Scalefusion ProSurf Browser : Have a Controlled Browsing Experience on iOS Devices

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    ProSurf Browser for iOS
    ProSurf Browser for iOS devices

    Apple’s sleek, minimalist design along with its highly functional and dependable operating system is one of the top reasons why iOS devices are preferred for business. iPad turns out to be one of the most preferred kiosk devices. From airports to stores, from expos to trade shows, these impressive devices have taken the kiosk stations by storm and there’s no looking back; thanks to the sophistication and ease of use it brings to the table.

    And that’s not it! With more than 700 million iPhones around the world, it is needless to ask why companies need to deploy a dependable device management solution for Apple devices – both corporate and employee-owned.

    However, the biggest hurdle for companies trying to implement MDM into these devices is the highly complex security environment created by iOS, which makes integrating any MDM solution on Apple devices, quite some task.

    To overcome the existing barriers that restrict a seamless integration of MDM solutions in Apple devices, Scalefusion has pioneered a reliable Apple MDM solution that works across all iOS devices.

    While doing so, our engineers realized the limitations set by Safari – the default Apple browser on MDM capabilities.

    Why is Safari not the best browser for Managed Devices?

    Safari comes with a set of predefined controls that are not open to customization. This contradicts with the effort of remotely managing the device browser and operation. Safari doesn’t have the functionality of automatic deletion of cookies, which is one of the salient requirements for a device running in a kiosk mode where you need to clear the user’s session by deleting the associated cookies. Safari imposes few restrictions on some websites and makes it difficult to load them. This leads to another challenge – to access these unsupported websites on the device.

    That’s when ProSurf was instituted. So, what is ProSurf Browser?

    A dedicated browser app created by Scalefusion to provide a controlled browsing experience on iOS devices, ProSurf turns iPads and iPhones into professional kiosks, ideal for safe and secure browsing. ProSurf is an alternative to Safari, to facilitate a controlled browsing environment without compromising on the user’s experience. Not just that, ProSurf with Scalefusion MDM creates a holistic approach to manage browsing on company-owned iOS devices.

    Why ProSurf Browser for iOS Kiosks?

    It’s a one-stop solution for transforming iPads and iPhones into interactive kiosks that can be managed remotely. ProSurf can restrict access to certain websites while providing a seamless browsing experience for the rest. This, without compromising the user’s data privacy makes it one of the best kiosk lockdown solution providers for iOS devices. Device admins can enable browsing or set a default URL making it a customizable iOS kiosk browser.

    Here are the top reasons why ProSurf with Scalefusion is the best way to manage iOS kiosks:

    Whitelisting Websites

    With ProSurf, whitelist multiple websites and restrict access to other websites.

    Safe Browsing

    ProSurf supports Incognito mode and doesn’t save browsing history, cookies, site data, form data. ProSurf can be configured to clear the cache every time a page is reloaded.

    Interactive Content Display

    ProSurf is ideal for displaying web pages. Hide the notification bar & enable full-screen mode to make it a full-fledged digital signage device. Allow zoom controls or disable touch functionality, depending on the activity you want the users to perform on the kiosk.

    Controlled Browsing

    Hide the URL of whitelisted websites, allow or restrict users to type in the address bar and allow multiple tabs. Allow or restrict forward & backward navigation.

    ProSurf Browser for corporate-owned devices

    ProSurf is a highly utilitarian browser for corporate-owned devices that are managed by a powerful mobile device management solution. Bringing in the flexibility to control and restrict browsing through the MDM solutions, the ProSurf browser is an excellent way to improve employee productivity without bargaining the employee’s need to browse the internet for business-related information.

    Restrict Non-business-related Sites

    With ProSurf, restrict non-business-related sites like Facebook, Netflix, and YouTube. Improve employee productivity and reduce data costs in one go!

    Integrated File Viewers

    Publish 3rd party file viewers through Scalefusion’s MDM dashboard and provide a seamless viewing experience for downloaded files from the web.

    Javascript API Support

    ProSurf comes with the functionality to configure Javascript API. This helps to programmatically enter/exit single app mode from ProSurf enabling dual use of an iPhone or iPad. The device can be turned into a kiosk with a web page and can be switched back to a managed device.

    Take your digital transformation to the next level by transforming your iPads and iPhones into interactive kiosks with Scalefusion’s MDM. Create a secure and controlled browsing environment on iPads and iPhones with ProSurf.

    Get a 14-day free trial today!

    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane
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