Scalefusion Enters in a Strategic Partnership with Dazzle Technologies

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    Enterprise mobility and its growing significance across all industries is indisputable. Scalefusion as leading mobile device management is always on the lookout to make the mobility journey for businesses of all sizes as smooth and successful as possible. In this endeavor, Scalefusion makes a conscious effort to join hands with global businesses that align with the philosophy of helping businesses grow.

    Scalefusion Partners with Dazzletech

    In the light of the same, Scalefusion is now excited to be a partner of Dazzle Technologies- a leading managed mobility provider. This partnership enables the customers of Dazzle to now leverage robust, decluttered and simplified device management provided by Scalefusion along with driving their end-customer experience with managed mobility extended by Dazzle Technologies. 

    This dynamic partnership focuses on bringing in managed mobility and device management under one roof, simplifying the customers’ journey towards mobile transformation. 

    Why settle for one when you can have the power of two? Dazzle Technologies and Scalefusion are all set to help mitigate the challenges that mobility brings forth. From field service work to logistics, delivery to audit, asset management to order picking or retail stock management, Dazzle Technologies has been incremental in providing world-class managed mobility solutions and with Scalefusion, the service is now elevated. 

    “We are excited to start a relationship with Scalefusion in the UK, who provide us with a market-leading cross-platform EMM solution, for which many of our customers have been asking for”, said Mr. Adrian Lawson, CEO of Dazzle Technologies.

    The team at Dazzle Technologies has around 20 years of experience working in the mobile technology industry in which they are actively solving the persisting challenges of OEMs, channel MSP’s and enterprises. By partnering with Scalefusion, Dazzle Technologies can now venture into providing an EMM solution to its customers and not just any- but one known for its customer support, easily navigable dashboard and wide-range of industry-grade features.

    Dazzle can now enable seamless device enrollment, policy application and management via the Scalefusion dashboard for its customers. The best part? Dazzle’s customers spread over diverse industries have remote troubleshooting as their prime concern when it comes to workforce mobility. With Scalefusion Remote Cast and Control, this challenge is curbed at a low cost and helps them improve their device downtime. Real-time location tracking and history retention are other key features that are going to be immensely helpful to Dazzle’s customers who have a large number of field-forces. 

    “We are extremely happy to enter into this partnership with Dazzle. This tight integration of Dazzle Technologies with Scalefusion EMM solution is going to be beneficial to the customers. Customers can now find solutions to all their mobility-related needs under one roof”, said Mr. Harishanker Kannan, the Co-Founder and CEO of ProMobi Technologies.

    About Dazzle Technologies

    Dazzle Technologies is a team of dynamic and energetic tech enthusiasts passionate about innovation and bringing disruptive technology to market. Our stable of solutions is centered around the unprecedented growth in mobile technology and the need to effectively monitor, manage and maintain the perimeter-less organization.

    To learn more visit:
    Dazzle Technologies on LinkedIn

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