New Enhancements to Scalefusion Deployer

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    At Scalefusion, we practice the art of continuous improvement. It stems from our mission to solve the everyday challenges of IT admins. We kick-started 2024 with a commitment to take what we have and make it better.

    We are excited to announce that the Scalefusion Deployer is now supercharged with new features.

    As Scalefusion users might already know, the Scalefusion deployer helps IT admins manage Windows devices to perform multiple diverse actions via a single tool. With the Scalefusion Deployer, IT teams can generate a silent installer for the Scalefusion MDM agent or generate an MDM agent that can be used for auto-enrollment.

    With the growing demand for Windows devices, the need to perform remote actions for Windows devices has been growing. To streamline IT tasks on Windows devices, we have now enhanced the Scalefusion Deployer.

    Scalefusion Deployer

    Say hello to the Supercharged Scalefusion Deployer

    The new version of the Scalefusion Deployer empowers IT admins to use this tool to achieve a lot more than just deployment. 

    What makes the Scalefusion Deployer critical to remote device management is that the deployer does not need to be installed on the end user’s machine, and IT admins can perform tasks remotely.

    In our latest version, we have enhanced the capabilities to enable IT admins to generate custom packages for 3rd party apps, files, scripts etc., all that can be deployed via the Scalefusion Dashboard.

    With the new and supercharged deployer, IT teams can leverage the following features:

    • Multiple Exe and MSI Packaging: With this, IT teams can package multiple exes and MSI into one exe that can be deployed.
    • Multiple Script files packaging: Using this feature, IT admins can package multiple script files into one exe and deploy.
    • Multiple CMD, Bat files packaging: IT teams can package CMD or Bat files into one exe and deploy.
    • Mixed File Types: Using this feature, IT admins can support mixed file types, that is generate one installer by packaging multiple exes, scripts, cmd files or exe/msi files.
    • Ordering: This feature gives IT teams the ability to define the order of installation of exes, extraction of files and execution of scripts
    • Deploy Non-Executable Files: This feature offers IT teams the ability to push non-executable files like .doc, .pdf etc in specified folder locations.
    • Pre and Post-Execution Checks: Using this feature, IT teams can set pre and post-execution checks and take required actions like skip or continue execution.

    The Scalefusion Deployer supports the following file types: 

    • Executables like .msi, .exe, .ps1, .bat, .cmd
    • Non-executable files like png, doc, pdf

    Read more: Scalefusion Deployer

    We understand that there’s always a scope for us to do better. Do let us know your thoughts on the new version of the Scalefusion Deployer and share your feedback by dropping us a note at [email protected] or [email protected].

    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane
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