Top 11 Last Mile Delivery Software for Logistics Business

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    Last mile delivery software helps in logistics in the last stage of the delivery process, making it one of the most critical stages for a logistics enterprise.

    In the last mile delivery service, the enterprises aim to deliver the products from the warehouses to the end consumers’ doorstep in a time-critical manner. In the past, it was unimaginable for anyone to even think about same-day delivery or next-day delivery services, however, with the evolution of technology, these services are now available.

    Last mile delivery is a highly complex process, comprising extreme challenges, constraints, and risk factors such as high delivery costs, outdated technologies, late deliveries, and unpredictable elements, etc. 

    Enterprises offering the last mile delivery services often evaluate solutions to mitigate the risks mentioned above associated with the end-mission of the logistics chain.

    As per Business Insider, the last mile delivery services are highly expensive and can set the logistic enterprises over 50% of the overall shipping stage. Also, in the fast-moving world, most businesses are adopting the latest technology and software so that the operations are executed more effectively than at present. 

    A recent study also stated that by the year 2040, 95% of the retail purchases will be transacted and executed online and the conventional retail stores may cease to exist. This raises the need for logistic enterprises to invest in solutions that ensure optimum efficiency in the delivery cycle.

    Logistics enterprises need to evaluate and scrutinize the best and most cost-effective last mile delivery solution to streamline the delivery process better than the existing technology, pace, and accuracy. 

    In this article, we have amalgamated a list of a few last mile delivery software that the enterprises can utilize to keep up with the customer’s requirements and fulfill efficient on-demand delivery services whilst making the best use of the last mile delivery system.

    1. Scalefusion MDM solution 

    Scalefusion is a robust solution for mobile device management that can bolster the productivity of your last mile delivery partners and logistics framework in a streamlined manner. Managing a fleet of mobile phone devices deployed for the last mile delivery partners with diversified operating systems and ownership models is a time-consuming and complex process. Scalefusion enables the IT admins to provision, manage and secure the fleet of deployed mobile phone devices and streamline the IT infrastructure so that the logistics and last mile delivery companies can focus on the mission and objective of business operations.

    Scalefusion allows you to maximize your last mile delivery operations by enhancing order processing, improving customer service, and simplifying device management through their clutter-free dashboard. Logistics companies can eliminate challenges encountered during mission-critical operations such as the inability of IT administrators to coordinate with last mile delivery partners in real-time, poor visibility of dispersed workforces location and their workload, inadequate access control of mobile phone devices, applications & content that are non-mission critical intervening during task execution, and route optimization through GPS, etc.

    Top features:

    • Kiosk browser management
    • Remote cast and control
    • Application management
    • Peripheral and keyguard restriction settings virtually
    • Remote wipe
    • Content management
    • Location tracking and Geofencing
    • Deep-dive analytics


    • Lockdown of delivery partner personal mobile phone devices or company-owned managed mobile phone devices in kiosk mode
    • Speed based access limit restrictions
    • Live location tracking
    • Geofencing for order management
    • Browser kiosk management
    • Customized branding


    There are three pricing options available. These are:

    • Starter: $2/device/month
    • Business: $3/device/month
    • Enterprise: $4/device/month

    2. Onfleet

    Onfleet is a last mile delivery solution provider that makes the local delivery operations for businesses easy by enabling them to manage and analyze the fleet of local delivery operations provided by them through their holistic dashboard.

    Onfleet powers tons of deliveries each month for thousands of businesses ranging from restaurant, grocery, flower delivery, e-commerce, and pharmacy companies, etc.

    Onfleet streamlines the last mile delivery service requirement of the businesses through its dispatch, communication, and analytics platform. It also optimizes the best delivery route possible through its optimization software to improve the delivery process and increase customer satisfaction.

    Through their intuitive solution and best route optimizing software for the fleet of drivers, a dashboard for dispatchers, push notifications, and real-time tracking for recipients, Onfleet adds up to better delivery experiences for businesses through its solution offerings.

    Top features:

    • Dispatch reports
    • Feedback collection
    • Real-time alerts and push notifications
    • Route Optimization
    • Predictive ETAs
    • Automatic Status Updates


    • Live Tracking
    • Dispatch management and delivery scheduling
    • Proof of delivery


    • Highly expensive for business volumes
    • Lack of integration with other software
    • Difficult to use interface and laggy


    There are four pricing options available. These are:

    • Starter: $199 per month
    • Basic: $449 per month
    • Premium: $999 per month
    • Professional: $2499 per month

    3. Onro

    Onro is a last mile delivery software that enhances the business’s delivery requirements by developing rich communication between the fleet of drivers, warehouses, and end-consumers. This software has specific stand-out features for streamlining operations and standing on the expectations of the customers such as a white-label app, driver app, dispatcher app as well as a consumer app.

    Onro also designs customizable features tailored to the specific needs of businesses as per the use-cases received. As per a study, businesses can partner with Onro for last mile delivery solution to witness a curb in operational and functionality costs as well as receive scaleable opportunities.

