Microsoft’s latest Webview2 component, built on the Chromium engine. This ensures compatibility with modern web standards while providing a familiar browsing experience. Organizations can seamlessly transition to Scalefusion ProSurf, benefiting from enhanced security and management features without sacrificing browsing performance.

    Scalefusion simplifies the process of managing web browsing every step of the way.

    Here are some key features of Scalefusion ProSurf browser for Windows:

    • Address Bar Management: Toggle the visibility of the address bar as per preference.
    • Incognito Mode Control:  Allow or block Incognito mode for enhanced security.
    • URL Management: Manage an unlimited number of URLs with the flexibility to customize properties for each URL.
    • Single-App Mode Configuration: Configure Scalefusion ProSurf to operate in single-app mode, with the ability to set a default URL for streamlined access.
    • Multi-App Kiosk Browsing: Integrate Scalefusion ProSurf seamlessly into multi-app kiosk environments for enhanced versatility.
    • Auto-Refresh Functionality: Enable auto-refresh functionality for websites to ensure up-to-date content.

    To begin leveraging Scalefusion ProSurf Browser, here are a few prerequisites:

    • Windows devices should be enrolled with Scalefusion
    • You should be subscribed to the Enterprise 2023 plan
    • Windows devices should have OS version Windows (10 or above) Pro, Enterprise, Business, Education, Home
    • On Windows Home, Scalefusion MDM Agent should be installed

    To understand how the Scalefusion ProSurf browser works, please refer to the help document.

    We’re committed to continually enhancing Scalefusion ProSurf to meet your evolving needs. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we strive to deliver the ultimate browsing experience. Reach out to us at [email protected] with your thoughts and suggestions.

    Sriram Kakarala
    Sriram Kakarala
    Sriram has been developing mobile applications for 10+ years. His experiences include working on a BYOD solution, a custom Android OS for the enterprises and multi-headed Chat clients for consumers. He has had experience working for early stage start-ups to mid-size stuck-ups and near-stagnant MNC’s. On a personal level he thinks a nice sandwich is all that the world needs!!.

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