May 2023 Feature Roundup: What’s New at Scalefusion

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    The last few weeks have been lively here at the Scalefusion HQ. Our team has been relentlessly working towards churning out new updates and features that make the day-to-day of an IT admin better, easier and more streamlined.

    scalefusion new features updates

    We have successfully launched a few major features including Windows App Catalog and App Config for Android enterprise apps in the month of May. Along with those, we are excited to announce 10+ new features that we have shipped over the last month. 

    “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

    Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to:

    1. New Updates to macOS device management

    i) Dark Mode for Scalefusion macOS Agent

    Our latest enhancement is designed to immerse you in a sleek and visually captivating experience on the Scalefusion macOS Agent app. A perfect blend of form and function, IT admins can seamlessly navigate within the macOS Agent app while enjoying the eye-friendly, stylish aesthetic of Dark Mode.

    ii) Introducing macOS FileDock Analytics

    We have expanded support for FileDock Analytics for macOS, empowering IT teams with valuable insights into their file management.

    With this update, IT admins can now access detailed reports on the File Download status, providing them with visibility into file retrieval processes. Additionally, File Usage analytics can be used to obtain a comprehensive understanding of how files are being utilized within macOS devices.

    2. New Updates to the Scalefusion Dashboard

    i) Enhancements to Broadcast Message Management

     With the new update to the Broadcast Message manager, IT teams can now ensure seamless synchronization of messages with the device inventory. It automatically syncs messages at regular intervals, and any messages deleted from the dashboard will be promptly removed from the devices.

    Along with these, we have also introduced a few key enhancements:

    • Supporting User groups: IT admins can now select a user group for broadcasting a message or while creating a workflow for broadcasting messages
    • Addition of new filters: Broadcast messages can now be filtered based on the acknowledgment status of the message or with respect to the type of group to which it was initiated to.
    • Resend Message option: IT teams can easily resend the message to a different device/user group or resend the message again if the acknowledgment status of the message is failed.
    • Downloadable Report for the messages sent: A CSV report on the message status is now available, which will provide the details such as Device Name, Acknowledgment Status, Time and Message_Id.

    ii) Improved DeepDive for Geofences

     To improve compliance tracking, IT admins can obtain a summary of geofence compliance in the DeepDive section of the dashboard and find out the devices that violate the geofence.  The list of compliant vs non-compliant devices can also be viewed.

    3. New Updates to Windows Device Management

    Our most-awaited release for this month was Windows App Catalog, which helps IT teams in third-party app curation and provisioning. Along with the mega release, we have also introduced Lost Mode for Windows devices. IT admins can mark a Windows device as lost on the Scalefusion dashboard using the Lost Mode.

    Read more about the updates to Windows device management here

    4. New and Improved Device View & Reporting Updates

    i) Power Status Column

    With this enhancement, IT teams can now easily identify whether a device’s battery is charging/connected or discharging/disconnected, ensuring they stay informed about power statuses at a glance.

    Already available for Windows vPro devices, this new feature is designed to provide IT teams with real-time insights into the battery status of their device inventory across Android, Windows and iOS platforms.

    To make accessing this information even more convenient, the Power Status Column can be downloaded as part of Device Inventory, Download CSV, and Download Custom CSV reports directly from the devices page. Power statuses can be analyzed and managed in the preferred format.

    ii) MAC Address

    Using this feature, IT admins can now obtain the value of MAC addresses across Android, iOS and Windows devices, along with macOS devices for which it was previously made available. IT admins can also download the column as part of Device Inventory, Download CSV and Download Custom CSV from the devices page.

    5. New Updates to Android

    Without a doubt, our most important release for this month was App Configuration for Private/Enterprise Android apps.

    But we are equally excited about the other key updates to Android device management such as:

    i) Enhanced Google Chrome Browsing Protection

    Upon enrolling a device in Scalefusion MDM, there may be a delay in updating Google Chrome and applying managed configuration via Managed Google Play. During this time, website policies may not work, granting unrestricted access to any site through Google Chrome.

    To prevent misuse during the Chrome app update, IT admins can enforce allowlist and blocklist policies using the Scalefusion MDM agent app. This feature is available for the devices enrolled in Device Owner/EMM mode, allowing admins to configure URL allowlists and blocklists via Chrome config and receive configuration status updates.

    ii) Retain SD Card Data on Factory Reset

    We have observed that a few organizations, such as educational institutions, provide SD cards with content to the end users on a managed device. With this update, IT admins can now factory reset the device but retain the SD card content and avoid losing the data on an SD card.

    iii) Update to the Recommended Apps Publish Flow

    According to feedback from some of our customers, it has been observed that in certain cases, when a profile is edited, the latest versions of apps like FileDock, RemoteCast, and SF MDM agent are automatically published. We have identified the root cause and implemented a fix for it.

    Starting now, these apps will no longer be auto-published. IT administrators can manually publish these apps from the Application Management section to make them available on the devices.

    Explore the entire list of Android Device Management Updates for May 2023

    Closing lines…

    We are thrilled to announce these features, which have been crafted to cater to the changing needs and preferences of our customers. Through this release, our objective is to empower our IT teams with enhanced functionality and improved performance. 

    We are dedicated to continually enhancing our product to ensure the finest user experience. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we strive to deliver even more exciting features in the future. You can do so by reaching out to us at support [at] scalefusion [.] com

    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane is an avid reader who loves writing about technology. She is an engineering graduate with 10+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for web-based startups.

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