Author: <span>Ayush Maskara</span>

The feature of workflow and device reports management has become an essential part for any organization to streamline, capture and analyze essential vitals of managed devices enrolled in an MDM solution. In the past, choosing an MDM solution for a business, the feature of workflow management and device reports used to be an add-on third-party […]

The adoption of mobility has been an essential part of any business operations across diversified domains. Industries such as hospitality, transportation and logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and more have scooped the productivity of their workforce to an unmatched variable with maximum customer satisfaction and mobility automation. However, after deploying mobility solutions for streamlining business operations, is […]

Having an iPad-based POS system can be more beneficial than a traditional POS system has to offer. They are comparatively less expensive and more sleek along with offering additional features and flexibility. By installing iPads as a POS system, you can easily manage the front-end activities of the restaurant such as streamlining the acceptance of […]

More than 80%¹ of employees across the globe in diversified domains like education, healthcare, and other similar industries are deskless workforce or on-field workforce. It becomes a hurdle for most organizations to operationally manage on-field workforces efficiently. Since manually recording the logs for on-field workers by the organization needs a centralized communication system and streamlined […]

Windows PowerShell is one of the most powerful cross-platform task automation solutions which simplifies and automates configurations for almost any tasks in the Windows ecosystem. With solutions packed with a designed command-line shell, scripting language and configuration management framework, the process of automation such as adding network drives, installing apps, uploading security software and granting […]

Technology is evolving each day, intending to make things easier for viability, technology is filling the room with its rapid advancements. It is transforming into a smart model just like how the heavy box phones have been replaced with the lightweight smartphone with advanced technology and amalgamation of CPU, Monitor, Mouse, and Keyboard into a […]

Healthcare 4.0 has taken inspiration from the expansion of Industrial Revolution 4.0 where the workflows of conducting business and serving end-customers have been defined in diversified industries through technological advancements. The aim is to build a strategy for the industries so that they can directly evolve from manufacturers to service providers. The evolution is streamlined […]

Microsoft Defender turns out to be the next-generation protection component for Windows Devices. The prime signature-based antimalware system identifies the potential malware on the windows devices to secure the critical assets of the end-users. Windows Defender scans and detects the current spyware and any potential malware with its forms present in the system. It then […]

In today’s generation, the kids gel in with the technological devices more than their parents do. They explore the aspects of being in the “I-generation” and fall into the trap of irresponsible device usage. The curious minds of kids at home cannot be kept at a distance with smartphones and parents give away their devices […]

Since 2016, the IT landscape has witnessed a significant adaptation and rise of BYOD in enterprises. The IT industry has always been dominated by pillars of technological growth such as social networking, smart devices, IoT and cloud computing, etc. This growth has reflected the change in the BYOD user experiences and its impact on their […]