    Top features:

    • Dispatcher panel for warehouse
    • Application for the fleet of drivers
    • Admin dashboard for delivery reports
    • Customer app for package tracking


    • Customer application and transparent shipment portal
    • Live delivery tracking
    • Dispatch Management application for warehouse
    • Driver delivery ETA
    • Optimized routing
    • Delivery scheduling
    • Surveys & feedback


    • Lack of customer support
    • Lack of knowledge base
    • Lack of training
    • No free trial for businesses


    Onro has a flat pricing model of $0.14 per task. The pricing model further changes as per the volumes of business parcels and requirements tendered by the businesses.

    4. Track-POD

    Track-POD is an advanced delivery software based on the cloud designed to enhance the driver’s performance with route optimization for the last mile delivery executions. The features offered by the solution include tracking of the last mile delivery partners, native applications for recipients and drivers, electronic proof of delivery to make the entire process transparent, and dispatch reports availability in real-time.

    Track-POD has serviced millions of businesses and individuals across the globe with their last mile delivery software. The businesses partnered for operations include grocery, manufacturer, logistics, distributor, manufacturer, restaurant, flower delivery, cleaning, moving & utility, etc. 

    Top features:

    • Package’s delivery management
    • Electronic proof of delivery
    • Live location tracking of fleet partners
    • Route optimization
    • Push-notifications to recipients


    • Works offline and sync as soon as data is restored
    • Digital signature for recipients
    • Delivery partner live-location tracking
    • Instant-push notification


    • Lack of modification of existing orders
    • Lack of specific app functionality offered by the competitors
    • Technical software and complicated interface for a layman
    • Lack of priority customer support


    Track-POD has four pricing plans, these are as follows:

    • Standard – $29/month/driver/vehicle
    • Advanced – $49/month/driver/vehicle
    • Advanced plus – $69/month/driver/vehicle
    • Enterprise – Quote upon request

    5. Bringoz

    Bringoz is a last mile delivery logistics platform that provides the shippers and carriers a safe and secured business experience through its end-to-end data encryption. Bringoz is a SaaS-based platform that ensures the scaleable delivery logistics infrastructure for all its partners in the demanding competitive environment.

    The application of Bringoz smoothens the final stage of the delivery cycle by enabling automated & real-time delivery updates of shipping packages through planning, optimization, and scheduling. The delivery app also enables the recipients to track their packages in real-time during the entire delivery cycle from the first mile to the last mile stages. Bringoz also caters to fulfill the delivery of multiple packages in a single location and also provides same-day delivery on demand for priority business needs.

    Top features:

    • Real-time updates
    • Route management
    • Shipping management
    • Dispatch management
    • Order management
    • Push notifications


    • Delivery tracking for recipients
    • Route management
    • Third-party integration
    • Real-time statistics on activity dashboard


    • Slow-optimization and synchronization of real-time data
    • No free version is available
    • GPS doesn’t function properly on less-reception zones


    The pricing structure of Bringoz can be attained by contacting them through their website. One can book a demo and obtain the pricing information as per business needs and requirements.

    6. E-Delivery

    E-Delivery is a complete delivery business solution that various sectors can utilize to run their business in the internet world. It is a modern-day business solution that allows the businesses like restaurants, groceries, pharmacies, couriers, etc., to take orders online and ensure effective doorstep deliveries to customer places with utmost flexibility. Any business that wants to start running their venture online and offer doorstep deliveries can use this app’s solutions. The enhanced solutions will allow flexible management of the business with improved efficiency. 

    Top Features:

    • Multiple Business Support
    • Multi-countries/cities Access
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Contactless Delivery
    • Multiple Payment Options
    • Quick Report Generation & Analytics


    • Suitability To Multiple Business Models
    • Supporting features makes it easier to handle the business operations
    • Built with the latest tech stack solutions and technologies
    • Ready to use the branded app with source code


    • It supports multiple enterprises, hence it makes tough for entrepreneurs to choose the best for them 
    • It is developed with modern technology stack so might costs more if you want to add custom features


    Pricing for E-Delivery comes in two ways: one is a monthly rental, and another is full payment. The monthly rental charge is $599 with necessary installation charges. Whereas full payment also has two options one is with source code, and the other is without source code. The price for with source code is $7999, and for without source code, it is $6999.

    7. Dispatch Science

    Dispatch science is a cloud-based delivery management software solution and logistics dispatch software that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and algorithms to enable its partners to manage parcel delivery operations seamlessly. It optimizes the delivery stages from the first mile to the last mile for dispatchers, transporters, and couriers through its logistics dispatch software.

    This platform enables businesses to manually create their shipping orders and access the dashboard analytics to receive real-time notifications & alerts for the order created. It also has a native application for drivers that provides suggestions for the delivery route through route optimization for faster delivery services.

