Author: <span>Ayush Maskara</span>

The emergence of Cloud and Mobility technologies has overhauled the way operational duties are performed; it has presented a situation wherein businesses globally are adopting the Bring-your-own-device model, allowing the employees to access corporate applications and data anywhere, anytime, and on whichever device they choose. While enterprise mobility has many advantages, it can easily be […]

Businesses today understand the importance and role of real-time information and constant communication between the deskless and on-field workforce with their organizations. Industries such as Logistics, Warehouses, Retail, Construction, etc., employ certain workforce who operate in different business environments to execute operational tasks on the field.  Such industries understand the importance of unhindered connectivity. It […]

Last-mile delivery is the last stage of the delivery process, making it one of the most critical stages for a logistics enterprise. In the last-mile delivery service, the enterprises aim to deliver the products from the warehouses to the end-consumer’s doorstep in a time-critical manner. In the past, it was unimaginable for anyone to even […]

Rapid advancements in Mobile and Cloud Technology have eased our personal lives, as well as brought in a plethora of changes to the corporate world. Since mobile device usage has become ubiquitous, small and medium-sized businesses are confined to adopting mobility solutions.  Mobile devices are no longer confined to personal use by the workforce; they […]

If your organization utilizes iPhones or iPads for critical-operational needs such as surveys and feedback collection, event registration, or lead registration, it is necessary to lock down your devices into iPad Kiosk mode and to a specific application or browser. You certainly don’t want your business-critical mission to be diverted from specific content accidentally by […]

Smartphones have added numerous ways for individuals to communicate like texts, voice calls, and video calls. However, it might not be the most reliable option for one to connect over a voice call in some instances. These situations include the necessity of old-school communication methods such as emergency and natural calamities relief campaigns, construction sites, […]

Bring your own devices (BYOD) policies with unbalanced advantages and disadvantages in an organization sounds like cancellation of weekend plans subsidized with organizational tasks in awry. Despite its set of advantages and disadvantages, BYOD’s global growth in mobility ownership as predicted by Global Market Insights states that the adoption will grow by 15% annually in […]

The feature of workflow and device reports management has become an essential part for any organization to streamline, capture and analyze essential vitals of managed devices enrolled in an MDM solution. In the past, choosing an MDM solution for a business, the feature of workflow management and device reports used to be an add-on third-party […]

The adoption of mobility has been an essential part of any business operations across diversified domains. Industries such as hospitality, transportation and logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and more have scooped the productivity of their workforce to an unmatched variable with maximum customer satisfaction and mobility automation. However, after deploying mobility solutions for streamlining business operations, is […]

Having an iPad-based POS system can be more beneficial than a traditional POS system has to offer. They are comparatively less expensive and more sleek along with offering additional features and flexibility. By installing iPads as a POS system, you can easily manage the front-end activities of the restaurant such as streamlining the acceptance of […]