Author: <span>Kevin Marbaniang</span>

Recruitment is not a piece of cake, especially not when you are competing in a market that is not only competitive but also when you have to bear the responsibility of donning several hats. A recruiter needs to be an SME of almost everything, well if not a master of all, at least the jack […]

While the difficulties in finding a job make headlines regularly, the difficulties incurred in hiring talented individuals are highly underrated. Hiring in a competitive environment like today is tough. Gone are the days when the hiring process was controlled by the recruiters and the hiring organizations. The millennial generation, who contribute to around 35% of […]

A lot can be known about the company’s culture, environment and vibes from the way its HR team conducts the recruitment processes and there’s no alternative to creating a positive impression on the prospective employee’s mind. Recruiting and hiring new and young talent can be daunting as well as an exciting exercise but following a […]

People coding as blasting music pours in through their earphones; technical managers having a standup meeting in the dining room; interactive AMA (ask me anything) sessions in swing with none other than the CEO; that’s what an ordinary day at ProMobi Technologies looks like.  For someone new, coming from a ‘walk your walk’ and ‘mind […]