    Top features:

    • Customer management
    • Self-service portal
    • Order management
    • Driver management
    • Route optimization


    • Live-tracking of delivery partners
    • Customized branded tracking page
    • Advanced notifications to customers


    • Lack of specific app functionality like GPS at times
    • Barcode scanning functionality used by the dispatcher makes the application slow and crash at times
    • Complicated user interface


    Dispatch Science has three different pricing plans based on the volumes of delivery and business opportunities. These are discussed below:

    • Basic – $650/month for first 10 drivers plus $35/month/extra drivers
    • Growth – $1800/month plus $25/month/driver
    • Enterprise – Quote upon Request for volume pricing 

    8. Smartconsign

    Smartconsign is a multi-carrier management system that claims to be ten times faster (as per their website) than its competitors and scalable enough to adapt to the latest trends and scenarios. The USP of this platform is that it integrates with all the major sales channels and carriers to offer and enable the businesses and customers to take control of their package management and delivery management within a single console. The interface of this platform is easy to use and requires no additional training for business partners.

    Top features:

    • Label production
    • Global address database
    • SaaS-based platform
    • User data security
    • Real-time data capture


    • Career agnostic system
    • Operational flexibility
    • Customer service availability at specified time
    • Risk minimization of dispatched goods


    • Lack of responsive customer support
    • Complicated user-interface
    • Application lags/freezes/crashes at intervals


    The pricing model of Smartconsign can be obtained by contacting them through their website. Businesses requiring last mile delivery solutions can also book a demo to see how the application functions and what features can be made available as per business needs.

    9. Scurri

    Scurri is a carrier management platform that powers ordering, shipping & delivery for retailers. It also enables businesses to receive the present shipping package location through scanning in transit during all the stages of delivery processes, hassle-free analytics, and effective functionality. Scurri’s API can also be integrated with e-commerce retailers to cater to their retail shipping needs. This platform connects the retailers for all the delivery stages with holistic features such as real-time tracking, optimization of the package for calculation of costs, and label generation for shipping.

    Top features:

    • Third-party platform integration
    • Barcode scanning
    • Real-time tracking
    • Channel management
    • Cost management


    • Customizable branding for businesses
    • Data synchronization
    • Live delivery tracking
    • Dispatch management
    • Marketplace integration


    • Lagging/freezing of application while searching for existing orders created
    • Lack of customized/filtered analytics of shipments created in bulk
    • Technical integration process 
    • Lack of pricing comparison tools with shipping carriers while creating a shipment


    The pricing models of Scurri for Retail and logistics can be obtained by contacting the sales team directly from the platform’s website.

    10. GSMTasks

    GSMTasks is a fleet management platform that optimizes and manages the entire fleet of drivers, couriers, and technicians. GSMTasks provides a last mile delivery software to businesses requiring any kind of delivery service as well as cater to customized shipping solutions as required. GSMTasks software’s friendly user interface enables the technicians and couriers to access and analyze the delivery management and order management in a single console.

    The holistic features of the dashboard include real-time order management for dispatchers, a mobile app for drivers, real-time shipment tracking for recipients, and automatic SMS notifications. The application can also be integrated with a business’s CRM software, retail websites, and others.

    Top features:

    • Third-party integration
    • Real-time alerts and notifications
    • Order management and analytics
    • Order status tracking by recipients


    • Quick response time for support
    • Shipping routing and scheduling capability
    • Functionality customization available as per business needs


    • Application freezing and crashing at intervals
    • Inaccurate GPS tracking in most orders
    • Lack of branding customization


    GSMTasks has flat pricing of $15.31 per month. They have customized pricing plans for organizations that have more than 20 employees requiring a last mile delivery shipping software.

    11. FarEye

    FarEye is a mobility B2B application, a SaaS-based and delivery management platform that enables businesses across various sectors such as manufacturing, transportation, and retail & logistics, etc to make last mile deliveries efficiently while scaling their business. The application of FarEye is a smart logistic tool that transparently allows business partners to track, optimize, and orchestrate their logistic operations. This app also empowers businesses to track shipping reports and analytics in real-time. FarEye is widely known for its excellent customer experience and minimal distraction in the interface.

    Top features:

    • Push notifications & alerts
    • Digital billing and invoicing
    • Dispatch management
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Route optimization
    • Third-party integration


    • Real-time transportation visibility and tracking
    • Last mile execution
    • Multi-enterprise collaboration
    • Responsive customer support and experience


    • Inaccurate routing functionality in ariel areas
    • Technical issues in third-party integrations
    • Lack of core functionality resources as compared to competitors
    • Lack of seamless process flow and requires manual intervention most of the time.


    The pricing model of FarEye has not been disclosed. One can directly get in touch with their sales team or can book a demo to further understand the process and obtain the pricing structure as per business requirements.

    Closing lines…

    Having a last mile delivery management software can automate the business requirements of your logistics company. Choosing and adapting the one that not only caters to your business operational needs but also satisfies your customers is prime. Businesses can place their trust in the Scalefusion MDM solution since it can help your logistics business and last mile delivery operations streamlined through its robust mobile device management solution while also enhancing your customer experiences.

    Ayush Maskara
    Ayush Maskara
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