How to Secure Online Tests on iPads With Scalefusion School/Education MDM

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    The industries relying on digital transformation and adoption need to protect and secure their digital environment as a paramount need. Such is the instance in the education industry wherein the digital learning environment needs to be managed, secured, and administered in a consolidated and safe environment, especially when it comes to online tests. 

    Secure online exam with MDM
    Secure online tests on iPads with Scalefusion

    If we measure the circumference of large-scale online tests, the coordination of such exams is highly complex and time-consuming. While iPads are majorly adopted for conducting online tests due to their simplified UI, there can be instances of challenges for teachers and educators too, such as lack of access to student devices, administration, and a secure environment. This can make secure testing for schools almost impossible. 

    Let’s explore those challenges and how can those challenges be overcome with an education MDM solution and Scalefusion Kiosk lockdown.

    Challenges for securing online tests on iPads in Education Industry

    One of the prime challenges that the teacher faces while conducting an online examination, talent assessment test especially remotely is the lack of assessment and monitoring. They remain unsure if the credits attained are worth it and the students have not twisted the rules of online examination.

    The other challenge that the education industry faces is the unmonitored and unauthorized fiddling between applications and securing answers to the questions by students from online resources and filling them in.

    There are various diverse challenges surmounting to creating a secured environment for the education domain. To conduct an online exam through unmanaged iPads, it is paramount for the teachers to ensure that the iPads used are restricted to any other websites apart from the questionnaire links, all communication tools are disabled, also certain peripheral functions are restricted for conducting a high-stake examination in a large scale with a predetermined set of frameworks in hand. 

    To curb this challenge, they need a solution wherein the teachers can securely lock down the iPads with mission-critical apps for exams, restrict unauthorized website surfing and virtually administer the devices so that the integrity of conducting the exams is fair and retained.

    How can school Scalefusion/Education MDM help in securing online tests on iPads?

    Mobile Device Management is simplifying and revolutionizing the education domain by providing mobility solutions to the teachers for streamlining the assessment and conduction of virtual tests through iPads. The exams can only be administered and secured when the teachers can attain a holistic and robust platform that can allow them to configure a predetermined set of frameworks like locking down the device, application management, and peripheral hardware settings. The teacher can embrace the mobility benefits on all the organized iPads and their resources through methodic device deployment and administration virtually and Scalefusion MDM for education can fulfill all the gaps. 

    Let’s explore them one by one below.

    1. Quick device enrollment 

    With the Scalefusion school MDM software solution, the teachers can enroll and deploy as many devices as they want virtually across for creating a secure environment and gaining access control of the iPads to monitor the assessment of virtual tests. The MDM process is additionally simplified with Apple School Manager and Apple Configurator enhancing the flexibility of the enrollment process. The iPads can further be supervised by DEP for gaining better control.

    2. BYOD management of iPads

    If an instance occurs that there is a lack of possibility to deploy school-specific devices to any of the students physically then the teachers can allow the enrollment of iPads virtually to conduct the online exam. The teacher can permit the allowance of exams on student-owned iPads that are enrolled with MDM and can be administered by them only. Teachers can send the enrollment requests over email and post-enrollment, can enforce device profiles and frameworks as suitable.

    3. Securing and provisioning of iPads

    To ensure that the iPads are provisioned with School MDM and are administered for online tests, teachers can configure the settings of networks such as Wi-Fi and VPN through Scalefusion. Not only that, through the holistic centralized console, the teachers can lock the screen remotely, configure settings for restricting students to modify any predetermined standards such as peripheral settings, factory reset, browser management, or application management to create a safe environment.

    4. Browser management

    To curb the challenge of cheating in online exams and lack of administration of student’s iPads and monitoring of their browser activity, the teachers can through Scalefusion MDM solution blacklist/whitelist certain web connections and websites so that the students are not distracted towards unauthorized browsing.

    In simple terms, the teacher can configure the device profiles of all the students and whitelist only the examination websites during the period of examination. This will eliminate the concerns of students attempting to browse educational content and overloading them in the examination.

    5. Application management

    While conducting the online examinations, the teachers would also want to ensure that only authorized educational apps or native apps created for examination purposes are only installed and deployed on the iPads. To do that, the teachers can through the Application Management feature in Scalefusion, blacklist all the available apps or bar the device into single app mode during the duration of examination time. The teachers can also push timers, native apps for video conferences, and online examination modules and bar the usage of all the other apps such as cameras, social networking sites, games, and so on.

    How to set up and secure online tests with Kiosk lockdown MDM solution Scalefusion?

    With the enrollment and deployment of an MDM solution, Scalefusion can turn your student’s devices into Kiosk mode so that the online exams can be conducted in a monitored and safe environment. Let’s explore the steps on creating group profiles and implementing Kiosk lockdown through Scalefusion’s kiosk software on your student’s iPads.

    1. Enrollment of Device

    As soon as you have all the iPads that are ready to be deployed or in case of BYOD, enrollment through the mail, it is now time to enroll them in Scalefusion. The enrollment process can be done through these steps:

    • QR Code
    • Apple DEP via Apple School Manager

    With the deployment of an Apple device for Kiosk lockdown, you can supervise your Apple products from DEP after you purchase them from an authorized Apple store or retailer.

    2. Creation of Kiosk lockdown profile

    Sign-up on Scalefusion and now start enrolling all your student’s iPads on the MDM solution. You can create a group device profiles too and can manage it under the section of Device Management in the centralized console. Now, you can create a customized device profile as per the predetermined online test criteria and push it on the device groups or profiles from here.

    3. Select application and browser configuration

    After customizing the device groups and profiles, now you can choose education-critical applications that are to be accessed and displayed on the screen of the iPads. You can choose either a single app or multiple app mode that the device should function during the iPad kiosk lockdown. Whatever application you choose, will be visible on the device profiles. Apart from application visibility, you can also configure the examination resources in the browser application websites that will be allowed to be browsed on the deployed iPads and can push them as browser icons along with the set of apps.

    4. Selecting Kiosk mode

    After configuration of Apps and Browser icons visibility, it is now appropriate to choose the mode of Kiosk lockdown. You can either choose to run in a single app mode wherein just one application will be available to be accessed or you can choose multiple app mode wherein two or more applications will be available to be accessed during the online examination on the iPads.

    Closing lines…

    Secure online tests on iPads with Scalefusion school MDM solution and actively monitor the device profiles of students to verify the assessment of secure testing for school. Create dissimilar device groups or profiles, deploy apps, blacklist/whitelist installed applications, configure the browser management, restrict access to web portals and leverage the potential of conducting online tests with access control and authorized framework.

    You can register to the Scalefusion MDM solution from here and use the entire holistic dashboard with no restrictions to features for a specific trial period. 

    Ayush Maskara
    Ayush Maskara
    Ayush Maskara is a Content Writer at Scalefusion. A media science graduate, a photographer, a fiction author, a storyteller, fiction manuscript editor, and an avid self-help reader, Ayush has been penning the creative wisdom for six years and have stepped into the IT domain for further exploration and staying awake with technological trends across the globe.

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