How a Robust MDM can Eliminate Top Corporate IT Challenges

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    Corporate IT Challenges

    Corporate IT Challenges

    Technology advancements are now a double-edged sword for corporate IT management. It provides the necessary tools to automate and simplify IT tasks but also introduces a new set of challenges for IT to deal with. Challenges like IT infrastructure management, corporate asset security, HR management, compliance with organization policies, diagnosing and fixing IT issues, etc. are keeping IT teams on their toes.

    The good part?

    If there are challenges, there are solutions. To resolve enterprise mobility challenges, Mobile Device Management solutions have now gained traction and come armed with the capabilities that ease the burden on IT teams.

    A good MDM setup mitigates common IT challenges, enables IT to exercise necessary control that it needs while keeping the end-user experience simple and effective.

    Listed below are the five common IT challenges and how a powerful MDM Solution like Scalefusion can empower your IT teams to overcome these problems.

    1.Centralized Management


    IT professionals find it extremely cumbersome when it comes to managing a gamut of enterprise devices. Also, workforce mobility and employees working in remote locations makes it complex for IT admin to remotely manage these devices keeping the security intact.


    IT teams thus need a comprehensive device management solution, which can help them remotely manage diverse devices (company or employee-owned).

    Bringing in an MDM solution like Scalefusion simplifies device management tasks for IT by helping them configure apps, track device locations, monitor data usage, remote wipe data, and much more from a centralized dashboard.

    2. Remote Diagnostics


    Daily tickets like app crashes, device failures, connectivity issues, and responding to employee problems within a limited time frame take a toll on IT teams. If employee issues like device failure, are not resolved in time it will hamper their productivity. To add to that it becomes extremely challenging to communicate and diagnose the problem of on-field or remote employees.


    An MDM solution that can connect to remote devices, diagnose remote device, and offer remote support to employees issues will not only improve employee productivity but also reduce equipment downtime, and the cost of device shipping whenever something fails.

    For instance, Scalefusion’s Remote Control Software has various features like voice-calling to enable talk and guide process. Remote Control Software Capabilities helps IT teams troubleshoot device issues remotely. It gives you full control of the device and the Screen Sharing capability gives you the user view of the device in real-time for you to monitor ongoing activities on a device and offer a quick resolution.

    3. Shadow IT


    Present generation tech-savvy employees resort to their ‘personal favorite’ devices and software, as they feel more comfortable and productive while using them. For instance, employees use their personal email id to access corporate resources or unofficial messenger channels to collaborate with teams. Most of the times, such solutions are outside the purview and control of the corporate IT department, making shadow IT, a serious security risk.


    If such collaboration and communication tools come integrated with an MDM solution, they can allow users to communicate and collaborate using their personal devices. IT will no longer have to worry about unauthorized access to corporate data or malware application running on an employee device because MDM will now monitor and report device status.

    Eva Communication Suite Features by Scalefusion allows users to communicate seamlessly with Eva Messenger, Eva Phone, and VoIP Calling. Eva Notifications provides real-time alerts and updates regarding all registered devices, thus reducing the shadow-IT risk significantly.

    4. Managing User Preferences and User Experience


    In an era of user choice, IT teams have to keep up with user (read employees) preferences. Employees today expect to work on the latest technology and tools that speed up their routine tasks, work remotely to be more productive, and use their personal devices for work purposes. What they don’t want is – their devices to be controlled or to deal with applications that are not user-friendly or are time-consuming. This is a precarious situation where IT teams have to ensure that business decisions and policies are carefully executed without compromising user experience and data privacy.


    Look for an MDM solution which offers simplified user management like creating separate work profiles with different access rights (to corporate data) to each employee, completely controlling corporate data and leaving personal data untouched, and implementing security measures and ensuring user privacy.

    The Scalefusion MDM offers containerization to separate work and personal data on the employee device. Employees can seamlessly access corporate resources without having to worry about their privacy. Moreover, Scalefusion offers mobile device management for diverse devices, like Windows 10 MDM capabilities, and managing and securing Android and iOS devices from the cloud. So the employees now have the choice to bring their ‘preferred’ device for work.

    Also, Scalefusion InterOps lets you integrate with ITSM tools to simplify raising support tickets with complete device(s) information.

    5. Security


    Of course, with diverse devices, IT teams struggle to ensure corporate infrastructure security, i.e. data, devices, and networks from various cyber and physical security risks. There is always a chance of sensitive data leaks from stealth application on an employee device, malicious application damaging corporate data and network, device theft or loss, etc.


    Scalefusion MDM is one such solution that implements security features like passcode compliance based on organization rules, remote wipe of corporate data, disabling screenshots of work apps, and data sharing restrictions from work apps to personal apps.

    Armed with Geofencing and location tracking features, Scalefusion gives IT teams real-time updates on device behavior, usage, and location of on-field devices. If there are inconsistencies, for instance, a device breaches a fenced (secured or unauthorized) location, the IT team is notified, which can swing into action to lock-down the device to avoid misuse.

    Each organization is unique with different challenges. So you should first prioritize what you need to solve and invest in solutions that fit your organizational goals. Scalefusion MDM is a comprehensive solution that helps simplify IT tasks, enhance the user experience, and ensures corporate data security while streamlining the entire device management process to facilitate a robust IT infrastructure. With enterprise-level features, support, and focus on evolution, Scalefusion MDM will continue to keep up with the dynamics of IT management.

    Vandita Grover
    Vandita Grover
    Vandita is a passionate writer and IT enthusiast. By profession, she is a Computer Lecturer at the University of Delhi and has previously worked as a Software Engineer with Aricent Technologies.

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