How to Reduce Mobile Data Costs on Company-owned Devices?

  • September 11, 2019

Data cost is one of the biggest expenses for companies and enterprises deploying mobile devices. Data breathes life into digital devices to perform desired business operations, adding to the business growth. It is important for the devices to be connected to high-speed internet to efficiently run business apps. The devices deployed within a physical office can be connected to the internet using a WiFi network. But as work perimeters dissolve, it is imperative to empower the digital devices with mobile data, especially the devices used by a remote workforce. This includes a huge fleet of frontline workers, logistic employees and employees working on flexible locations.

Control excess data usage
Reduce Mobile Data Cost

The cumulative data costs involved with enterprise mobility is humongous. To draw in maximum R.O.I. from the mobility exercise, it is necessary for the company IT admins to control the excess data costs on digital devices without compromising on the experience of the end-user working on the device.

With Scalefusion mobile device management, curbing excess data costs is easy. IT admins can gain granular control over the data usage on the company-owned devices, ensuring that the devices are strictly used for business use. Configuring the device to run only-specific applications and websites can be streamlined using Scalefusion. This not only reduced the data costs but also paves the way for improved productivity.

Let us have a look at the various capabilities of Scalefusion that can help the company IT to reduce mobile data costs on company-owned devices.

1. Configure Allowed Applications

Configuring applications on managed devices not only helps the IT admin to empower the device with business resources, but also enables the IT teams to block unnecessary applications. Some of the most data-consuming applications are entertainment apps like Netflix and YouTube, which can also prove to be a distraction while working. With Scalefusion MDM, IT teams can drive effective application management- whitelisting business-specific apps, publishing enterprise apps and blocking all other applications.

  • To start configuring allowed applications using Scalefusion MDM, navigate to the Enterprise section on the Scalefusion dashboard.
Reduce Mobile Data Costs
Reduce Mobile Data Costs
  • You can also allow available applications while configuring Device Profile in the Device Management section.

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2. Configure Allowed Websites

With Scalefusion, IT admins can whitelist or blacklist websites, giving them total control over the browsing on company-owned devices. This ensures that the device browsing is restricted to business-specific websites only. This also helps in controlling the browsing on unattended devices.

  • To whitelist a website, navigate to the Whitelist Websites section in the Device Management section. 
  • Enter the website name and website link and save the website
Reduce Mobile Data Costs
  • Publish the website on desired Device Profile/Device
Reduce Mobile Data Costs

By configuring the whitelisted websites, IT admins can have total control over which websites are allowed on the company-owned device. IT can totally block out social media websites by not whitelisting them.

3. Track data usage on DeepDive

IT admins can have a 360-degree view over the entire device inventory, the device and storage usage, the device battery and performance using Scalefusion DeepDive. IT admins can keep a close eye on the data usage of the device inventory.

Reduce Mobile Data Costs

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4. Schedule an alert for data usage

To prevent the device data usage from exceeding a permissible limit, the IT can automate alerts for excess data usage. This alert will be sent to the device as well as the admin to rectify the data usage quickly.

  • To schedule a data usage alert, navigate to the Reports & Workflows section of the dashboard.
Reduce Mobile Data Costs
  • Click on create flow button and select the data usage compliance flow. You can set an alert for Android devices, iOS devices or set a global alert applicable to the entire device inventory.
Reduce Mobile Data Costs
  • Add a name to the alert, add the data threshold limit and set the starting date for the monthly billing cycle. You can set the frequency for the alert and also add a custom message to be displayed with the data usage alert.
Reduce Mobile Data Costs

Automating an alert for excess data usage can aid the IT as well as the device user without having to constantly monitor the data usage on the device or via the dashboard. 

Configuring allowed applications and websites on company-owned devices helps the enterprise IT admins to control the data usage on the devices, drastically reducing the costs on mobile data while ensuring employee productivity and efficiency. 

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